Allons-y, mon chou!; Encouraging Terms of Endearment After Valentine’s Day

happy valentine's day
happy valentine’s day (Photo credit: mugley)

Salut, ça va? J’ai beaucoup des mots doux d’amour aujourd’hui! Hey, how are you? I have a lot of sweet words of love today! In the last two months, I prepared everyone for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.).  Are you excited? Whether you are trying to find love online or you have that prospective lover already engaging in no strings attached snuggling, you might have to encourage more to your man than just keeping up with his qualifications.

Guys, my blog suggests romantic tips that will ignite a house fire from candlelit seduction or the freshly sparked ideas that will leave your lover begging like a feline in heat. I am not advocating that you should follow everything just for one night, but balance everything out for post Valentine’s Day. Your beautiful lover deserves more than just a holiday obligation for public displays of affection.  Never save up all your paychecks just to take her out for one night out of the entire year! Seriously, time to wake up and smell the roses before you buy them. Guys, this blog post will help you rekindle your relationship butterflies. Just promise me one thing. You hereby agree to the terms and conditions of relationship success. These terms include, but are not limited to, effective communication with your partner.  I cannot emphasize enough on communication. If verbal communication curtails your fullest relationship potential, body language is also misunderstood as well. If you cannot understand your lover’s body, please refer to my sensualist perspective approach before moving forward this year. When you are ready to take the test, study the erotic study guide. Ven aquí, Pablo Piccasso! Her beautiful canvas is ready for inspiration! No, just kidding. First, let’s focus on communication before and after Valentine’s Day. Then, go ahead. 

Sweethearts Box
Sweethearts Box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not Desperate, Just Be Mine!

On Valentine’s Day, talk is extremely cheap, corny, and sometimes very sweet! However, be extra cautious to sink your taste buds into something your valentine has yet to say! A relationship, regardless of its status, requires communication. The lack of communication raises red flags before someone’s heart is severely wounded. If your man cannot express terms of endearment, maybe giving him a box of Sweethearts was the worst inspirational idea you ever had. Guys, these candies are not meant for pick-up lines for one-night stands. They should encourage you to think outside the box (pun intended)! 

Guys, if you need some help on explorative writing, please feel free to check out my page before you open up on sugar-coated terms of endearment. Make your lover a priority, not an option, especially once a year!

Be Original 

A woman craves originality over physical intimacy.  Physical intimacy is extremely exciting, especially with strangers, but there are some consequences with marriage. You will end up married for 50 years with someone you passionately love, but you might not function the way you do when you were in college. If you have originality before Alzheimer’s disease takes over, you can still play your Shakespearean role in her life without rekindling your intimate newlywed adventures. Romeo, Juliet wants the poison from thy lips! If you can still spit up a few honest romantic lines, there will be a much happier ending with your love story. If you can do that while you rev up your rusty sex life, you may just have another chance between the hips as well.

Poetically Captivating 

It is perfectly acceptable if you cannot write anything like Shakespeare. I am not asking you to become the next Robert Frost either. The road you should take (pun intended) is from your heart. Practice does make a lot of progress if you show your sensitive side and begin writing how you feel every day. If you can recall back from earlier in this post, I recommend clicking on the word, “qualifications,” to review the emotionally sensitive section of that post. It is perfectly acceptable if you are sensitive about the way she feels about you or how you feel about her. She wants a well-rounded man, and being sensitive does not make you weak. It is simply the reason why you are her man. Start another WordPress blog for poetry! I have one! If someone provides you with constructive criticism or encouraging words, take them to move forward. Everyone expresses their own feelings through writing, music, and art. If you like music, you enjoy reading words that touch your innermost feelings about everything around you.  Just try it. Deliver the autumn breeze softly across her neck, and the sensual touch of a passionate embrace from a summer ray upon her flesh. You’ll understand. Trust me.

A Major Award [1091]
A Major Award [1091] (Photo credit: brianjmatis)
It’s Fragile! Must Be Italian!

A Christmas Story does not have a Valentine’s Day Story edition. So, please, never make it one! A personal recommendation for anyone trying to rekindle relationships is to learn multiple romance languages. Seriously, you will learn how to use patience and passion within everything you say. Go to the nearest book store, or Google foreign terms of endearment, or watch YouTube videos. Your possibilities are endless. There are no excuses to learn! Allons-y, mon chou! Guys, always remember to practice what you preach (pun intended)! Confidence sounds sexy! When you are confident in speaking another language, your lover will notice your determination. If you are successful, you may just have a romantic night outside of Paris! You might have a busy schedule, but learn how to organize time for a phrase a day while you do your daily routine. In the shower, start singing a phrase. It helps when the phrase is almost relevant to what you are doing. In Spanish, try saying, “Cuando yo tomo una ducha, yo pienso de mi corazon dulce.” It will eventually come to you. Trust me. You got this!

