29 Things To Avoid In A Boyfriend

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29 Things To Avoid In A Boyfriend

10 thoughts on “29 Things To Avoid In A Boyfriend

      1. Charming, You are teasing with me.. I can’t believe that there is a time to be desperate. The Idea that a man or a woman would/could treat another like this blows my mind. My EX earned his title but not for any of those reasons above. Love is tender, why would a woman be desperate?

  1. 27. He doesn’t support your personal endeavors and dreams, and even goes so far as to convince you that they are not feasible or that you are not good enough to accomplish them.

    love this! it’s so true! i once had a guy tell me i have a “bullshit job.” I’m sorry if i don’t think helping people with developmental is bullshit. i’m very proud of what i do, jerk.

    1. Thanks for response! Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. A job is a job, but when you help people … that’s more than a job. It’s a legacy that you should pass down to other people who have a heart like yours. It’s your life, and you live it the way you want to live it. Do what makes you … you. You deserve so much better than that. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. rebeccabartley says:

    Ugh unfortunately I see these kinds of guys all the time and I never get how women fall for them, or even stay with them that long. It shows how desperate and how there is a lack of self-esteem in these woman. While I’ve dated a jerk or two, none of them were ever this bad. I stay away/run away from guys like this. I would rather take a nice guy any day then a so called “bad boy”. They’re nothing but trouble, heartbreak and loneliness haha (basing that off friends’ opinions who have dated guys like this sadly).

    Hey everyone, make sure to check out my blog as well as I post fun advice articles, random things going on in my life and current popular news reports. I appreciate all views, follows, likes and comments! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Yeah, it is definitely an unfortunate thing to see, especially with young teens. Some settle for less because they aren’t sure what the best really is until they find out the hard way. Thanks for your feedback! 🙂

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