Making Love Outside the Norm; Achieving Seductive Originality

A passionate desire for a lover’s chance to seduce the one they love with a sensual dance. The fingers wander like snakes with lust through the embrace of love and trust. Everyone desires the role of being the greatest lover in bed with no sense of direction or idea how to go ahead. Romantic ambitions lost without a compass or map, but an article to entice them to open up and unwrap.

After noticing the trending views for the sensualist perspective article, I am looking forward to providing some strategies on making Valentine’s Day extend for more than an entire 24 hours. This article will encourage your passionate minds to open up to originality and creativity. There is no age or experience requirement, however I do expect maturity and respect for everything you do to your partner. The main ingredients for these tactics are pure dedication and commitment. Push aside your insecurities, and discover each other in the most intimate way possible. My seductive strategies are effective because I care about what I do to the one experiencing my techniques. I do not recommend using my techniques with just anyone, but if you insist – make your one night-stand distinct from the rest. Give them quality over quantity performance. Make them come back for more. 

Sensual Suspense 

Guys, size does not matter at all with foreplay. All you need is confidence, passion, and patience. If you are unaware of how to use your hands and mouth effectively, please refer to my sensualist article. Ladies, give him a study guide after his lesson. Then, put him to the test. Most couples ignore or simply forget how to achieve the simplistic art of intimacy. Kissing is extremely important, but lips are not necessarily the only place to reserve a passionate kiss. This will be difficult to understand, but just ignore the sex for now. Imagine a cock block, or a chastity belt, preventing you from achieving sexual gratification. Find some other way around that to have fun.

Anatomy Class – 

English: A man handcuffed to a bed and blindfolded

Good morning, class!  First, I recommend an entire week of engaging in a hands-on anatomy class with your lover. Your first homework assignment will be due by the end of the week. No, seriously, learn more about your partner through a visual stimulation of who you are and what you have to offer. By the end of the week, you are able to identify (1) their erogenous zones,  (2) body language, and (3) an emotional and physical connection with the one you love. Sex is not just sex because there is an emotional and physical understanding that we rarely acknowledge. If you are willing to make love, you are willing to make some adjustments to how you approach your partner in bed.

Lab Instructions –

Use only your hands and your mouth in all the lab exercises you do in your intimate anatomy class. The only penetration allowed is using teeth, generally around the neck area. First, focus from the forehead down to the waistline. You are not ready for the next chapter (yet)! Do not exceed beyond their waistline. Confidence in trying something new is important, especially when it is simply showing off your passionate side for your partner. I have provided a list to entice your passionate side. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to move on to the next level of intimate gratification. Please follow the following lab report template below to make sure that you are doing an outstanding job with your seductive experimental approach.

Lab Report – 

Statement of the Problem

How does my lover react to physical intimacy without sexual penetration? Are there any clear observations of arousal or discomfort in the attempts of seduction and sensual foreplay? My lover is willing to experience something new with me to entice their passionate side to release the buildup of sexual frustration and deprivation of sexual arousal.


If sensual kisses and massages from the forehead to the waistline entice my lover to bite their bottom lip, then sexual arousal will happen.


  • Hands
  • Mouth


  1. Your lover can wear anything they want during this experiment. However, keep in mind that less is more. It is much easier to work around undergarments, instead of shirts and pants.
  2. Position your lover on the bed lying down on their back.
  3. Give one soft kiss upon your lover’s forehead with your eyes open. Mentally record facial expressions.
  4. Give one soft kiss upon one of your lover’s cheeks with your eyes open. Mentally record facial expressions.
  5. Give your lover slow, playful Eskimo kisses for at least 1 minute. Time is flexible. Stop when you are ready.
  6. Run your fingers through your lover’s hair while you teasingly brush your lips across theirs. Mentally record facial expressions and body language
  7. Transition further down to kiss their chin. Mentally record facial expressions.
  8. Continue caressing their hair. Close your eyes to signal a passionate embrace with your lips. No need to record anything.
  9. Transition further down to their neck. Give them a soft gentle blow on the side of their neck. Mentally record facial expressions and body language.
  10. Trace the side of their neck with the tip of your tongue. Do not use excessive amount of saliva. Keep it light and simple. Mentally record facial expressions and body language.
  11. I could write more steps, but I feel like you should take over. Be creative until you reach to the waistline… you got this. I believe in you.


