eWhoremany; Controversial Online Dating

Welcome! You’ve Got Love. 

While the any key is still unknown, finding love is simply a click away. Valentine’s Day is already a month around the corner, but who celebrates Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D) with their cat? I am not the Crazy Cat Lady, but I still do.

In 2013, you might eventually find someone to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of finding love, and you might satisfy your parents with hope that you will have someone by the age of 40. The rapid growth of match-making online initiated Cupid’s early retirement. Internet access is conveniently influencing the endless possibilities of finding Mr. Right, unless you are a shit magnet for attracting Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong might not even be Mr. Wrong! He might be trying his hardest for the Mr. Right nomination, but he ends up being another Mr. Wrong. This electronic interaction with strangers opens the doors for controversial debates. Are these men interested in serious relationships or do they want something else? Why would anyone use someone else’s picture to lure love and commitment? Are young women targeting vulnerable rich men for more than they bargained? Love does not cost a thing, but sex sells.

Stranger Request

When you receive a friend request notification, it does not necessarily mean you are already friends with them. People attract potential hookups through online communities or social networking websites by words, virtual actions, pictures, and games. How many people are legitimate and how many users hide behind fake accounts? Do you presume they are telling the truth?

On the right, you would assume that the guy with the overexposed light was Jake Timms from Indiana. If I talk to him, he might tell me his hometown. Well, that is precisely what, “Ask,” means. Although I would ask him more than just that question, his private profile denied my access. He can only accept friend requests if they confirm that they know his email address. A handsome young eighteen year old guy, playing hard to get, is checking out other guys’ profiles. Yeah, he came across mine and I have the privilege to see who might be checking out my profile daily. Do you think he might be interested in me? Well, shucks, that is very sweet. Honestly, I wish he lived closer! He seems to hold himself right looking like a lady-killer with those lips! Ouch! Seriously, Jake Timms might not even be Jake Timms. That guy in the photograph is commonly referred as, “Prinze Charming,” on WordPress. Yeah, that guy is me. That is my room, and I went to Amsterdam to buy that shirt. Sorry ladies, this guy is trying to compete with me. If you own an account on MyYearbook, or MeetMe, do not talk to a guy who uses this picture when his name is not Tony.

I contacted the MeetMe staff to take immediate action on this issue. They eventually responded back with some questions. They wanted me to prove that I am not someone else trying to take Jake Timms’ place or remove Jake Timms from existence. In the email, they responded with the following message:

“MeetMe Member Support replied:

This is something that we can help with. To verify that the pictures are of you, we ask that you take a photograph of yourself today holding up a piece of paper that says:
“MeetMe – Today’s Date – my email is ________________”
Then, reply to this email with a copy of that photo attached so that we can verify that you are the account holder. We’ll then be able to close any profiles with your photos that do not have your email address.
The photo you send us to prove your identity will not be posted to the site, it will be deleted after your identity is confirmed.
MeetMe Member Support”

Well, that is reassuring. I replied back, “See picture enclosed with the same shirt in the same room.” Jake Timms has yet to surface on my recent viewer page again. I actually like Jake’s new face. It seems happier and less intimidating. Although Jake has two shades of grey, I wonder where the other 48 decided to go. If you or someone you know is in a similar dilemma, please contact every website that has proof that your identity being used. Although this is a serious matter, do I take this as a compliment? The guy knows I am marketable for romance. Could he fill my shoes if he tried? I doubt it.

13 Going on 18  (Just for Now!)

Are you just one of the targeted members of a specific categorized group? Questions arise every year, and parental controls are ineffectively working to curtail Internet access to young adolescent users. Is it really the parental controls? Could it possibly be the lack of any parental control?

If you are a parent, you might have Internet parental controls set for your children. You might have even considered the idealistic attempt to curtail their internet access by setting up timers. No, really, that motivated me to wake up earlier just to use the computer until the evening. If I had to download something, that was another issue, especially on dial-up.

If you were one of those teens, did you feel rushed every morning to surf the web before it was too late? Did you really leave the website after being confronted about your age? Did you enter a birthday year that guaranteed you were 18 years old? “Oh, I will use 1914! That was like uh, World War I?” Yeah, it helps when you are smart, or does it?

