First Impressions and Unbelievable Confessions; Discussing Relationship Structure in Modern Dating

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The competitive market for love shares similar characteristics to the job market for the unemployed. A hopeless romantic is similar to someone unemployed looking for a stable commitment for the next few years. The employers carefully select interviewees to filter out commitment driven people from the rest. A person looking for love will also follow the same process by prioritizing their prospective love interests from the desperate candidates. The people will seek information through casual conversations and non-verbal cues from body language. Regardless if there is an interest for commitment to a company or a relationship, there should never be a time to hesitate to settle for less. If the process fails to recognize sugar-coated first impressions, future problems will arise.

This article will briefly discuss the ineffective structure for building relationships in modern dating. A reputable value system for first impressions determines the selection process without the conflicting confessions surfacing the relationship at an earlier time. As the comfort equilibrium reaches stability, disclosure for a person’s true characteristics is transparent. These confessions are often pushed aside with positive first impressions to reassure that the relationship is fine to concerned family and friends.

Love at First Sight

The exchange of first impressions for any relationship is invaluable to the future of that initiated friendship. The struggle for men and women to market their capabilities to find true love turns to desperate measures. The emotional and intellectual strengths push aside for the physical attributes and effective interpersonal communication skills. Communication is inexpensive, but persuasive lines can lure someone closer. A woman may physically attract a male candidate by wearing something revealing. She will physically engage in the communication without any disclosure of words. The balance between initiating a physical attraction and establishing an emotional connection can spark a lot of interest. The person will feel comfortable and secure when some qualifications achieve satisfaction. If a guy has a great personality, the woman must make that decision to look over the lack of physical attraction. If a guy is sexually appealing without the great personality, love is not blind after all.

A mutual exchange of acceptance for two people is usually based on first impressions. A guy might return to his comfort zone by talking to his friends about his recent meeting. The woman might do the same thing, but describe him differently than he would describe her. The lack of information to understand each other is often replaced by physical and emotional first impressions. If the guy mentions that he is a recent graduate from a public university, a first impression of sophistication may spark her conversation with her friends. If the woman mentions an interest in music and art, the guy can describe her passion for the freedom of expression. If barely any exchange of information happens or almost everything is misunderstood, the descriptions will only be based upon the appearance that reflected the most from the first impressions.

A mutual connection between the two people will spark another date or another time to engage in a conversation. The disclosure of information can vary depending on the comfort of questioning and responding. The casual conversations can jump from general interests to personal explicit interests. During the first few weeks of engaging in daily conversations, the two people must disclose their intentions for pursuing an interest in connecting with each other. If this conversation is never covered since the first exchange, future conflicting matters will arise to sort out the issues of determining whether this is a prospective commitment or a way to satisfy physical intimacy deprivation. It is very important to disclose intentions of any relationship before a serious decision can emotionally hurt another person. This is when first impressions require depth and understanding before something serious happens. If the intentions were never disclosed from the beginning, they will surface when a couple least expects it.

Skeletons in the Closet

A person shows their natural behavior by slowly shedding off the sugar-coated first impressions when they reach their comfort zone.  The confession stage begins after a few months or a few years since the first day. If an interviewee discloses to their prospective employer that they are only interested in receiving paychecks, the poor quality of their work would already reflect on this intention earlier. If a person is only interested in someone’s appearance or wealth, they will curtail impressing them as the relationship grows further. This is also true when unconditional love delivers the natural perks of commitment, such as loyalty.

This ineffective structure of building relationships stirs up an argument to question if love is combining a fishing method and a reputable rewarding system. A person can lure someone through their own form of bait, whether it is a physical or verbal form of attraction, while rewarding them from past reputable experiences to overcome the flaws. A common excuse to accept abuse or dishonesty in a relationship is to acknowledge someone’s first impressions. Men and women seem to push aside negative characteristics without acknowledging that their partner’s behavior changed since they first met. A person will reassure concerned family and friends that their partner will change their behavior. This person often fails to recognize a sudden positive change in the last several years. A sign of denial is very common in these situations because the last ounce of hope is all they have to move forward.


  1. Why do people try too hard to make first impressions successful?
  2. How are first impressions created if the person does not satisfy your expectations for an intimate relationship? Do you disclose more or less information than you should?
  3. Although nobody is perfect, is it better to disclose your flaws before or after a few months of talking? Would you rather let your partner discover your flaws naturally or talk to them before they all appear within the relationship?
  4. Do people really change back into who they were a few years ago? Is it easy to push aside new habits, and return to the positive old ones?
  5. Do you agree that two people living together before marriage is more successful than a couple moving into a place shortly after the exchange of vows?
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First Impressions and Unbelievable Confessions; Discussing Relationship Structure in Modern Dating

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