Why Men Should Read This Before December 24

This is a perfect transition from my article, “A Lover’s Christmas List; Top Five Things to Do in December.” http://wp.me/p2TeFs-8Z

Who'd Have Thought? Musings of a surprised mid-centurian.

So, December’s here and we’re all done shopping, now what should we do? I’m kidding of course. If you’re completely done shopping, nobody likes you. Kidding again, of course. People only dislike you if you’re done shopping and brag about it.

I have to admit, I’m almost done, which should impress you because I’m a woman, which says a couple of things about me, gift-wise. One, I have more shopping to do than your average male persuasion and two, I’ve done none of my shopping at the grocery store and, will most likely not do any gift shopping there, even on the traditional HCCiT (Holy Crap, Christmas is Tomorrow?) Day, which is mostly observed by those with a Y chromosome.

I understand I’m being unfair to you dudes who started shopping in September, purchasing thoughtful and unique gifts for everyone on your shopping list, including your mom, without consulting with…

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Why Men Should Read This Before December 24

Which sense would you chose to lose during lovemaking? A response.

Truly inspiring response to my article, “The Ultimate Sacrifice for Love; Makes Sense to Deny Participation.” Thank you so much for going out of your way to respond beyond the comment section. Please, if anyone is interested, write a response as a blog post and I will be more than happy to reblog it for my other viewers to see. It’s always intriguing to find out what everyone else feels about my articles. Just “ping” me, and I’ll find out. Thanks again!

Nefarious Intentions

I stumbled upon (not related to StumbleUpon) Prinze Charming’s blog today, and found an interesting article there, The Ultimate Sacrifice for Love; Makes Sense to Deny Participation, wherein the prinze asks, “Which of your five senses would you give up each time you make love to your lover?”

At first I thought that it would be an all-encompassing loss of the sense. If you chose sight, you would never be able to see again, ever. My answer to his question at this point in my understanding was to become a monk, live in a monastery and play video games for the rest of my life.

As I continued to read the article, I believe his intention is that you would only lose the sense while being intimate with your lover.  The thought of a loss of a sense only while being intimate is actually quite exciting… If I had my choice…

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Which sense would you chose to lose during lovemaking? A response.