Seductive Sexting; Making Your Man Beg for More

This article will explain how to engage in seductive sexting without overexposure, including suggestions on how to make your lover beg for more. Give your lover something to think about before revealing the complete exposure. The relationship will improve through effective communication with incentive driven goals. Whether you want to rekindle phone sex or improve your sexting experiences, this article will focus on sexting seductively.

Phone Sex Laws

Sexting is exchanging explicit messages or pictures through a cellular device. The laws prohibiting teens and adults exposing themselves to minors are not enforced enough. Parents should enforce the social and legal consequences of sexting. They should tell their children why possessing child pornography, including their own pictures, is not right. In most states, teens might be charged for their amateur collection. If the police are not aware, someone else received the message. If a boyfriend or girlfriend receives this explicit message, they will also be at risk for possession of child pornography. Although the recipient might also be a minor, the sender will be a victim of a digital consequence that goes viral. The recipient, or your lover, faces the temptations of becoming a catalyst for a viral pyramid exchange. Guy A sends it to guy B whom eventually sends it to everyone else until X, Y and Z receive it.

Although this is an extremely controversial topic, I encourage participation with your own opinions for discussion in the comment section below.

Texting on a qwerty keypad phone

Seductive Planning 

A new intimate picture is like a form of currency in a relationship, especially a long distant relationship. Your relationship will ignite into a whole new level of intimacy and maturity. If you have never exposed yourself to them yet, make it really special for each other. Make them come back for more because they want to. Don’t ever make them come back for more just to see everything before they leave.

Seductive planning is important because creating new incentives in the relationship will spark interest for each other. If you schedule a timeline for sexting, you will balance out the relationship for security and intimacy. If you were recently official, follow a monthly subscription. On the first month anniversary, send them a picture of you wearing a cute shirt and jeans, but revealing enough cleavage. A picture you should not have up on Facebook! If you lack the cleavage, simply wear something low-cut but not too revealing. On your second month anniversary, send them a picture of you lifting your shirt up to show them your stomach. Make sure to wear pants for this too! On the third month, take the shirt off but leave your bra and pants on. This encourages them to stay longer, chat with you, and find out what the next month will give them. This incentive program will effectively balance out a reward system of commitment. They will not only talk to you more, but they will stay for good reasons. If a guy is desperate, he will not wait that long to see the full exposure. When the fourth month comes, take off your pants but leave your shirt on. Then, have some fun with the rest of the year! You want him intrigued by everything you send him, but never become a victim of overexposure. There is no mystery in that at all. By the end of the year, two last pictures will be the big New Year’s special. When you are comfortable to send him a picture of the lovely ladies, take a picture of a part of them. Never send the full picture. Send a nipple or a side picture. Let him think all the way through this process. He will want you even more! When you send him something from below the waistline, push him off the edge with a picture of your mons pubis. It works like a charm! That is equivalent to him sending you a picture of the coronal ridge. Not quite the full picture, but you will want the rest as well!


Holidays are an instant excuse to send your lover a picture. On Valentine’s Day, send them a picture of the lingerie they bought you. It will not only show sentimental value for the gift, but it shows how amazing you look with it on. I have Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas boxers for a reason. You should buy your lover a pair too! This will spice up the relationship by being spontaneous and passionately involved.

Let’s Get Textual

If you need help with the textual part of sexting, I recommend something from my poetic archives. A great suggestion would be, “An Erotic Masterpiece; A Painting of One Thousand Words.”

Sexting Fail

Failed Intentions 

Please refrain from failed attempts at sexting! Never face these circumstances!  Ouch! How embarrassing! Oh, another failure is below this paragraph! Check out the, “Grannies and grandads get into sexting,” article!

“ analysed the behaviour of 1783 of its members and found 31 per cent of those aged 50 or over admitted sexting.”


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Seductive Sexting; Making Your Man Beg for More

12 thoughts on “Seductive Sexting; Making Your Man Beg for More

  1. “All the single ladies, All the single ladies… Put your hands up….”
    You make quite a stir in our hormone soup My Suductive Prince.
    I have never sent a picture exposing any part of forbidden flesh, cleavage does not count btw… just goes with the territory, but IF I did I like the soft and subtle way you’ve discribed. I believe that when you take the time to learn about someone both intimately and intellectually they will become your closest friend and lover. Funny how ppl lean to one side or the other, I see it happen all to often.

    1. Mmmm.. a den full of lionesses purr through the night. One lioness has her eyes set for a bite. Come here, my feline delight. Come, come, before there’s a kitty fight. Well, I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award. I will jump around topics and connect with my beautiful followers. As long as I’m connecting the hopeless romantic community together, I got this all tamed. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about this. I am glad you reconsidered my ideas, and understood the intent behind them. You really do take your time to learn and understand about someone much closer than before. There is now an intimate emotional and physical connection for the couple who wishes to engage in these strategies. Take care, love.

  2. Megan says:

    Oh my! Great picture cutie! 🙂 I love this post about sexting. I have never done this before, but of course I’ve heard about it. Not sure I have the courage to do it. I think after dating for five years that my boyfriend and I would just do it to be funny rather than sexy 😉 You’re definitely encouraging thought!

    your thunder buddy,

    1. I figured you would like it! Thanks for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed it. It was actually a last minute whim again. I am not sure how I did it, but I did. That is definitely a long time! I am glad you reconsidered my ideas. Try them out with your boyfriend. 😉 Take care, dear. It was a pleasure to hear from you, as always.

  3. andaislu says:

    Sexting and naughty pics? Guilty as hell on doing that a lot with my man, especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. Keep things spicy for each other…his reaction is priceless every time 😀

    1. Does absence really grow the heart fonder? haha I am glad there is always a constant attraction for each other. Do you feel as if long distant relationships would be harder to enjoy without the visual stimulation? Although you are already exposed to it, it might be harder to answer that question. It’s like asking someone if they can live without x, when really they’ve been exposed to x all their life. Out of sight out of mind, right? Maybe if you never sent any pictures, you would understand a different perspective on keeping things spicy. What a lucky man … 😉

  4. I love, love, love how innocent this post is.

    I find it difficult to refrain from sending nude pictures for several reasons:
    1) It’s exciting
    2) I am proud of my body
    3) It’s a great alternative to actually doing anything physical

    I’m going to try to put your timeline into effect though and see how it goes 🙂

    1. I love your feedback! Mmm the exchange of visual imagery to stimulate, captivate, and manipulate another mind and/or body. The power of attraction can be extremely exciting, yet prolonging it is even more intriguing. When you go fishing, slowly reel the fish in without hooking it. Let’s see how much it wants the bait! Haha, thanks. Please keep me informed on your progress. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. I simply must tell you that you have written a fantastic and unique article that I actually enjoyed reading.
    I’m fascinated with how well you presented your material and shown your views.

    Thank you.

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