Well, what happened? Did you provide enough sensual kisses and massages from the forehead to the waistline? Did you entice your lover to bite their bottom lip? How many times? When did you notice them doing it? Where were you kissing and massaging for them to bite their bottom lip? Are you sure it was sexual arousal? Did they allow their hands to wander below the waistline? Did they encourage you to go further when you softly kissed across their waistline?


In conclusion, sensual kisses and massages from the forehead to the waistline will entice my lover to bite their bottom lip, and sexual arousal will happen. The tip of my tongue and my hands has successfully aroused my partner the most when I was caressing their breasts as their nipples erected inside my mouth. They bit their bottom lip the most when this happened. A possible error that may have hindered the overall performance while I was conducting this intimate experiment was when the phone rang. I may have to turn off the ringer next time we engage in a romantically sensual embrace.

Sensual Exploration

Congratulations! You successfully achieved your first lab report! Now, try these experiments:

  • The Impact of Different Juices on Sensational Kissing
  • The Impact of Whipped Cream on Sensual Foreplay 
  • The Impact of Showering in the Dark on Rekindling Romance

The main point to take from these experiments is to explore your partner with innermost passionate feelings. Use sensual food products, like fruit juice for kissing and whipped cream for foreplay. If you are willing to step outside the norm for more explorative opportunities, try ice cream or body paint. Just use your imagination and spice up your love life. As long as you are happy together and spending quality time together, endless possibilities of fun are open for inspirational consideration.

Sexual Surprise

Wow, talk about a heated discussion! Time to make love! Now, seduction is easy for any sensual intentions. The main problem is that seduction for sexual intentions can hinder any performance if there is no passion involved. Guys, she wants you to penetrate deep inside her just as much as you do. Never give her everything she wants right away! Never satisfy her completely until she begs for it. My seductive sexual strategies might leave her begging for more. She might even take control! Confidence is sexy, patience is running out, and dominance is ready to fight for sexual gratification. I encourage you all to try these sexual surprises.

Quading on Pink Terrain

Four wheeling, or commonly referred as quading, is extremely fun in open terrain. Try taking that same concept of digging into the dirt without a lot of penetration involved. Guys, when you quad on pink terrain, try to dig into her lips without penetrating deep inside. Use the head and the shaft as a shovel gliding against her wet pink lips. Experiment with this approach and see how long it takes for her to snap for more.

Shaft Spanking Paddle

BDSM is not for everyone, but spanking is always pleasurable when you do it right. Everyone’s level of tolerance for pain varies, but spanking your lover’s clit with your shaft is effective if you use the right amount of force and pace. Try doing it conservatively – before you penetrate inside and during your sexual exploration. Watch their body language and see if they enjoy a certain way of you doing it.

Chinese-pigs-in-blanket (Photo credit: Andrea_Nguyen)

Pigs in a Blanket

It is time to feed your lover’s intimate part of her body with the pigs in a blanket approach. Guys, after you make your lover extremely wet, spoon with them with something extra. Slowly glide your shaft inside and then leave it there. Give them passionate kisses while you caress their body. Just connect with your partner in an emotional and physical way. Guys, forget about thrusting for a bit. Ladies, tease him by flexing your muscles and constricting his shaft. See how long you can go without deeper penetration.