Success! A white lie gives the young viewer instant access to a page full of categories listed alphabetically order across the screen, from Amateur to Webcam. An erotic glow of explicit content flashes in front of the eyes of the next victimized child of the Internet, and nobody is there to block them. The ads on the side are enticing the young mind to wander off and click for, “Local Babes Ready for Fun.” What if an adolescent boy saw this website? Would he assume girls were this easy? What if an adolescent girl saw this website? Would she assume that this is the norm for young women to follow?

christina ricci marie claire uk magazine cover hot sexy photo shoot rare promo pan am bel ami 2012Young girls exploit themselves through instant messages, email, and cellphone texts. They crave attention in the wrong areas because society focuses on attraction and establishing relationships. Sex does sell. Magazine companies, especially Seventeen Magazine, lure young teen girls into this materialistic world.

If there is a really hot guy in your daughter’s class, and there is another girl trying to win him over, conflicting circumstances will occur. Let’s take a look at the really hot guy’s perspective. Most guys will know if they attract their peers or not, but most guys will not know how to handle this attraction. Some will take an advantage to rack up numbers in their phones. Instant bragging rights for them, and for ladies – you’re just being played. You are just a pawn for them to play their game. Is it Megan Monday? Tiffany Tuesday? Wait, Wednesday Wednesday! OK, maybe the Adam’s family wouldn’t approve of that one. Did you even notice that the woman on the side is Christina Ricci, the Wednesday of 2012, in the UK’s Marie Claire magazine earlier last year in March? Yeah, by the way, her birthday is February 12! That will be my third month blogiversary!  She’ll be turning 33! That is too weird! While I’m only 9 years apart, which is 3 x 3, I wouldn’t mind a date with her at all! Wednesday Wednesday it is!

40 Year Old Virgin

Nobody in the world wants the pressure of being a forty-year old virgin. Judd Apatow, director of the movie, “The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005),” conveys the message of how someone can live through a chaste lifestyle. Would you do it if you were given a second chance?

During my senior year at the University of Connecticut, I enrolled in a course called, “The Developing World,” which focused on precisely what the title entails. On December 10, 2011, I submitted nearly 4,000 words on a research paper called, “The Underlying Self Identity of Women in Tunisia; the Psychological Impact of Familial and Societal Pressures on Young Tunisian Women.” I concluded my paper of how familial and societal pressures change the lifestyles of young Tunisian women. Here is an excerpt of that conclusion:

The status of women lacks superior acknowledgement, but it has significantly rose higher up in Tunisia’s social hierarchy since the twentieth century. Tunisian women are becoming more aware of their own rights, sexuality, opportunities of higher education, and presumably achieving professional careers that men cannot compete against. Although the Code of Personal Status may grant women back their rights, Tunisian universities will still have women students to abide by the unconstitutional guidelines of the revised dress code.

In Tunisia, young women feel as if they are unattractive to have intimate relationships with men if they are left in society. Honestly, if a man doesn’t come up to you, he is doing you a favor. In addition, he is most likely intimidated by you. The following excerpt explains the societal and familial pressures:

The societal and familial pressures hinder young Tunisian women from adolescence to motherhood. Tunisian women construct their self-identity as an individual with significance within society, but the psychological factors which influence the way young women perceive themselves in Tunisia can leave women in distress. Young women will experience male peer pressure to engage in premarital sexual behavior, but they may also experience familial pressures to wed at an earlier age upon maturity. Moreover, motherhood will also have a societal pressure to face as women without children are frowned upon in society as lower class citizens of Tunisia. These mothers will direct their own daughters either away or into societal pressure by moderating their freedom to associate with their own peers.

The world revolves around the drive to find love and the strength to hold commitment. If a relationship lacks the stable architectural design, the couple will struggle to find their way through. We can all learn from our mistakes, but bad habits will encourage the victimized hopeless romantic to settle for less. The Internet is a portal for social acceptance and intimate fantasies. The envious Jake Timms could have been the catalyst for a future heartbreak of a young woman searching for Mr. Right. My identity was at risk for being subjected to false accusations and the girl’s hope for destiny blew into the wind of unrequited love.

