Finding Chivalry; Discussion on Chivalry and Materialistic Relationships

New England Connecticut Snow
East Hartford, Connecticut

The historical Northeastern blizzard, dubbed Nemo, left millions of Americans waking up with snow between 6 to 40 inches on Saturday morning. A free gym membership from Mother Nature left a rewarding opportunity for some Americans to pursue the haul. The other Americans have decided between sleep, relaxation, or free time outside without shoveling. In Connecticut, one suburban man left his age behind when the dust blew off his snowmobile in his garage. The inner youth rekindled inside, while his partner struggled to shovel their walkway. Boys will be boys, but chivalry weakened when boys bought their own toys.  The second part of this article will primarily focus on a brief discussion on chivalry in modern dating, while briefly covering the impact of materialistic relationships on long-term commitments. I intend to publish a future post with discussion question results and concluding messages. The impact of the snow shoveling on my body has taken its toll. All requests for sensual back massages are welcomed in the comment section below.

Rest in Panama

Woman Looks for Husband
Woman Left Behind Shoveling Walkway

Chivalry is not lost or dead, but recently on vacation in Panama while everyone else in the Northeast is left to shovel a few feet of snow. A Connecticut woman stands in the snow watching her partner ride his snowmobile up and down the street. The only assumption to take from this is that his final decision is to play hard and work later. In the following pictures, the knight in shining armor comes flying through the snow down the street. Then, he figures out what to do next when his snowmobile sits on the sidewalk in front of his neighbor’s house.

The guy looks back to see if she actually cares to watch him. She finally decides to stop shoveling, and he followed  as soon as he picked up his toys. They never finished the driveway and the sidewalk until later in the day.

If you would like to take part in Part II of this post, please answer the following discussion questions below. I will be more than happy to acknowledge you and your blogs in the next publication. Please note that they are not all mandatory. Just answer enough to engage in a discussion for my next post.

Discussion Questions 

  1. Where is chivalry? Is it really dead, lost, or not as transparent in society? Please explain your answer!
  2. Do you believe chivalry is important in modern society? Modern dating?
  3. Have you ever experienced chivalry, whether it was directly to you or witnessed?
  4. Have you ever rekindled or revived chivalry?
  5. How do you feel about materialistic relationships? Have you ever been in one? Could you explain the pros and cons involved in that relationship? Did your partner have too many possessions? Was this your fault by spoiling them with materialistic love?
  6. Ladies: If you were this woman in this same situation, what would you do? How would you feel if your man decides to go play in the snow while you shovel the walkway? Remember – he drives down the street and leaves you for a while. 
  7. Guys: Do you hold off on using the snowmobile to help with the shoveling, or do you take an advantage of the road covered in a few feet of snow?
  8. What is one inspirational thing everyone can do to revive or rekindle chivalry?

Thank you all for understanding my sore aching body problems from Nemo. I’ve been trying to take it easy all day, but I could never leave you all wondering when the next publication will be! I hope you all have an amazing week ahead! 新年快乐! 太好了! Happy Chinese New Year! I am an Earth Snake! It’s my year to shine!




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Finding Chivalry; Discussion on Chivalry and Materialistic Relationships

34 thoughts on “Finding Chivalry; Discussion on Chivalry and Materialistic Relationships

  1. play is important too. how important can it be to shovel when there’s no place to go, and if your did have somewhere important, the best way to go there now is on the snowmobile.

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I understand what you’re trying to say, but this wasn’t the first snow storm we ever had this year. If play was that important, shouldn’t he tell his wife to stop doing what she was doing and have fun for a little while? Maybe a snowball fight before he did his own thing? Yes, that is true too. However, you’re missing the whole point. Although that is a very important to think about, I am not focused on transportation for emergency situations. The main point here was that she was struggling while he was having fun. Wouldn’t it be easier to tell her to go back inside, and he’ll do it? Let her relax and let him do the work?

      1. at need he should certainly help her. I would see it chivalrous to help her. But with no pressing need I don’t see it as being unchivalrous.

        To me it’s akin to allowing her a workout.

        But ultimately he should assist and share the work. Which it seems later they did.