Free Samples 

Someone is hungry for more! Just imagine unwrapping a layered present in wrapping paper, plastic bags, and newspaper. You want more after the first attempt and you continue unwrapping until you reach the end. Guys, size does not matter with this at all. Never feel intimidated. Give her one inch at a time. Glide an inch inside, take it out. Glide two inches inside, take it out. Glide three inches inside, take it out. Try the shaft spanking paddle while you experiment with this.

Please Note:

I understand that all relationships are different, and I do not encourage something that makes you or your partner uncomfortable. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below. If you have any success stories or failed attempts from physical intimacy, tell me all about them. Please understand that this article is to encourage quality time with your partner while understanding their sexuality through physical intimacy. I encourage you all to take what you already know about your partner and use that knowledge to your advantage. The more you know about them, the better it is for both of you to achieve sensual and sexual gratification.

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Making Love Outside the Norm; Achieving Seductive Originality

35 thoughts on “Making Love Outside the Norm; Achieving Seductive Originality

  1. 30 years living on this earth and I still wonder why some people have no sense of direction when it comes to being a good lover. C’est la vie..

    1. Ah, t’as raison! I still wonder why some people are finally finding out what satisfies their partner in bed after several years of being together. Does it take that much energy to find out, or is there no sensual drive to make up for the lack of a sexual drive? Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s a pleasure to hear from you.

      1. You know what I think it is? When people meet, they both try to “impress” the other, but because everything is still cloud no 9, none of them complain. The girl is faking the orgasms away, the guy is proud that he is doing things right. The girl puts a bit of effort in, but not killing herself – why bother, he’ll come in the end anyway.. And it stays that way. 5 years down the line and this boring routine becomes a chore and a pleasurable sex! Alas, glad i understood the threat that awaits and didnt make that mistake 🙂

      2. Yes! People are caught up in the moment of meeting someone new. All a big show of new impressions and new sense of identity and presentation. Haha, congratulations in finding the catalyst of sugarcoated sexual encounters! This reminds me of 40 Days and 40 Nights. I believe in the beginning of the movie the guy actually faked the orgasm. Hey, when you have experience with it, anyone can do it. I love how a woman reacts to my fake moan over the phone during phone sex. They ask, “Wait, that wasn’t real?” I laugh at them, and say, “No, would you like to hear the real deal?” I am usually using one of my Fleshlights. My orgasms are intense with those things after twenty minutes. I was hesitating to post something about using them. It may just be a big hit. haha

      3. LOL! Honestly, the Destroya WILL definitely be my next purchase! My first purchase was a menage a trois bundle where you buy two and get one free. Then, I also threw in the Stamina Training Unit (STU). So, I have the Wonder Wave mouth orifice, Super Ribbed anal orifice, and the Vortex vaginal orifice. If anything, I’ll use one to build up the climax. Then, the Vortex will intensify it even more. I love using them in the shower. I remember two years ago when I was soo amazed with the sensational feeling. I could never last more than 5 minutes. Now, they’re sooo much better than my hands, especially for twenty minutes! hahaha

  2. Diyana W. says:

    Have always been up-to-date with your blog posts. They are awesome. I love reading them. Keep them coming! 🙂

    1. Aw, thanks sweetheart! It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Do you think January was a bit much considering I posted for almost every day for an entire month? Anyways, I’m glad I could get your heart to race and your mind to wander! Take care, love. 😉

      1. Diyana W. says:

        Haha. Yeah, including the X-rated ones. 😉 There is no such thing as “too hot” for me. Bet I can handle anything.

      2. Diyana W. says:

        Oh, I do.. 😉 -deep sigh- Why are you so far away? We’re 3 oceans apart (I think). Darn..