Option Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever met someone from the Internet? Was it a better experience than Dateline’s, “To Catch A Predator?”
  2. Do you have any idea why Jake Timms would choose me from many other guys online? Give me your thoughts about this in the comment section below.  
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eWhoremany; Controversial Online Dating

36 thoughts on “eWhoremany; Controversial Online Dating

    1. Tina, if I could grab a hug too, I totally would! I enjoy seeing your face pop up in my notifications. It’s always a pleasure. Thanks for stopping by! Believe it or not, but I didn’t expect this article to turn out the way it did. I started writing this about a week ago, while posting other publications every day for the last 13 days of January. I must have quite a few drafts floating around! haha So, this random guy decided to steal my picture. Irony – I was just writing a draft about people like him! It was definitely worth the wait! Thanks for the feedback. Take care, love. 😉

      1. Well then, lesson learned. I guess good things do come to those who wait. Actually, I’m not too sure if what you found out was a ‘good thing’ per say, but nevertheless it’s good that you found out, when you did. Haha, I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say here.. Take care, Mr. Charming.

      2. Yes, I understand! haha I would rather know what was going on with my pictures on the Internet than to be completely naive about it. While I was discovering that, it was also great to tie it into my blog post as well. 😉

  1. hehehe Jake Timms was just too smart for his own good, maybe he should have looked for an underachieving ex college football star. Oh! Wait! Women are not attracted to that. Seems the biggest sex organ we have is our brain. lol Silly Jake, Tricks are for Creeps!!

    From me to you, Cookie

    1. Yeah, you’re absolutely right! Jake Timms knew exactly what he was doing. I give him kudos for having a great taste in men. He must have read a few of my blog posts and instantly thought, “Dr. Love”! Thanks for stopping by dear. It is always a pleasure to engage a meaningful conversation with you. I hope the day ahead looks productive. The New England weather today isn’t much to brag about.

      1. The movie was good, I cried several times but they changed it so that I could not sing along(my kids were so disappointed)! Mr. Crow actually had a band once… Who knew?
        I love our chats and you are very kind to me always. I think we share the same sky btw. Much rather be snuggled up than to be out and about but I need my coffee fix that hardly resembles coffee, more a sugary delight made of not soooo toxic chemicals.

      2. Haha! That’s cute! “Stop it, mommy!” Did you have a consensus with all three to tell you to stop? Yes, I love how engaged we are in every one of our chats. I don’t see you any different from my peers. I love what we established. It’s healthy and free from judgement. Oh, you’re from New England too? I noticed a lot of us, “New Englanders,” stick around. Snuggling is extremely welcomed here. Feel free to volunteer! Yeah, I stopped my caffeine fix for a while. Oatmeal is my breakfast of champions. When I eat that, I am good to go for the rest of the day, almost like Seabiscuit.

      3. I’m not that bad in the singing department but when I blast out in French they duck and cover..lol
        Not from there no, but I’ve visited just because your leaves turn. It’s like a jewelry box for my eyes. I’m in Texas at the moment and it has been cold, overcast and dreary at best.
        hahaha, Seabiscuit! I like the yummy coffees and teas but I’m not committed enough to the addiction. I don’t like to make it for myself so more often than not I just do without.
        You know, age has never been a thing for me. Young and old with all that lays sprinkled in-between seems to be my peer group. I’m glad we’ve made friends and hey, the next time i’m up I’ll take you up on that snuggle. Movie, popcorn and M&M’s i’m all in!!!!

      4. Ah, merde! T’as raison! mdr! Yes, autumn is extremely marketable for New England colleges and universities. Unfortunately, the prospective students easily forget about the snow! The overcast here is finally opening up with sunshine. Thanks for smiling. I agree with age being just a number. I have always been attracted to someone older than me. When I was 17, I talked to 30 year old women in search for a young male companion. You’re a sweetheart. A very fun, spontaneous woman, and a loving mother of three. What else is there to love? I enjoy learning more about you throughout my journey here. It will be unfortunate when I barely have the time to blog from finding a stable career. Unless I start getting paid here, I have to find some place very soon. 😉 Take care.

      5. Here is my funny: I studied French in high school, this is where I saw Les Miserables the first time and fell in love. However, I often got erasers chunked at me from across the room when my awful speaking was called upon. You see my teacher was French and had no love of my twang nor the country that she currently lived in. She fell in love with a man and endured the Americans to be with him. lol
        I didn’t know that their was an English version because the library in that town was very small so I watched it over and over untilI memorized it. Looking up almost every word regularly so I could fully experience it.
        There are so many aspects that apply to my own life that it drew me in without effort.
        Have you seen any versions? If so which ones? Have you seen it live? If not you must!!!