      2. Yes, great points! There is always a balance between wanting something and needing something. Not everyone should want what they don’t need. Not everyone should need what they don’t want. There is always a problem in balancing out the two – needing and wanting. If she needed him, but he didn’t want to help – then that’s a problem. If she wanted him to help, but she didn’t need it – then yes, let her build character and receive a nice workout. I’m glad you enjoyed the gym membership idea as well. Yes, they eventually went out together like they normally do. I wanted to stir up something here. haha They are always working very well together with every storm we have. He rarely “plays” with his “toys”. I’m just busting my neighbor’s ass. 😉

    1. Um, excuse me? I am sorry you feel that way. I am not here for sex. If you would like to talk about this through an email, please respond back to the one I will be sending you shortly. Thank you for your time. It is greatly appreciated. I am sorry for any inconvenience that I have caused.

    2. godgoesonablinddatewithscience says:

      I’m such a bitch. You should BITCH block me. 🙂 I’m in mid life crisis and more the fake than you are. I’m sorry. Please delete this comment. I didn’t mean it and you know it. My heart is broken. I’m in love with a man that I have never met and it’s driving me mad. All this talk of love, feels like it’s for everyone else in the world, but not me.

    1. Hm, so far, since earlier today .. I met a Fire Monkey, Fire Rabbit, and an Earth Snake! Ouch! A little too hot in here? Awesome! I am looking forward to your responses! Time to relax my back. My hips are also killing me. That snow was brutal! Stupid Nemo … I never wanted to find him, or have him find me!

      1. I would offer you a massage or send you to treating yourself to a hot bath but yeahh I’m down under 😛

      2. That sounds like a great idea! Yup, time to go take a nice hot shower! It’s convenient and I can stay in there for as long as I have hot water! Thanks! haha That’s understandable.

  2. So many questions! lol. I know that chivalry is not dead because I have seen a few examples, but as a whole it sometimes seems that way. In Ohio I watched as a man let a heavy door slam in the face of a woman pushing a baby in a stroller. I watch them leave their families in their dust to straggle across streets on their own. They watch me from their windows with their snowblowers safely tucked in their garages as I manually shovel the entrance everyone uses. Yet someone cleared the sidewalk in front of my house which made my heart get all warm and fuzzy. I think chivalry is important in humanity, not just dating or marriage. At this point in society it’s not even a gender thing. It’s simply thinking of others and acting upon it. I knew a man who took care of all the yardwork and shoveling for his elderly next door neighbors and it amazed me. How sad in this day and age, that looking out for one another and lending a helping hand should be considered amazing, rather than the expected? I was raised to do work first and play later. If playing first is something agreed upon by both parties, then I wouldn’t have a problem with it, but I know there are men who would pout or complain until the women just let them have their way and end up doing the work. Handling it depends on the man. Sometimes they just don’t realize they’re acting like jerks and maybe politely asking for help works. Sometimes it’s easier to just send the guy away and enjoy a few peaceful hours of shoveling. I’m weird though, I don’t mind shoveling even when I can hardly move afterwards. I’m getting the sore back thing out of the way today, before I do my shoveling. It’s more efficient that way. 🙂 You asked so many questions that I felt compelled to write a micro-book on your blog! Sorry ’bout that. Happy year of awesome to you. I’m a metal monkey, which for some reason reminds me of a band or something steampunk-ish. Hope you feel better tomorrow!

    1. I love all the answers! The feedback is great, and I never imagined this turn out! Yes, I completely agree! I recently commented on someone’s response to this blog post on their own blog as a post. I mentioned how traditional people, like grandmothers, might feel the cold shoulder when someone much younger decides not to open the door for them. However, what if the boy felt unappreciated before this situation when they held the door for someone else who didn’t acknowledge it with a sincere, “thank you”? Maybe that’s the problem in modern society. If the experience is bad, why do it again?

      According to the American Red Cross blood donor card, “Less than 30% of the people who give blood once will ever give blood again.” So, what happened to the other 70%? Did they lose the interest because they waited too long? Were they uncomfortable with the preliminary questions? Were they denied because their Iron was too low? What if the problem was, in fact, the process of giving blood? What if they felt pain while they were doing it? Obviously, regardless of making a difference in saving three lives, they decided not to give it another try. So, what if a young boy holds the door for 100 people. If only 30 people out of that 100 compliment him for his kind deed, will that motivate him to help another 100 people?

