Suggestion Box: How To Guides?

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Save the bird, chase the pig! 

It’s a pleasure to write to you today to express and acknowledge my gratitude of thanks for everyone and everything in my life. Regardless if a person comes into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime – be thankful for not only coming into your life and embracing upon the exchange,  but what you can take from that experience. It’s simple: take and apply. Build character by taking more from past experiences and succeed by applying what you learned to establish and re-evaluate situations. Better decisions for rewarding opportunities by taking one step at a time.

Every social networking site is constantly being updated with statuses or tweets about what we’re thankful for in our lives – not just written throughout today.  The freedom of expression is definitely one to write about; literally. Lately, there are quite a few people asking about my way with words, and how I can develop a system that is not only unique within the style but passionate within the context. I may consider to write How-To-Guides to truly open up to my audience. I am willing to provide some techniques and see if they are not only suitable and comfortable for you to adapt, but effective and concise in how you convey your feelings.

Stay tuned, relax today, and embrace the moment with family and friends.

Suggestion Box: How To Guides?

One thought on “Suggestion Box: How To Guides?

  1. […] Suggestion Box: How To Guides? –  As Roz from Monsters, Inc. would say, “Well, isn’t that nice. ” Yeah, this is a thankful post on Thanksgiving! It wasn’t as heartfelt as most have written that day, but it delivers the right message. Instantly, you think about the value of family and friends. I want someone who can value themselves and the people around them. I also want someone to express themselves effectively.  If you dig deeper into the meaning behind that, you would conclude that I want someone who would value unconditional love over materialistic love. […]

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