Pets Are Not Included 

You can have pet names without owning a pet! It is extremely healthy for couples to follow the pet naming trend for naming each other something cute for a change. No, I am terribly sorry, but “asshole” is not acceptable. However, there are plenty of pet names trending in different cultures for dating and relationships. Babe, what are your favorite pet names?

In the article, “Pet Names” Are Important for a Strong RelationshipJohn Tesh mentions how coded language can also help secure a healthier relationship. When your partner says, “Hey dear, I’m burning up inside,” never assume they want a fan! If they do, you might have to assume they want that autumn breeze I mentioned about earlier. Do you have a coded language or sugarcoated language with your partner to discuss things around your friends or family? Although I find this very effective, I barely find anyone else to join the fun. One last thought about pet names – try using their names as well! If their name is Laura, call her Alaurable! If her name is Kerry, grab a cup from your little Kerrig to start calling her Kerrbear.

Ladies, the next time your stud muffin wants to go back inside your oven, make him spill his heart out. Give him an incentive to make him crumb back for more!


  1. Do you have any plans lined up for Valentine’s Day? Are they better than last year?
  2. How do you spend a Valentine’s Day with (a) someone you love? (b) a crush? (c) family?
  3. Do you prefer unconditional love over materialistic love? Are you the type to pop the balloons, and embrace on the chocolate kisses? Was it embarrassing to carry around stuffed animals in school?
  4. Do you have a favorite pet name you love giving or receiving?
  5. Do your friends or family give you pet names?
  6. Did you know while I was writing this blog post, I just reached 9,000 hit views? That’s less than 3 months!
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Allons-y, mon chou!; Encouraging Terms of Endearment After Valentine’s Day

15 thoughts on “Allons-y, mon chou!; Encouraging Terms of Endearment After Valentine’s Day

  1. First of all i thought there was something odd about your picture.Until I looked closer and find it moving– NICE!:D Very…”charming”indeed…:D

    Second, I enjoyed reading your post once again. Ooh how early for Valentines, yes? I already started making hearts for the past exes to put on my year-round tree- sort of a reminder.

    And reply to your questions:
    2.Someone: go karaoke, Crush: go karaoke, Family: eat 😀
    3. Unconditional love (though mine is unconditional the other party isn’t, hahaha). I have chocolate body spread- in case of emergency;), and roses are cheaper to buy in school.
    4.I was once called “Hen” and I think that pretty neat- I called him “Cow”
    5.It’s common for my parents to give pet names. I am called “Sitaw” at home which in English means: String beans.
    6. VERY GOOD, YOU!!:D

    I enjoyed answering your questions.:D

    Have a nice day!

    1. Haha! Do you like the new layout? I seriously needed a change. It was annoying, and probably annoyed all my followers that all the content was shifted to the bottom of the page. Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! I noticed Blissful Blog sucks with sidebars. So, I found this one. I am very pleased.

      haha Well, it’s a pleasure to have you interested, intrigued, and ready for more! Just wait until the ACTUAL day for Valentine’s Day! I might just do something special. I mean .. it would be relevant for my page.

      Wow, that’s cute! I told my parents we should have a tree like that …they tried it out, and never enjoyed it afterwards. I love how you love singing with your friends but you can’t sing with your family? I hope you eat somewhere nice!

      Wow, chocolate body … ohh, come here you! It’s time to make a mess! This reminds me of A Lover’s Christmas List!

      Oh, isn’t Hen and Cow a show reference? haha It sounds awfully familiar. Oh, that’s adorable! I’m glad you enjoyed my questions! It was a pleasure to write more tonight by responding back. haha THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Take care. 😀

      1. My parents already know my ability to sing so they prefer to just make us eat.:)

        Come to think of it… It was a show! Cow and Chicken–:D But the originality of the pet name came from my asking, “How now brown cow?”

        Your blog has a very nice layout and really ready for Valentines.:) I will really look forward to Feb 14 to see what you’ve come up…Excitiiing!!:D

      2. Oh, that’s cute. Yeah, it’s always better to fill you up with food. Ha! I totally knew it! That was exactly what show I was thinking about! The only cow and hen reference in my entire life would be that show. Oh, I get it. Very nice. So, it wasn’t really an original cow reference. That’s good! haha Yeah, I am sooo pumped! It feels like forever! 😀

  2. Bonjour, mon prince, j’ai manqué vos mots aluring d’amour et de dévotion. L’école m’a tenu occupé cette semaine, mais je serai de retour très bientôt tomber en amour avec vos mots à nouveau.

    Oh, yes… I like to pop the balloons. Just to see who can win the most pops cause the winner gets to choose the rules of the next game. (Rules are fun only when your creative in breaking them.)