      wow! Those are intriguing stories with so much to think about! What if the boy witnessed these events, and assumed that this was the norm? How much of an influence does one action have with younger generations? If one boy pushes a girl during recess, is it funny to do the same thing with someone else because you watched it happen? I completely agree with you though. Over the years, the knight in shining armor became the good Samaritan. The good Samaritan has no gender behind it. It is a role that anyone can achieve, influence, and inspire around. So, how many good Samaritans do we have in conflicting economic situations? Hopefully more than before! We’re all in the same boat. If the boat sinks, everyone else is going too! Thank you so much for your time, and your feedback is greatly appreciated! Take care. \ 😀 /

  3. There is a Modern Family episode (yes, I watch a lot of tv) where the families go to Disney land and Gloria is going to wear her uncomfortable high heels. And Jay is trying to convince her to wear comfortable shoes and she’s causing a fuss because she wants to pretty. Anyway, Jay says the following and it really made me re-look at so many situations.
    “It’s like the time with the jacket. I told you to bring a jacket. It was cold. And you refused. It didn’t go with your dress. But I told you and told you to bring the jacket and you didn’t. And then we get there and you’re cold. And everyone is glaring at me to give you my jacket so I have to give you my jacket. So I’m there, frozen, even though I’m the one that brought the jacket!”
    You don’t know the background story, sometimes.

    1. That seems intriguing! Although you are completely unaware of the background story, how do you personally feel about materialistic relationships? Do you feel that they are more successful than a relationship exposed with unconditional love? Is there ever a time when you can balance out the two – unconditional and materialistic love? What’s better – to be spoiled with unconditional love or materialistic love? Is there ever enough to overwhelm someone with unconditional love? Tell me more about it. 😉

      1. I think that materialistic love might work out at the beginning of a relationship or between two young people(Read as <40y/o) but everyone gets to a point in their lives where health starts to deteriorate and money/materials isn't enough.
        I believe that you don't need love to make a relationship to work. But you need trust, respect and a willingness to communicate.
        Geez. What is unconditional love? How do you define that?
        I know I, as a person, am constantly changing. I am different to the person I was last year and then different again to the person before that. I have changed. And I imagine that everyone does something similar. So If I love someone, it can't be "unconditional" since the person who said those words, is different to the person in the future. Does that mean I won't love them? Not exactly. But people change. And love can change. In that sense, materialistic love is more "realistic" yet like I stated before. It doesn't last at the end.

  4. Gwen says:

    I hope you’ve dug your way out. Our last Big One (blizzard) in Chicago hit February 2011. It took hours to shovel our small suburban postage stamp of property, and schools were closed for two days.

    1. Haha! yes! Actually, my dad and I shoveled half the driveway for our one family car. There was no reason to do the whole driveway. Yeah, the schools will be out until Tuesday. This was just unnecessary snow!Snow much to worry about if more comes along the way. We’ll be lost in where to throw it next!

  5. Diyana W. says:

    Oh chivalry… To be honest with you, my boyfriend is not very chivalrous (but of course, his pros outweigh the cons. That’s why I love him. Haha). He would open the door for himself and leave it closing in my face. I get really pissed sometimes, I tell him off and he’ll apologise. But then he’ll go and do the same thing again. I don’t know… Maybe it’s his habit of not opening the door for anyone? Haha.

    Hope you feel better once you’re awake, dear Prinze! 🙂

    1. Well, as long as his strengths outweigh the situation. Yeah, I am definitely feeling better. I am so glad to see such a big discussion this morning! This is very unexpected for a turn out. Now, about that bad ass habit. I am currently in the mindset where a young man might not open the door for the older woman because of bad experiences in the past. Although the traditional grandmother would greatly appreciate it to see someone young open the door for her, maybe he held the door for 50 other people without hearing a genuine thank you back? So, it might be a habit, or it might just be a permanent decision for whatever reason. Why bother when someone can’t acknowledge it back? 😉

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    What the…? If you get half a comment, delete it.

    Well, I said you’re on my blogroll now ’cause you’re a great vibe, mind, wit & look.

    Loved this. Chivalry. I LIKE it. If a guy opened a door for me because he felt he should to help out the “weaker” sex, I’d show him my strengths; but when he does it in consideration of me as a person, which being female flatters that wee bit more such consideration, well, I’m all down with that. Rather love, actually.

    Chivalry is important in modern society, yes, because it is RESPECTFUL HUMAN GESTURE. So yes, it fits in dating, but not if you’re doing it just to get a fk.