  3. More ideas to do things, oh I loved this article a lot more than merely saying to myself “Oh just read it to see” Damn…now I wish to participate in the experiment

    1. Oh, hey you! Wow, reading something like this must suck in a long distance relationship! Well, at least you have something to suggest to your boyfriend! I’m sure he’d love to try them out! It is always a pleasure to warm up more than just your enthusiasm. 😉

    1. Wow! This is such an amazing feeling inside. You are the second sex therapist to ever acknowledge my work in the last two months of being here! Thank you so much! The other sex therapist reblogged my, “An Erotic Masterpiece; A Painting of One Thousand Words,” which is also linked in this article somewhere. If you’d like, please check it out. Anyways, it is a pleasure (literally) to receive your feedback! Take care, love.

  4. Just started having really frank conversations with someone I trust about sex and sexual partners and I’m amazed to hear how many people really don’t get this both men and women. For some reason it comes to me very naturally and I would hate to live without connecting the mind/body/soul all together. Believe I did for 23 years…it’s much better with someone willing to make it a tactile journey. 😉

    1. Yes, I completely agree with you! As mammals, we crave physical intimacy in any form – intellectually, physically, or emotionally. If all three connections are there, we feel even more complete than ever before. I love how talking about sex and intimacy is still taboo for most people, yet every culture has its own exposure to this erotic world of sexuality. I am an advocate for phone sex, and I do it to help my “friends” out by sleeping much better than they usually do. There are so many beneficial factors in expressing our sexuality and sensual desires. There are so many benefits for intimacy and sex. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this. It’s a pleasure to see new faces. 😉

  5. Incredible and informative. Where were your tips & the internet all my life?

    Just briefly want to say I am stunned by your level of mature & wholesome passion. I have never used the term old soul in context to sensuality but I stand corrected today. You are in fact that old soul.

    Very different and yet respectfully done blog about sex. I am impressed.I do not even recall how I found you now. Totally distracted ~ BB .

    1. Thank you for the two “eyes”! Haha, I love using “intriguing” as well! Hm, well, I only started blogging on WordPress less than three months ago. So, you are definitely diving into the peak of it now. Ah, a passionate old soul. You caught me! Where was the draft coming from that blew you into the right direction? Yes, you are absolutely right! My high school freshman English teacher caught on to my way with words. That was way before I even had a girlfriend. When I was younger, like three years old, I would flirt with the ladies. I planted a kiss on a little girl’s cheek and that started the arranged marriage joke between my mom and her father. I never researched about sexuality or sensuality. It came natural. It is truly an amazing gift. I cannot explain to you how my mind interacts with words and the society around me. It is a powerful inspirational force with a euphoric sensation. Anyways, thank you so much for taking your time out to admire my work. Just continue smiling for me. Shine in the darkest part of the world to let me know that you’re still there. Take care, love.

  6. Lakeshia Artis says:

    What I get the most from reading your writing is that you firmly believe in the art of seduction and that it takes two willing partners to make that work. I’m sure everyone enjoys a quickie every now and then but there are those who would really like for our partner to take their time. I’m a big promoter of communication. You have to talk about your needs and wants. Its not easy to do for most people. My sexual experiences aren’t huge but I’ve yet to find someone I want to open up that much for. Its so easy to do the phone sex thing but having a partner with me makes it hard to just be free and open up. I’m sure I’m not the only one person who has these issues. I do enjoy reading your work. For someone young, you show a lot of maturity on the subject. I definitely got flushed after reading this. Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you for that extensive interpretation. Your encouraging words are greatly appreciated. Yes, two individuals are in the same boat together. If the boat sinks or capsizes, they must work it out between each other. Quickies are a great way to express each other’s passionate desires for each other during their busy schedules. If you have no other time, then do it. This is a healthy, effective strategy because it is much better than ignoring them completely and feeling that lack of intimacy. I love to emphasize on quality over quantity romance. I would rather have an intimate moment with someone at least once a week, or every two weeks instead of leaving them out in the dark waiting for the next month. Then, at least make that one time special. Make it worth the wait. Learn from your experiences from the last time to make the next time even more rewarding. Thank you for taking your time out to read my work. You are such a sweetheart for noticing these qualities. You’re welcome. Take care, love.

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