The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I have some really great news!

Recently, like a few hours ago, an inspirational blogger themselves, Summer4Soul nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Now, I know I have started blogging on here for only a little over a month from today, but this is truly a rewarding opportunity to be acknowledged by someone from the amazing WordPress community once again. My quality in my articles and the work that I have provided is definitely more important than how many articles I have written. Thank you for acknowledging that distinction!

What makes an inspiring blogger? 

The Internet has many outlets for bloggers to express themselves about everything and anything you could imagine. Whether you enjoy reading articles like, “Fascination of Paint Drying,” or something similar, “The Art of Drying Art,” or “Beautiful Music from Nails Across Chalkboard,” something must have inspired you from those articles.

Everyone has different tastes and interests for literature. Don’t ever assume people will buy the whole local bookstore or read everything in the library. Although if I had the money, I would probably buy new books for local school libraries; not myself. That is definitely something my local parochial school needs now. If I had that much time to read, I would rather read books to children in children hospitals, orphanages, or other organizations.

So, how do you evaluate inspiration?

What makes a blog distinct from inspirational to very inspirational? Is there an award in between? Is it a scale from very distasteful to very inspirational? What if something is distasteful that it has some type of inspirational part in there? Anyways, before I start talking about the inspiration behind sacrificing animals for Middle Eastern holiday rituals – let me review the rules for this award.

The Rules 

Here are the “rules” of accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 bloggers you admire.
  • Leave a comment somewhere on the seven blogs to make them aware of their nomination.

Objectives Completed 


  • Summer4Soul, it is an honor to accept and receive your nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on Saturday, December 15, 2012.

Mini Bio 

Here are seven (7) interesting things about myself:

First, “Prinze Charming” was an original idea for one of my first blog usernames, specifically on Blurty or LiveJournal. It was an idea that didn’t come from me,  but from a girl I dated in a long distant relationship from Michigan in 2002. So, this glorified romantic reputation came into my life way before my poetic writing surfaced the Internet. I was only a 13 years old boy interested in Robert Frost. Did I write like him? I wanted something close. 

Second, I received thirteen stitches from Hartford Children’s Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut on my right hand on my mother’s birthday. I was only around seven years old. Short story summary: two girls pushed me off an old, rusty wire fence while I was climbing back to the other side.

Third, I graduated from East Hartford High School with perfect attendance for all four years while maintaining outstanding performance in my foreign language classes: Spanish 4 Honors, French 3 Honors and Mandarin Chinese 1. You can read the list of awards on my About Me page.

Fourth, I am a mixed European-American breed. Yes, you see more of my Italian side from my father. His family came from Sicily, while my mom was born in London with a dual citizenship.

Fifth, my life revolved around animals.  I raised baby Cockatiels, a wildlife rescued Nanday Conure,  Himalayan and Persian cats, and a few goldfish.

Sixth, I am a recent University of Connecticut graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Yeah, surprised it’s not English? During this week, last year, I wrote an extensive research paper on, “The Underlying Self Identity of Women in Tunisia; the Psychological Impact of Familial and Societal Pressures on Young Tunisian Women.” 

That paper truly opened my eyes for cultural identity among women in Tunisia. It was a sociology class that focused on The Developing World. My political courses focused on gender politics and exploitation of women bodies. I will make some time to share my book recommendations for this topic specifically.

Seventh, there’s one last ironic thing to say. I’ve been single for almost six years, but I write like I am in a deep romantic relationship with an amazing person. Yeah, not really, or at least yet. They are all inspirational thoughts and romantic feelings that seem to linger inside my mind all the time. Sorry, ladies for the misunderstanding.  I have yet to find a lucky woman while I write these mustered up poetic stories.

No happy ending, no goodnight kisses, nothing. Rien. C’est la vie .

Wow, maybe I should have said stuff like, “Kittens make my heart melt” and “I’m a very patient person that can work with children.” Well, there you have it, Miley Cyrus. The seven things you would probably love about me.  Don’t hate, appreciate.

Now, the seven bloggers that I admire the most. Yeah, see, that’s the thing. This compiled list is from a month of being here. Don’t take it to heart, but this is the reason I didn’t nominate anyone in return for Blog of the Year 2012. I just couldn’t decide.

I also searched around, and I noticed that this award has been given out to seven, ten, fifteen or some customized number of nominations. Therefore, it is not fixed. However, I will use seven. Seven is a good number. It’s a lucky number for gamblers who love the slot machines!

So, here we go, the following seven people desirable for this award within a month impression.

The Very Inspirational Seven 

  8. *

Note: The following people above have contributed so much to me within my first month here. They all have very inspirational blogs. Although this is a very concise compiled list of blogs, I may expand this list at any time. Take care. 


01/04/13 – I added Tarisai for causing an influential and inspirational impact on everyone in his community. Thank you!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!