    I haven’t been in a material relationship… intentionally. I’ve realised materialism, gagged and run off. “How was that like” would have to be the worst writing I’ve ever seen from you!! Must be because you’re sore. Let me rub that for you…

    Yup, your year to shine. And you are already. Great subject, great writing 🙂

    1. Nope, I didn’t receive any half comments. Haha! Oh, thank you so much for your inspirational, encouraging words! That is an amazing feeling. Ah, yes. There is a big discussion right now throughout the comments about the knight in shining armor being a gender neutral role. Now, in fact, the knight is a GOOD SAMARITAN. So, if everyone is the same boat, why not have a collective action to push the boat together? You are absolutely right about that too! Now, we should call that, “sugarcoated chivalry.” “I open a door, you open your legs.” I am sure it happens all the time! If a woman drops something, especially a $20 bill, maybe they expect something out of it. So, do you think chivalry only exists when money is involved? I’ll [do this service] for you, but you have to pay me [x amount of dollars]. Haha, sorry! I am glad you noticed my unprofessional casual talk shining through the discussion questions! Yeah, I am recovering… day by day. Thank you so much for contributing! It is a pleasure to hear from you! \ 😀 /

  7. ramblingsofabipolarwoman says:

    Where is chivalry? Is it really dead, lost, or not as transparent in society? Please explain your answer!

    No chivalry isn’t dead. I know this because I both experienced it and shown it. I will explain more in the following questions.

    Do you believe chivalry is important in modern society? Modern dating?

    Yes, I believe that chivalry is important in society, no matter how modern it gets. And, yes in dating too, on both sides. To think of another above ones self, to give and not expect anything in return, to help in a time of need, all very important, I firmly believe.

    Have you ever experienced chivalry, whether it was directly to you or witnessed?

    Yes, I have, plenty and both witnessed and had people practice such acts of kindness towards me. One would be, I had a neighbor once who saw me shoveling off my car after we’d gotten some heavy snow. She came up to me with her big push broom and started helping me clear off my car. I said thank you and said maybe I’d have enough time to shovel my walkway before I went to work. She told me she’d get it and I told her not to, that I could handle it. But, while I finished with my car, she walked away and I found she’d shoveled my entire walkway and porch for me. She had done this several other times after that. I also did the same for her. We liked to show that kindness randomly, it was really nice living next to her, someone with such a kind heart.

    Have you ever rekindled or revived chivalry?

    Yes, like mentioned above, I would shovel my neighbor’s porch and walkway. I have helped people scrape off their cars, help a stranger carry stuff to their car, etc. I like being of help to someone in need, whether I know them or not.

    How do you feel about materialistic relationships? Have you ever been in one? How was that like?

    Not really. Before my current relationship, none of mine had lasted very long, but they were never about the money, the things we could buy one another. My current boyfriend and I feel it’s not necessary to buy one another things to show our love for one another. It’s also give and take. I’ll make dinner, he’ll work on the dishes while I am putting away leftovers and/or cleaning up the stove, counters, etc. He’ll buy dinner, I’ll buy concert tickets. It’s not about one person footing the bill. We like to go out, but we also love a quiet night in, away from everyone. Watching Archer on DVD and eating a home cooked meal is one of our favorite ways to spend an evening. Valentine’s Day, there won’t be an expensive dinner or presents, because again, it’s not needed. We’re going to enjoy some awesome bacon cheeseburgers and watch more Archer to catch me up to where he is lol. What is most important to us is spending time together and enjoying our common interests. He is kind, not needy. He helps others, no matter how much sleep he loses or how tired he gets. I love his kind and compassionate heart. He loves God and it shows by how he puts so many others ahead of himself. Neither of us needs fancy gadgets and they are certainly not more important than the people around us. Drop the facebook, the ipod, the snowmobile in this case, etc and help your fellow man, especially your partner. In such a storm, he and I would help one another. It is important to play, to let loose…but not in a situation like this.

    Did your partner have too many possessions? Was this your fault by spoiling them with materialistic love?

    Nope and N/A

    Ladies: If you were this woman in this same situation, what would you do? How would you feel if your man decides to go play in the snow while you shovel the walkway? Remember – he drives down the street and leaves you for a while.

    I would seriously be pissed off. I mean, great, he has enough snow to play now, but hey, hun, help me with this first and then we can go play together. I would though, despite being angry, would help him if he needed me. I would also tell him how I felt about this and ask that he come help me before returning to riding.

