Driving Around Intimate Roadblocks; Addressing Concern for Making Moves

Jenna Marbles Sexually Frustrated

A hopeless romantic’s lust builds up sexual frustration into a conflicting matter with physical intimacy. A person feeling deprivation from love and the emotional connection with someone also conflicts with the desire of physical intimacy. The simplistic hug leads into wandering hands, while a forehead kiss turns into French kiss frenzy. A rewarding opportunity of no strings attached snuggling can happen unexpectedly. The desire for more than a sensual embrace stirs up a controversial discussion for couples being serious towards a prospective commitment. If there is a mutual attraction for each other, the couple is safe to push aside their Shakespearean romance for a special time.

Barely Moving Forward 

Past experiences of failed attempts in intimacy can hinder the enthusiasm for another chance at a spontaneous opportunity. Many young men and women face intimacy issues for various reasons. A young woman decides to exchange numbers with me after a brief acknowledgement of mutual attraction. The intellectual conversations over the phone entice the next step to happen rather quickly. She arrives at my house early in the afternoon confident about our casual intentions. A relaxed conversation after dinner left our passionate personalities ready for spontaneity.  In a sensual artistic manner, I transitioned across her face from a forehead kiss to a cheek kiss. Then, playful Eskimo kisses relaxed her shortly before the soft chin kiss. A person’s hazy, aroused eyes might imply the urge for a passionate kiss. A personal fantasy of mine is physical intimacy with a complete stranger, especially after achieving an emotional and physical attraction for each other.

Cock Block Ahead

The art of intimacy should never conflict with an interest for sex. A person can feel completely comfortable towards the exposure of something new, but there is always that one person who fails to recognize that the experience is not necessarily enjoyable for someone else. A mature discussion for sleeping apparel is very important for anyone to understand. The couple must confirm their intent to engage in snuggling. This will ensure respect for each other’s personal space and comfort zone, while building a sense of trust and security. After agreeing on sleeping attire, an emotional connection between the two individuals creates a powerful, sentimental feeling inside. When a person spoons with someone, they must follow the body language of the person next to them. The instinct to allow our hands to wander is natural, but it is not necessarily right to assume going further.

The exposure of sensual caressing from her arms to her waistline intrigued her sexuality and sensuality, but past experiences with intimate failures curtail the fullest potential of her arousal. She mentions with surprise how I am a “man whom doesn’t assume to go any further than below the waistline.” After mentioning this concern for intimacy, reflection on making advantageous moves left a concern to pursue an article about this. The intentions of sexual intercourse are natural, but men and women are responsible to reduce their sex drives to respect others and their own bodies.

Sold it
Sold it (Photo credit: Mundoo)


Sex can be perceived as the same process of buying a house. If two people have an interest in establishing a lifestyle together, they hold back on moving in right away to keep their options open and secure.  They understand that they must feel an emotional and physical connection to pursue a mature decision towards commitment. If two individuals engage in promiscuous activities, this is closely in comparison to renting a place to stay. Nobody owns anything yet, but there are possible chances for rewarding opportunities and responsibility later. When there is an interest in engaging in physical intimacy, a form of a down payment to secure their interest helps the two people out. As a tenant, or someone willing to pursue an intimate encounter with someone else’s property (being their body in this case), they must abide by the landlord’s residential rules. As a landlord, or the person responsible for their own body, must go over the expectations and intentions for the tenant to respect their property. Therefore, the couples are mutually responsible for being a tenant and a landlord. One person must respect their own property before they allow anyone else to pursue an interest with it.

Unloading the Truck

(Photo credit: David Guo’s Master)

U-Haul, or any other moving truck company, conveys symbolism in this article as a convenient method of unloading all the baggage that one has from past experiences into their own intimate lifestyle. This is the most important part of the article to avoid driving around the most intimate roadblock anyone must face. Nobody should ever feel uncomfortable, pressured, and subjected to physical intimacy and sexual intercourse. Nobody should attempt to break the social and intimate connection they have with someone by taking advantageous actions. Therefore, a compiled list on how to respect a person’s body is given below.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Physical Intimacy

Yes check


  • Appreciate their time being with you, regardless of your intentions. 
  • Sincerely compliment them on how you really feel without thinking about what they want to hear.
  • Take patience into consideration for everything you do with them.
  • Take it to heart – show respect by considering a comfortable place, a reasonable time, and acknowledge the most important reason for being with them.  There is a time and place for everything, especially for first impressions.
  • Enjoy sensuality over sexuality for at least an hour. Come on, you can do it!
  • Follow a road map from the forehead to the waistline. The expected roadblock is the waistline. In a sexually corrupted society, this road map will be effective for you because there is never enough foreplay.
  • Remember that foreplay is not only fun, but it is very healthy!
  • Learn about their body just as well as they learn about yours. This is teamwork!

