A Connecticut Sunrise

A Connecticut Sunrise

This was taken this morning before I went out of the house today. I could have used a better setting, ISO, etc, but I was lazy. Sorry! The cropped version looks more professional. I never liked my neighborhood anyways.


24 thoughts on “A Connecticut Sunrise

  1. this is incredibly beautiful. Nothing like a sunset with snow in the same picture! unsure where you live but def no snow here in Chesapeake VA sadly! Good work!

    1. Thanks Jenny! I live in East Hartford, Connecticut. Just stare at the center of the state where Hartford is located. I am right around there. Oh, VA is definitely warm! It’s a very warm heat though. I might live down there soon. It’s too expensive to live up here. Thanks for stopping by! Take care.

  2. I love when the sky is filled with passion. When it burns like your dammed to hell but your looking at the heavens. I’m sure there is more to it but lets not analyze too deeply into what I just wrote. The sky is pretty and your photograph reflects it well.

    1. Yeah, the sunrise every morning lately seems to be intriguing. This one is by far the best! It’s like every day is a little tiny box in an Advent Calendar. I am pretty excited to wake up tomorrow morning to see what will happen next! Thanks for your warm interpretation. Beautifully said.

    1. Thank you! I was extremely excited to wake up yesterday morning. Although today was a big cloudy disappointment, there’s always tomorrow! Thanks stopping by! Take care. : )

  3. ropcorn says:

    Wow. That is a really stunning sunset! And you managed to capture it so beautifully. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    1. LOL! Silly, it is not a sunset! It’s a sunrise! This was taken early in the morning. Thank you for your feedback though. It was greatly appreciated. I hope I can find more sunrises and sunsets to post later. Take care. 😉

  4. Hey don’t worry about the wrong ISO..I believe you were focusing on the sky, clouds and the colors? Not the town below? So the picture is perfect. I have friends that live in Connecticut. Not sure what town though. They work in NY so I am sure the town is closest to the NY state border.

    Thanks for stopping over to view my blog. Like to invite you to join our community also, sign to follow it’s FREE. My wife is a hopeless romantic. Going to show her your blog.

    Thanks for sharing. Look forward to your future posts. Keep taking pictures, there great.

    Chef Randall

    1. Hey Chef! Thanks for the insight! Yeah, I was focused on the sky. I guess I couldn’t do much more than this after all! Regardless if there wasn’t enough light, it was definitely powerful in the sky. It’s a pleasure to hear that your wife has a passionate side. 😉 Thanks for sharing the word! I’ll take a look at your other comments, and then check out your community. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, I’ll let Mother Nature know! This was one of three consecutive sunrises. Go figure – the third one, and then overcast every week after. I was very fortunate to wake up that morning. I hope I see more very shortly. What part of FL? My grandparents live in Palm Bay, and I have friends in Cape Coral. 🙂

      1. Your face is a beautiful area! Haha, thanks. I am looking forward to visiting my family soon. I need a new lifestyle change. Ah, I see. You’re in the core of tourism!

      2. Oh, thank you. It is currently a perfect 70* and sun is shining… couldn’t imagine anything better. –I was molested by the sun 2x this week! And as far as Disney is concerned, I make every effort to steer-clear of that entire touristy mess of a place.

      3. Yeah, that doesn’t surprise me – the weather, the sun, and the effective strategies for residents to filter through the tourism. It’s only 29* here, but it was around the 50’s a few days ago. I am fortunate enough to stay healthy. I know a sudden temperature change can do a lot to some people, especially the elderly.

      4. That’s cold. Then again, it gets blazing hot here in the summers, melt-a-crayon-to-the-ground hot, but doesn’t seem to effect the retirees much lol – it definitely takes getting used to, and a level of tolerance for it. I’d have it over cloudy skies any day though.

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