Symbolic Flames; Temporary Rush

Symbolic Flames; Temporary Rush

This picture was taken with my Canon Rebel T3i earlier in October. I wasn’t trying to be professional. This was definitely a quickie.


One thought on “Symbolic Flames; Temporary Rush

  1. […] Symbolic Flames; Temporary Rush – Yes, I’ll admit, this was a filler post where I decided to add a picture for shits and gigs. This is nothing to brag about, but a moment where I was enjoying a backyard campfire with my dad. I just bought my camera earlier that year, and that was my first attempt at firetography. I heard a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words can you find through this poorly taken image? Hopefully, you look beyond the woman soon engulfed in flames. That will be for a deeper discussion. However, focus on warmth. Yeah, warmth might be temporary, but I want someone to rekindle my childhood by being as spontaneous as fire. I want someone to get the job down by burning through the day, but they also move away from the source. They move on from the past, and drift away in the wind. Oh, you should also reconsider the campfire if your neighbor has their white shirts out to dry. Yeah, I would recommend running away as fast as you can! […]

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