    What is one inspirational thing everyone can do to revive or rekindle chivalry?

    There are so many things one could do to rekindle chivalry. Simple acts of kindness don’t take much and really go a long way. It could be anything from offering the man in front of you the money he’s short for his groceries, helping the lady struggling to get her groceries into her apartment, helping your neighbor shovel, even something like opening the door for someone who clearly has their hands full, or even just keeping the door open for the people behind you whether their hands are full or not, etc. Simply being courteous in a world full of such selfishness is a wonderful thing. I try to do my part in showing those around me the love and compassion in my heart, that I want others to see, to touch a life…even just a little, even if they won’t remember me, they’ll remember what I did, and maybe it will enable them to do something for someone else.

    1. I am quite envious about your relationship with the love of your life. He is definitely a keeper! You convey a sense of security in your relationship through effective communication and responsibility. Your relationship perfectly balances out the differences between needing something, and wanting something. You’re both a “work hard, play later” couple. Supportive neighbors are always great to have for a healthy network in your neighborhood. My dad and I will always go beyond our sidewalk on both sides to help shovel the neighbor’s side. They both came together this year to finish our entire sidewalk. It was a very warm, reassuring feeling that we have created a relationship like that on both sides. Now, the discussion leaves me into the other mindset. Do you think chivalry has a cost during rough economic times? A young boy might be interested in shoveling a senior citizen’s driveway, but not for free. Is this more likely to happen with the younger generations? I love that you emphasize on the importance of quality time together. That is truly an inspirational relationship! You have the perfect foundation, the walls for a solid structure, and a roof of trust. Thank you so much for your time. Your responses are greatly appreciated!

      1. ramblingsofabipolarwoman says:

        Thank you! Yes, he is most definitely a keeper! No single relationship is perfect, but I feel ours is as close to it as one can possibly get. We don’t always agree on things, but we never fight. We simply state our feelings or thoughts on something and why, like a friendly debate. In the end, we agree to disagree. We do both feel that working hard gets you to where you want to be, but that yes there needs to be a time to play, to let our inner child loose. Communication has been key for us, it helps us see where the other one stands. It helps knowing where the other one is coming from, helps us to better understand each other.

        Chivalry not being free, that just seems so wrong. It’s not truly chivalry if we expect something in return. Though yes, in these times and with the way children are being raised these days, I do find that people are expecting more and more for helping out. “Sure, I’ll help you, but it’ll cost ya…” It shouldn’t be like that, but it so often is the case. However, with that being said, it’s still not totally lost on the younger generations. Depending on how people are raised, it is still possible to see those wonderful virtues in a child, teen, or young adult. I hear about kids all over the world giving of their time, energy, and even money to help those less fortunate. Sometimes the way the world is today depresses me, but then I will hear about random acts of kindness and my heart smiles, especially when it’s a child that has done this. We as a human race can be so selfish, so self serving, but the goodness is still there and I refuse to lose hope in us.

  8. I think that whether male or female they should have helped each other! Granted, I have a husband who opens doors for me, and also pulls out my chair before I sit…He is just an overall very respectful person. SO when he is working hard I naturally want to help him because I am thankful for how he treats me…from experience I think that if a man treats a woman with respect (aka not riding a snowmobile while his girl is shoveling) she will naturally be more respectful toward him…so if HE is shoveling the snow and she wants to stay inside and watch Pride and Prejudice, she will sacrifice her fun to help him shovel the snow. DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE? haha
    I would personally be very upset if my husband went snowmobiling while I shoveled. Although, I have never dated a guy who would ever think of doing something like that.

    1. This discussion is more intriguing every time I receive a comment from someone else! Thank you so much for contributing. You definitely found a keeper! Congratulations! What bait did you use to reel him in? Haha, just kidding. It must be your personality! I can sense how you’re a very compassionate person, especially after seeing someone struggle with shoveling the snow. So, chivalry in the modern society is more of a social reputation. Your husband gives you a full body massage, and you at least cook him dinner. Yes, I completely agree with you. This isn’t only a matter of social reputation, but a value of overall contribution to you and your relationship. For many others, this could be the overall contribution to the local community. If one person volunteers in a local community, other people will naturally feel comfortable to pay it forward. There is no obligation. They return the favor because it is only natural to acknowledge their service, being the one who previously helped out, through a way of giving back. I have the same network of social reputation with my neighbors. My dad and I will shovel both ends of our sidewalk, and then go further into the neighbor’s yard. My two neighbors returned the favor during this last Northeastern blizzard. Well, you definitely deserve better than that! I’m glad you found the right one! Take care. Thank you so much for your time!

