Let’s Get Real; The Reality Blog Award

Hey everyone, what is the best way to celebrate my 40th post? 

Yeah, that’s right! Just imagine only forty blog posts since I started! That doesn’t seem much, but an average blog post for me can range from 1,000 to 2,500 words! I will be giving you the statistics on my second blogiversary post this Saturday!

I’ve been extremely busy today! I also managed to schedule some time filling out applications to start paying off my student loans. Now, it’s time to relax and kick back in 2013 with another award! My reputation here in less than two months is now at the point where I need to show my potential. I have seen enough with the blog nominations and award posts. Time to make this post different! Let me explain why I think I should deserve this Reality Blog Award with every word associated with the achievement.  Then, I will follow the rules as instructed with the award.


Well, on a positive note, you are going to receive quality work. Why? I’m a real boy too! I am also Italian. Pinocchio always faced reality with realistic issues. Prinze Charming is not about the Utopian life of relationships, but rekindling the hopeless romantic community together without Cupid’s help. Casual dating is extremely fun, but the bad experiences hinder the future for the spontaneous people in search for friendships or love. I give real advice to real people from real experiences. No, really, how real can I get? Why should I waste your valuable time reading something that will give you a mixed emotion at the end? “Oh, that was it?” “Well, the title had me for a while.” I am also not interested in wasting my time. If you have any blog suggestions, comments or concerns, let me know by going to my Your Opinion Matters page!


I never stop blogging! If I am not blogging, I am connecting social media websites to my blog. I am always active with the WordPress community. If there is nothing posted for the day, I must have been busy connecting with other members. I am always going and going and going. Well, except for the convenience of pizza right by my side. My primary focus here is to connect the hopeless romantic community together (without Cupid’s help!). How am I doing so far? I have an amazing group of followers. They are all beautiful in their own unique ways. My blog would not be the same without your support! I would lose my energetic side to publish another blog post. Well, other than myself, who else would read them? Thank you so much for your support!


Do you know what makes my blog truly amazing? The transitional structure established! Did anyone notice that? I can write about anything I want, and connect it with my other publications. The core of my blog was established around feelings and emotions. The posts are primarily focused about dating and relationships. Take a few amazing followers with a blogger that can produce well-informed articles, and you will produce rewarding results. The next amazing thing about my blog is diversity. Well, that was a given! WordPress is incredibly diversified with a global network around the world. Would I write a post entirely in Mandarin Chinese for my Taiwanese followers? 不, 我不是。 However, that would be interesting!


Did you smell the flowers on this blog, or what? Oh, right, they’re withered. Never mind.

(Very) Inspiring 

Yes, I have received two Very Inspiring Blogger Awards already! Just think of it this way – an award for every month I was here. That also goes with the Blog of the Year Award with my two stars. Two months, two stars. I hope I can muster up enough inspiration to have all six stars for 2013. Anyone would love the opportunity to share a galaxy of inspiration on their blog!


My blog is touching. It touches computer screens, mobile devices, Email addresses, and social networking websites. The content of my blog is touching. It touches the eyes, the mind, and the soul. If you are a fan of my erotic and sensual articles, you might be feeling more than just my words. The words might be feeling more than just the page you are viewing. I am here to plant a new seed of thoughts and feelings. I am here to rekindle withered plants from unrequited love from a blind florist. If someone isn’t there to acknowledge you, then I am. Ladies, I am here to convey that chivalry isn’t dead, but lost somewhere. Guys, I am here to convey and entice the motivation to be like Dora and Diego for an adventure to find that lost chivalry.

Although my last relationship ended with a cheater, I am not giving up on women.   I believe someone is out there for everyone. I am here to connect you and your feelings with someone else who can acknowledge them back.  I have no ambition on designing a dating website, but a dating blog. I am here for self-improvement because that matters more.  Was it a busy day today? Listen, just breatheYou matter more. If your endeavors this year are hindered by extenuating circumstances beyond your control, let me know. I am here. We are all here for each other.


Wasn’t that exciting? Now on to the award rules!

Here are the rules for The Reality Blog Award 

1. Show appreciation of the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.

2. Add the award logo to your blog.

3. Share 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 5 – 10 or so bloggers you admire.

5. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know.

On January 8, 2013, Lisa nominated me for the Reality Blog Award! I must acknowledge that it is an honor to accept and receive your nomination for my hard work in the last two months. Thank you so much for noticing!

Well, the last seven were very entertaining! However, I will make these seven very brief. No, really, brief.
  1. I have boxers for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas. 
  2. I have never streaked or skinny dipped, but bedtime usually entails commando during the summer.
  3. I introduced myself to boxer briefs earlier in 2012.
  4. If I’m going to a party, or in a party mood, I will most likely wear my martini boxers.
  5. When you tell your date that you have just jeans on, and nothing underneath, the facial expressions are priceless.
  6. I just realized that I associate the event of the day, every day, with the pair of boxers I have. Fishing goes to trout boxers as dice goes to feeling lucky that day.
  7. My grandmother covered my ass for the last eight years with Christmas. I never had to buy a nice pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxers again!
Ah, nominations. Hm, let’s see. That is always tough considering I have only been here for two months. Look, I will update this later. I am very flexible with finding great blogs to list for these nominations. Honestly, I would love to list more than just ten. Also, my latest project focuses on self-improvement. If you have a blog that helps others or encourages others to breathe through difficult obstacles in life, let me know. Please contact me if you have weight loss blogs, advice for depression blogs, or anything else that you believe would inspire others.

High five!
Updated: 01/19/2013 to fix images. Sorry Lisa! 
Let’s Get Real; The Reality Blog Award

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