    1. Bonjour, ma puce. Je suis desole! Je pense que c’est le temps que nous sont ensemble ce soir. Tu me donnes envie de faire l’amour et en suite, dormir avec toi. Ah merde,c’est toujours les etudes et l’école! Te donnes les temps libres! A Bientôt, ma cherie! Mes mots sont pour juste maintenant, mais mes levres et ton levres .. sont toujours ensemble. Mdr! C’est comme, “50 Nuances de Gris, mais en FRANCAIS!!” Haha, I loved those carnival games! I was a pro at popping balloons. Good advice. Tonight was a fun French exercise. I hope it relaxed you. You really deserve some free time away from your studies. I would know, but now I’m actually deprived from Academia. haha

      1. Uh huh!! Je crois que je vais fondre droite environ maintenant. Vos mots me donnent envie de jeter mes livres par la fenêtre, mais craignent qu’ils seraient effectivement tuer quelqu’un ci-dessous en raison de la taille et de la densité. Dommage que tu n’a pas répondu à mes e-mails, 50 Shades of Gray?!? lol
        I will post a few of my projects soon. Then you can see what I’ve been upto. Whoo Hoo!! Monday is a holiday. 😊

  3. I don’t usually answer these questions in the comments, it’s usually just in my head, but as this year is special, I thought I might share.

    1) This year isn’t fully planned but it’s the first time I will be with someone for the day, and this person is more important to me than anything, so it will be an amazing day regardless of what we do.

    2) a)… I’m not entirely sure, I’m guessing dinner, something intimate where we can talk and be slightly alone
    b) Cinema or dinner.
    c) I would stay at home with my brothers and mind them so my Mom and step Dad can go out together.

    3) Unconditional all the way. I love a guy who can just be there for me more than anything else, and who needs me too. Though, I must admit, when ever I did get stuffed animals or roses it made me blush hugely. Most I hid in my bag, but if it was from someone I really like I would carry them in my arms proud to have them.

    4) My boyfriend calls me Teacup. I adore the name! And I have a few for him too, but I don’t think he’d appreciate me putting them up!

    5) At home I’m simply Charlotte, Cha or Lottie. My Granda calls me Chuck Duck, and my God Mother calls me Scar. Other than that though there aren’t really any others.

    6) Wow, that’s amazing! Well done!! I hope your Blog continues to grow as amazingly as that!

    1. Hey Charlotte, how are you? I feel honored to have a very lengthy response from you, especially after writing almost 80,000 words for your upcoming book publication! Congratulations! Ah, yes, valuing quality time together regardless of the circumstances! I am extremely excited for you! Believe it or not, the last relationship that progressed through Valentine’s Day was over ten years ago. Yeah, a whole decade! I am not miserable about it because I still received letters or cards in the mail from my pen pals from previous years ago. In the digital era, a Facebook wall post is fine.

      I hope you both enjoy whatever your spontaneous young minds wander off to do. Surprises are always welcomed, especially if they are intimate surprises. Well, considering it is your first time in a while with someone, I understand why you aren’t entirely sure what would be planned. It’s always a pleasure to see someone encourage their parents to go out and have fun together. You are a very sweet person for doing that. Your parents raised a beautiful respectable young woman. I give them lots of kudos for that! Ah, you are a sucker for physical intimacy, but ….but it doesn’t hurt to have something you can take with you to bed every night (e.g. teddy bear).

      Suggestion: Try to encourage him to hug the stuffed animal before he leaves the day you see him next. If that’s too awkward for him, or childish, make sure to snuggle next to him with it by his side. I have a feeling that you would love to have anything with his lingering scent through the night. You’re a sensualist, and I like that about you. You enjoy the simplistic nature of a relationship. I feel the same way. If the quality time and effective communication isn’t there, the couple will face the wrong intentions with sugarcoated mixed feelings.

      Aw, that’s extremely adorable! Haha, that’s fine! I don’t mind. It’s a pleasure to hear your thoughts about pet names. I’m glad you encourage them. If we hung out as really good friends, you’d probably have Charmazing as your pet name. Yeah, I give my best friends pet names too. It helps with the contact list on my phone. Well, it is a pleasure to chat with you. I enjoyed it so much that there was a char-lotte to say! Without my followers, I would be a hopeless romantic blogger connecting dust particles together. I am glad you enjoyed my post. Until next time, take care dear.

      1. Good morning, love. How are you? It’s a pleasure to see you around again! I hope everything is going smoothly avec le mec. Haha, French rhyming is soo much fun. Keep smiling! You may just inspire someone else to do the same. 😉

      2. I actually have no French at all! Would love to be able to speak it but have never gotten the chance! I’m good, quite bored as I’m stuck at home sick for the week. How are you?? My boyfriend says the same thing about smiling 🙂

      3. Oh, wow. Well, “mec” is slang (l’argot) for “guy”, and comes from the word, “garcon,” which is boy. I hope you feel better ASAP! I am just relaxing, wondering if I have to work today with my cousin and his small business. He’s a Coppersmith Tinsmith. We made 200 handcrafted tin switch plates the other day. You definitely found a keeper! It’s always a pleasure to see my perspective come out from another outlet in society. We need more people to spread the inspiration. 😀

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