The Erotic Flight Over the Law; The Mile High Club Discussion Part I

It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves...

In the last two months, my intriguing posts encouraged minds to wander into passionate reflections on concealed desires. My words may have enticed urges of physical intimacy as simple as no strings attached snuggling. If a follower mustered enough confidence to attempt my seductive or sensualist approaches, everywhere around them is a playground. Although my hopeless romantic followers may fantasize about exhibitionism, any public intimacy is an extreme rush for the novice enthusiast. In my opinion, I still have a lot to learn, regardless if my intimate experiences can range from outside to public buildings. I am always craving for something higher. I want a higher rush in a higher altitude with a complete stranger with similar intentions.

Welcome, Aboard!

The Mile High Club is a very controversial topic, but it is also a very fascinating one for prospective and participating members. An airplane bathroom is not romantic for any physical intimacy, but it still captures the moment to let everything loose. According to the official Mile High Club website, mandatory membership entails engaging in sexual intercourse at an altitude of at least 5,280 ft, or roughly a mile above Earth. The membership is solely on an honor system where each member claims that they experienced something on an airplane. The first impression of the story is important for the first interpretation. If someone believes you, then congratulations! If not, try your approach one more time.

The website has a very interesting section with personal submissions of Mile High Club experiences.  You might disagree with hooking up with a complete stranger from the airport or sitting next to you throughout the flight, but a few club members are happily married together from their first experience. I could just imagine the stories they would have to tell their parents, friends or even kids! Then, it would come back around at them when their own child tells their intimate story. “Mommy and daddy met on a plane!” In a few years, some couples will have to explain that daddy’s plane flew into mommy’s landing strip (pun intended!), and then an unexpected baggage claim came in the mail nine months later.

Sunset over eastern North America
Sunset over eastern North America (Photo credit: caribb)

Soaring Through the Law

Tom McMahon, director of 1,000 Ways to Die, gave the spotlight on the membership into the “Mile Die Club” being the #559 death to experience in life. Are people really dying to join? The debate on legal matters is viral while more couples struggle through handcuffs for their attempt to join the fun. Although some couples might enjoy that sadistic attention, humiliation will come around later. Celebrities were always encouraged to join the flight to intimacy, including Janet Jackson in November of 2006.  Although celebrities will have their own private jets, commercial airlines might be too intimidating. You must reconsider the airline carrier policies, the laws of the country you are flying over, or the curious bystander a seat over from you.

According to British laws, section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004 states the following:

Sexual activity in a public lavatory

(1)A person commits an offence if—

(a)he is in a lavatory to which the public or a section of the public has or is permitted to have access, whether on payment or otherwise,

(b)he intentionally engages in an activity, and,

(c)the activity is sexual.

(2)For the purposes of this section, an activity is sexual if a reasonable person would, in all the circumstances but regardless of any person’s purpose, consider it to be sexual.

(3)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or both.]

This might be intimidating for BritishAirways passengers, being caught is very uncommon compared to the success of getting away with it.  The spontaneous couple must avoid interfering with the flight crew and its passengers. A common method for timing it right is to decide whether there is a crowded flight, everyone is mostly asleep, or far away as possible. An international flight is extremely flexible with a higher chance to succeed. As soon as the lights are off, let the hands wander further!

Note to Followers: 

I have to continue the day helping my sister out with studying for her French midterm for tomorrow. She is extremely nervous! I remember those days in high school. There will be a Part II to this discussion tomorrow. In the mean-time, answer some of the following questions and your name (along with a Pingback) will be part of the next post. Instant promotion just to engage some talk! Hence, this is a discussion. 

Questions for Part II of Discussion 

  1. How do you feel about public displays of affection (PDA)? How far is too far?
  2. How do you feel about exhibitionism? Would you consider it during the day, at night or never at all? Do you have any experiences with skinny dipping, streaking, or physical intimacy outside in public?
  3. Would you consider joining the Mile High Club? Would you consider it with a complete stranger or someone you knew?
  4. Would you consider trying foreplay in your seats before you went to the nearest lavatory on the plane?
  5. Are you afraid of flying on planes that you would never even imagine doing any of this?
  6. If you are a Mile High Club member, have you ever shared your story? Would you do it again?
  7. If you could choose between having physical intimacy in a car, bus, train, boat or a plane, which form of public transportation would you choose? Why?
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The Erotic Flight Over the Law; The Mile High Club Discussion Part I

7 thoughts on “The Erotic Flight Over the Law; The Mile High Club Discussion Part I

  1. I was a flight attendant from 1997-2001 prior to law school. We saw a great deal of PDA on the plane but I never caught anyone trying to go too far. There were stories, perhaps legends of course. One involved the back of an MD-88 where flight attendants caught a couple trying to join the club. They were arrested upon landing where ever they were going.
    I did often catch passengers, always men, watching porn on their laptop computers and a couple of times had to ask them to turn it off because it was clearly upsetting the neighboring passengers.
    My guess after flying for five years is that most people are behaved. It’s too risky, too nasty and too crowded to attempt. If you only knew what germs lurked in those bathrooms and on those seats….

    1. Hey Seth, how are you? Wow, a flight attendant! That’s perfect! Now this is some legitimate insight! Ah, yes, the stories. Yeah, although some men forget about the headphones, they never hide the screen that well either. I noticed the well behaved passengers after my experiences from flying to Florida and across Europe. Maybe it depends on the flight times or the demographics of the passengers? More kids, less intimacy? Less kids, more intimacy? Have you ever visited that story page on the official Mile High Club? They go back to Fall 1996! You’re right though, I never attempted to use a airline bathroom just for the convenience of using it. I usually waited until we landed. That’s all I need … more baggage to take home with me! It was a pleasure hearing from you again. I am looking forward to sharing your insight for the next post. Thank you so much for taking your time to write something engaging! Take care. 😉

  2. andaislu says:

    While it may sound exciting and I was hoping to become a flight attendant before I got sucked into the hotel industry, I could not do this! Lol, call me old fashion but I prefer hotel rooms for something intimate or if I can’t contain it be in the backseat of my own car…and only reason why I say no way. On the overnight flight home from Seoul to Sydney, an Aussie couple got caught by the flight attendants and we used Asiana! All the attendants were Korean, it made my night despite lack of sleep.

    1. Oh, wow! What an interesting story! You wanted to become a flight attendant because you love to travel. That’s always the main reason why you would try to pursue those dreams. The hotel industry must have influenced you with your love life. 😉 Why wouldn’t you prefer them? haha If you love your job, you’ll love sleeping on the job. I am glad you can take it to the back seat! I read about that earlier. In New Mexico, sex in a parked vehicle during lunch hour required the couples’ curtains drawn. In New Jersey, if a couple blew their horns accidentally, they could get arrested. You cannot do this in Detroit unless the car is parked on the their own property. Wow, that must have been an embarrassing moment for them being singled out among the Asians! “G’day mate!” Well, at least you had a nice flight with free entertainment. Thanks for sharing your story! It was a pleasure to hear from you.

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