All Fried Chicken Talk; A Breasts and Butts Study for Men

Fried Chicken  @ Brunch Drunk Love
Fried Chicken @ Brunch Drunk Love (Photo credit: spektrograf)

A cold winter day calls for a barbecue with fried chicken breasts, legs, and buttocks! The interest for chicken might spark some similarities for men for the attraction towards women. A nice set of fried breasts and legs might sound cannibalistic, but every man has their own preference of joining the right club. A breast man, leg man, or butt man might all have their own opinions on women, but a recent study published online two years ago indicates that eye fixations will reveal the concealed identity of a man’s own personal preference towards women.

Argentinian men participated in a study to test if their attraction towards women relied upon breasts or buttocks. A series of three studies conducted by Bruno Dagnino, Joaquin Navajas and Mariano Sigman, authors of Eye Fixations Indicate Men’s Preference for Female Breasts or Buttocks, concluded very intriguing discoveries. According to the results, Argentinean men responded with a bimodal distribution with a preference towards buttocks. The men were voluntarily subjected to a series of questions about their personal preference on breasts, buttocks, or an equal attraction between the two.

Study 1 

A total of 184 self-reported heterosexual men participated in the first study with no previous experience in other studies focused on their own judgment for feminine attraction. The study primarily focused on the participant’s judgment towards breasts and buttocks as traits. The participants sat at a computer to use a program that would allow them to click on the leftmost point of a bar to verify their dependence on buttocks to make a woman attractive, or the rightmost point to determine their dependence for a women’s attraction from their breasts.  If a man felt as if a woman was equally attractive with both assets, a middle option was there to accommodate them.

Study 2

The collected sample size of 19 Argentinean male undergraduate and graduate students had a sample mean of 25.7 years old with a standard deviation of 4.2.  These men never participated in Study 1, but they were also self-reported heterosexual. This study was extremely intriguing for its experimental procedure. The male subjects were exposed to a total of 180 downloaded pornographic photographs from various adult websites on the Internet. As the studied revealed,

“Ninety images corresponded to the breasts of a standing woman seen from the front in underwear (breast images). The downloaded photographs were cropped to the minimal square window in which the breasts were visible. The nipples were not visible in any of the images used in this study. None of the pictures contained any portion of the face (the chin) or the belly button. Ninety images corresponded to a standing woman seen from behind in underwear (buttocks images). Images were cropped to the minimal square window in which the buttocks were fully visible, including the lower back and the upper portion of the legs” (Dagnino, Bruno, Joaquin Navajas, and Mariano Sigman).

These participants were asked to rate the images in separate blocks of trials, and the trials varied randomly across all participating men.  These men had flexibility in their decision with no pressure given to them to decide. The attractiveness of the images were rated on a scale from 0 to 10, and the answers were conducted by moving a mouse horizontally with vertical tick marks to confirm decision.

Study 3

A separate set of 25 self-reported heterosexual male participants around 25.6 years old, with a standard deviation of 2.9 years, never participated in any of the previous studies. These men were given the instructions to perform 40 trials that subjected them to view breast images and buttock images. The same images for Study 2 were also used for Study 3. The procedure was to ask the participants to indicate “whether they judged that a woman whose buttocks and breasts were those presented on the left was more or less attractive than a woman whose buttocks and breasts were those presented on the right” (Dagnino, Bruno, Joaquin Navajas, and Mariano Sigman). The decision for their preference required clicking the mouse in the way that would associate the location of the image. If the left (right) woman was more attractive, the left (right) button needed a click to confirm answer.

Personal note: 

If there is an interest to provide more information on the results, let me know. I found this study using Academic Search Premier. I can get access to it with my University of Connecticut login information. Yes, this is nothing you would find on the Internet for free. You are welcome. I’ve been busy today making 200 handcrafted tin switch plates for my cousin’s small business. So, this post was done in the last two hours. I am exhausted! So, if you find any grammatical errors, sorry!

Questions for the Guys: 

  1. Are you a breast man, leg man, or an ass man? 
  2. Would you feel comfortable to participate in any of these studies?

Questions for the Ladies: 

  1. Have you ever dated a breast man, leg man or an ass man? 
  2. What appeals more to men in your life? Which assets do you have?


Dagnino, Bruno, Joaquin Navajas, and Mariano Sigman. “Eye Fixations Indicate Men’s Preference For Female Breasts Or Buttocks.” Archives Of Sexual Behavior 41.4 (2012): 929-937. Academic Search Premier. Web. 24 Jan. 2013.

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All Fried Chicken Talk; A Breasts and Butts Study for Men

5 thoughts on “All Fried Chicken Talk; A Breasts and Butts Study for Men

  1. My husband is a total boob man. 😛 Though as I have gotten into shape and near my end goal weight, he has been taking more notice of my legs and butt… which feels pretty awesome. I know some women will be like “Ugh, gross, men are such animals. They should only care about my mind,” but the truth is… it feels awesome when I walk away and he is checking me out. :p

    1. Oh, caught him red handed! Yes, although weight loss can cut down on fat, it can also reduce your cup sizes to a reasonable size or nothing left at all. I know a friend who lost over 100 pounds in a year, but she’s left with nothing. She literally – shed everything off. As your legs and butt are more toned, this should give you an incentive to continue your progress. Yeah, some women prefer attraction while others have a hard time accepting it. Men and women are all mammals. We are predetermined to accept attraction, but we never learned how to approach it. Some men can look from afar, while others feel the need to voice their opinions. That’s when you start seeing disrespect only because the men aren’t giving the women personal space at the most appropriate times. If you are together with them, attraction is always a plus. As you mentioned, you feel great when he’s checking you out from behind. Would you rather have him check someone else out? Exactly. Congratulations on your progress! You’ll start making him crawl! 😉

  2. viciousveganvelicia says:

    I have dated the typical “ass-man”, and that was okay. I kind of felt that my 32DD boobs were going to waste. So, I prefer the ones who can’t decide which they prefer. My current boyfriend<3 is exactly like this. He absolutely treasures every part of my body and can't keep his hands off or boner down. We all know this is a great feeling to receive from our partner. And ladies, stop complaining about it. If your man loves you for just your brain, great. But more than likely, he is lovin' someone else' body. And WOMEN don't have to pick which one they can bring to table for their man. There is no rule against having body and brains, I promise it is possible.

    1. Well, the debate about boobs is extremely entertaining for me. I am an advocate for breast reductions when women should consider them. Most men are unaware of the back problems that heavier chested women must face. Size really does matter! If a woman’s body structure and frame is not capable of holding that much weight on top, she will have to worry about her health much later. Although if she can support it, flaunt it! I completely agree with you though. The men who have no personal preference are truly the best matches. When a man takes the whole package deal, you don’t have to worry about one thing going to waste. Why commit yourself to a fruit bowl when all you want are oranges and bananas? If everything about you, including your personality, is marketable for a healthy relationship, there is a lot more to love than what you actually have to offer for physical intimacy. You are absolutely right! If he fell for your intelligence, he has to have some other outlet for physical attraction. If there is physical attraction, he might be searching for an intellectual conversation. The more well-rounded you are, pun intended, the better you are as a lover. Thanks for contributing to the discussion!

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