I felt Freudian today. 😉

Poetically Captivating

vagina flowers 16

Floral Fixation

The cloud’s arousal made some drips,
almost like the dew upon the petal lips.
The sun’s warm breath of sunshine rays,
stimulates the petals for several days.

A honey bee buzzes with overwhelming lust,
passionate little fellow ready to thrust.
The tongue is long and ready for a taste,
embrace the pollen and nectar in a haste.

I would love to be your bumble bee,
of passion and desire; quite a fantasy.
I would stay for hours to watch you perspire,
a floral fixation that you could admire.

Making love, making honey;
making everyone lots of money.
Making tea to soothe the throat,
like wearing an interior coat.

I am a florist, and you are my flower,
I will nurture you with a love shower.
Drench you in unconditional love and support,
I am your Miracle-Grow escort.

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