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...


  • Make an ass out of assumption! A date does not require physical intimacy. You do not have the right to kiss them, and they are also not entitled for a kiss from you either.
  • Believe that the first kiss entitles you to go further with your intentions. You were just fortunate enough for first base!
  • Assume that holding hands, kissing, and snuggling offers the right to caress the intimate parts of their body. Besides, Captain Obvious, you already know where yer treasure is! Argh! Ignore the X on the map, and pretend like you don’t know where it is! If you engage in effective prolonged foreplay with the right pace, they will voluntarily lead you in that direction. Yes, you can both share each other’s booty.

Most importantly …

Don’t you ever assume that it is right to make decisions because you feel comfortable about pursuing them. This isn’t about you! 

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Driving Around Intimate Roadblocks; Addressing Concern for Making Moves

43 thoughts on “Driving Around Intimate Roadblocks; Addressing Concern for Making Moves

  1. I really liked this article. Well thought out and put together in a very easy to follow way. Loved it, I shall be telling all my friends on Facebook about this.

    1. Oh, you’re a new pretty face on my blog! It is a pleasure to have you here to check it out. Thank you so much for the visit and the encouraging words! Thank you so much for your support. I believe in quality over quantity. I’m glad my approach was effective with this piece. I am looking forward to your friends visiting my blog as well. Thank you again, love. This is a very rewarding experience for me. Take care.

      1. I’m usually so much better at replying to comments… Writing always has it’s own rewards, some far more satisfying than worldly rewards. -smiles- As for “new pretty face” -laughs softly- Thank you.

  2. Vina Kent says:

    As a writer it’s always nice reading others work and vein inspired by it, so thank you! Your thoughts and insight on such matters are quite old fashioned in certain terms where you distinguish intimacy from just sex, many kids don’t get that lesson these days.

    Thank you for sharing and please consider that maybe you should share your views with other young kids…

    Might make a difference.

    Just saying 🙂

    1. Ah, such a heartfelt comment! Thank you so much, love. It was a pleasure to write this, pun intended! Yes, I am willing to bring back chivalry! I am willing to share my message to the world. I want to inspire and make a difference. I don’t want a guy to just open a door for a woman, but sincerely open up to her intellectually and emotionally with respect. It was a pleasure hearing from you. Thank you so much for visiting! \ 😀 /

      1. Vina Kent says:

        Keep on being yourself and writing great posts you’ll succeed in your goal!

        Keep in touch and have a great weekend

  3. Diyana W. says:

    Aw yes. I missed your updates! Lots of great advices there, but I think I broke almost all of the rules. Damn.

    1. Thanks Colby! Quality relationships with quality treatment. Nobody should ever be subjected to lower standards or underestimate their own potential for settling for less! Take care. Thanks for stopping by! It’s always a pleasure hearing from new voices.

    1. Oh, yes! The rules to avoid conflict with comfort zones and space barriers. Haha, you’re soo naughty! Thank you so much for checking it out! It is always pleasure to have you here. I am currently on break from the blizzard duties of New England! Yay!

      1. That blizzard is affecting me all over in Britain! People lost power and now most of my favourite blogs and other social media portals are empty of new things to read and look at. Grrr

      2. Oh, right! Everyone is caught up in so much shit all over the place! I am so glad I didn’t lose power. Honestly, I would rather have snow over rain any day. I would actually prefer kissing in the snow rather than in the rain. In addition, I managed to take some pictures, and I am ready to write up an amazing article about chivalry and the generation of couples right before me. The theme, “Boys will be boys.” I saw a man “playing” with his “toy” (snow mobile) while his girlfriend/wife is shoveling. -_-

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback! It is always a pleasure to see new faces appear in my notifications. Yeah, some of my followers encourage more teens to check out my blog to set things straight about intimacy being too soon in adolescent relationships. I completely agree with them! 😉

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