  9. Lakeshia Artis says:

    I don’t think chivalry is dead. If she’s anything like me, she probably wanted to do it by herself. That’s my two cents and a nickel.

    1. Yeah, I feel the same way! My dad is always bitching about something not done (primarily yelling at my fourteen year old sister). I figure – if you see something that needs to be done, just do it. Get it done. By the time you wait until it’s done, you could have finished many other things! 😉

      1. Lakeshia Artis says:

        Speak the truth and it shall set you free. I will admit I do need to let people help you out. I’ve been doing so much on my own that its hard to let people lend you a helping hand. You dad sounds like good people. 🙂

  10. 1. Where is chivalry? Is it really dead, lost, or not as transparent in society? Please explain your answer! I don’t think chivalry is dead but it is definitely on life support. I believe chivalry started to die with the feminist movement. A few bad seeds made it wrong for a man to be a man and a lady to remain a lady if she so chooses. If I want to have a career, it should be my choice. If I want to be a stay at home mother, that is my choice. But either way, it shouldn’t let a man off the hook for opening the door, pulling out my chair, or protecting me from unwanted advances. The message of feminism got lost in translation. It wasn’t about being independent from men but being their equals in every way. But men took that as an excuse to become lazy and shirk their responsibilities of taking care of their family!
    2. Do you believe chivalry is important in modern society? Modern dating? Chivalry is needed more now than ever. Chivalry is about being a man and respecting women. Chivalry is something that needs to be re-introduced to little boys in kindergarten so they don’t grow up and continue the misogyny that has permeated our society in recent times.
    3. Have you ever experienced chivalry? Whether it was directly to you or witnessed? Yes, my Father is a very chivalrous man and he taught my brothers to be the same way with the help of my Mother. I haven’t experience true chivalry from anyone but him in the last 15 years. However, there was a guy in college in 1989 that was chivalrous. He was a rare breed.
    4. Have you ever rekindled or revived chivalry? I try to teach my nieces and nephews about chivalry and if I ever get around to having children I will teach as well. I wait for a man to open the door, change a tire, take out the trash, buy me a house, etc. It’s not that I can’t do those things but it’s really not my job!
    5. How do you feel about materialistic relationships? Have you ever been in one? How was that like? Did your partner have too many possessions? Was this your fault by spoiling them with materialistic love? I was raised to love unconditionally and show the person I am with love everyday. Whether it be cooking their favorite meal or remembering their favorite movie, it’s a daily process that shouldn’t be acknowledged just 2 times a year-Valentines and Christmas! Material things are superficial and really don’t get to the heart of the person. I prefer to have a non-material relationship. Because material possessions come and go but the heart last forever. My former fiancé learned the hard way that I am not materialistic and he should have listened when I told him I didn’t want to go out for Valentines. I wanted a quiet dinner at home and with no hoopla. He didn’t listen and we broke up that night.
    6. Ladies: If you were this woman in this same situation, what would you do? How would you feel if your man decides to go play in the snow while you shovel the walkway? Remember – he drives down the street and leaves you for a while. I would go back into the house and make myself some coco with Bailey’s and put on my favorite show! When he decides to come in from playing, the chill he feels won’t just be from the snow! When he catches a clue and goes back out to do the plowing, I would greet him with a cup of coco as a reward when he is finished.
    7. Guys: Do you hold off on using the snowmobile to help with the shoveling, or do you take an advantage of the road covered in a few feet of snow?
    8. What is one inspirational thing everyone can do to revive or rekindle chivalry? Selflessness…thinking of others needs before your own.

  11. I don’t think chivalry is dead. I’ve experienced a few chivalrous acts in my time, but they generally seem to come from older men vs. younger (and when I say older, I mean over 30). Maybe chivalry is disappearing throughout generations, I don’t know. I had a boss who wouldn’t allow me to walk near the street when we were walking down a sidewalk, offer me their jacket when it was cold, try and help me when my car wouldn’t start, etc. One of the guys I worked with actually got mad at me because I opened a door for myself and wouldn’t let him do it. But I’ve never experienced any chivalrous acts from men I’ve been involved with – go figure.

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