Prank war is ON! -HELP NEEDED

Hey everyone, jasminplease needs your help!

Jasmin Please


You wonderful readers and bloggers in wordpress, I have gotten myself into a prank war, I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and it’s my last day in the house, so last night I started a prank war, by messing with two of the guys facebook. WELL. They were immediately ON it, and the whole house is just pranks everywhere, and of course, for starting it, I get messed with the most. classic-post-it-note-prank-covered-office-annoyed-boss

I spent basially the whole day away today so I came home, KNOWING that I’d been messed up. The FIRST thing I noticed, was that my screens colours was all messed up on my mac, so after googling alot I finally found out that Andy, (that bastard) had pressed ctrl+alt+cmd+8 at the same time, which basically turns the colours CRAZY. Don’t worry, maccie is okay, and he’s colours are back to normal. I did it by…

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Prank war is ON! -HELP NEEDED

3 thoughts on “Prank war is ON! -HELP NEEDED

  1. Ok wow.
    I withdraw that slightly tut tut-y comment. you CLEARLY are prince charming 😉
    Very sweet of you. Thaaaaaaanks. I really do need help, I keep getting things thrown in my face..hahah

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