      6. Yeah, I actually never saw it yet! Not one version at all. The real native French teachers are very mean, and they will acknowledge the successful ones in their class. They will also emphasize on the poor students and tell them to follow the leader. I should definitely watch something some time soon! haha Let’s watch it together? All the versions? Rain check please! 😉

  2. Interesting stuff. I guess I am glad I am not looking for Mr. Right online anymore. I found Mr. Right back in the stone ages of 2000 online. Back when they had M4M rooms on AOL. m4m Cincinnati. etc… Back when it was embarrassing to admit you met your bf online. We told folks for years that we met “through friends.” Now, since it’s not taboo anymore, we finally admit it. 🙂

    Oh and who wouldn’t want to steal a pic of you? 😉 You can’t blame the guy for wanting your face. Have a good one. 🙂

    1. Thanks for replying back! Your comment made me feel old! haha I remember those days. Well, the ones during the late 90’s. In 1999, I was ten years old. So, yeah, my Internet experience started off around that time. Believe it or not, but I still have two friends from AOL chat rooms. I loved the ones that were included in chain letters with all the chat rooms in the world! Or, at least, that’s what you would think with the limited browsing access. They were the “cool” chat rooms because they weren’t part of your AOL features. I am sure you miss those AOL upgrades! Yeah, I remember. I was always teased in school for having an “online girlfriend.” “Oh, but you never met her before! How do you love someone you never met?” Thanks for your compliment, mon chou. 😉

      1. LOL! I’ll most likely be the same way about that. I mean .. I am still in my 20’s… psh, not mid 20’s. I am glad to see we almost shared birthdays! I’m ALMOST a labor day baby! Ha, labor … 😛

  3. Yes, I did meet someone from the internet (he’s TheReporter on my blog), and he didn’t have a face pic. Neither did I. so we got to know each other the old fashion way. I guess you can tell me if TheReporter and I hit it off on our first date!!! he chose your pic cause you’re a handsome guy, plain and simple, or someone is playing a cruel joke on you.

    1. Ah, interesting! That’s a very heartfelt message to read. That is almost like engaging in AOL chat rooms! I actually miss those days. Thank you so much for your compliment! It was a pleasure to read. haha No, I doubt someone was playing a game. This was legitimate. Thanks for stopping by! Take care.

  4. Megan says:

    Will the real Jake Timms, please stand up! Buh, weird. That should be a compliment though. He thought you were charming enough to use as his profile pic 🙂

  5. […] Interpersonal communication, regardless of the relationship status between the two conversationalists, is an effective skill for facilitating physical intimacy with another person. The level of social awkwardness, between socially awkward and awkwardly social, may hinder a person’s performance in achieving a physical and emotional connection. A social butterfly will have the comfort and flexibility to have alternative choices to move forward with the social interaction. The rising era of digital intimacy may entice two individuals to initiate an intimate textual exchange, but the new comfort zone has more challenging barriers for the introverts and extroverts to meet people from the Internet. […]

  6. You bring up some really great questions for society on a whole to ponder. The questions you listed are just scratching the surface of sex and its impact on our new technological society. It would be interesting to see some universities do some studies on some of the question you posed up there, but considering how terrified America is to acknowledge their own sexuality let alone its impact upon our lives… it may be a while before we see this happen. So a blog is a great place to start the conversation. A good read and interesting. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! That really is a great idea! It would be fascinating to find out the results. I am sure we can learn a lot about the sexuality in America by opening up more.I love how the topic of sex can push people aside from discussion, but they turn around somewhere else to engage in sensual romantic foreplay.

      Now, you have high school students thinking about the reason behind the teacher being pregnant. In a preschool, you have toddlers assuming that you are only an adult when you have a child. I love how society is refining itself around sexuality. The only rough bump in the road concerns sexuality rights and gender politics. Thank you so much for reading! It is greatly appreciated! Take care.

      1. We are turning into a seriously ass-backwards society. They say that we are evolving as a species, but it seems to me that in society, we go forward with progress, and then backwards with fear and forward…. if we were not constantly taking 2 steps back, by now, we probably could be living in a truly enlightened society!! but… that would be too easy, right?!?

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