Sensual Sexting Stimulates Longevity Without Overexposure

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Technological advancement has introduced a main hallway of networking doors through self-discovery, instant gratification, and sense of self-worth. The mobile convenience for finding the next physical, emotional or mental fix is right at someone’s fingertips. This mobile portal provides access to the private lives outside the professional space. Younger generations are becoming more vulnerable over the course of new phone upgrades to WiFi compatible devices. Despite the wide range of explicit content on the Internet, peers have encouraged each other to exchange intimate pictures to fulfill the next hormonal high. This exchange has increased the high risk of online predators lurking on messaging mobile apps, like Kik and Snapchat. High schools have held class meetings in lecture halls discussing child pornography, as most students are under eighteen, but the lascivious behavior still continues.

On January 22nd, 2013, I published an article, Seductive Sexting; Making Your Man Beg for Moreexplaining how phone sex laws are not enforced to protect our future leaders from predators. The lack of participating in seductive sexting has increasingly flooded social media space for picture sharing with explicit images. I focused attention on the value of pictures, almost like currency, in a relationship. A long distant relationship requires constant reassurance through effective communication, regardless of materialistic or unconditional intent.

In the past two years, I have new insight and challenges to engage mobile intimacy more effectively.  When I published the article, my intent for seductive sexting was some exposure of skin around a private area. Seductive planning,  or  simply planning seductively,  mentioned as an important tactic for creating new incentives that may spark interest between a couple.

In the previous article, I provided some useful tips for carrying out this plan of action:
If you schedule a timeline for sexting, you will balance out the relationship for security and intimacy. If you were recently official, follow a monthly subscription. On the first month anniversary, send them a picture of you wearing a cute shirt and jeans, but revealing enough cleavage. A picture you should not have up on Facebook! If you lack the cleavage, simply wear something low-cut but not too revealing.
I continued with the second month incentives:
On your second month anniversary, send them a picture of you lifting your shirt up to show them your stomach. Make sure to wear pants for this too!
As well as the third:
On the third month, take the shirt off but leave your bra and pants on. This encourages them to stay longer, chat with you, and find out what the next month will give them.
The incentive program that I designed is extremely effective. Although I mentioned that it balances a reward system of commitment,  short-term relationships work as well. These incentives will only drive the person closer and more attached than being the next picture sent to their phone. Ladies, you are worth more than a notification. Any desperate person willing to break the system will lose interest and resistance will be too overwhelming. As the fourth month takes into play, consider your options. You should never feel obligated (especially out of love) to expose yourself to someone who claims to have interest with you. You should not feel entitled to see another person exposed simply for the relationship longevity , friendship, or role in contributions toward the relationship.
When the fourth month comes, take off your pants but leave your shirt on. Then, have some fun with the rest of the year … By the end of the year, (the) two last pictures will be the big New Year’s special.
Now, taking my advice to practice to modern dating, I encouraged women to share intimate pictures of themselves with the most stimulating macro shots of their body. I suggested a nipple shot or side shot of one breast after suggesting thighs and legs. I took everything slow and appreciated every inch of their body. I am still in the process of encouraging those to take it slow and not to reveal too much too soon. As I have mentioned, the mons pubis is an area that will push someone off the edge.
When you send him something from below the waistline, push him off the edge with a picture of your mons pubis. It works like a charm! That is equivalent to him sending you a picture of the coronal ridge. Not quite the full picture, but you will want the rest as well!
 I will make note that I do not encourage this step unless the couple is emotionally, physically, and mentally content with each other. This is one of the suggestions for the last image of the year. As for now, build up to that moment by playing Economics with your sex drive. Check out today’s discussion questions. Feel free to answer them in the comment section below.
  • How much exposure at a minimal standard is enough to fully peak and climax?
  • How much are you willing to balance a physical and emotional connection to be aroused?
This has been an intriguing experiment as I have been writing my latest novel, The Sensualist; A Voiceless Young Man’s Struggle for Love. Logan Coeur, an undergraduate at Greyfield University, is granted a wish from a homeless man leaving him speechlessly struggling to find love and self-discovery. As I build the intimate chapters with Logan and Jessica, I am not entirely writing from experience because I have never been successful with everyone. Although everyone contributed differently to the experience, I must reshape the situations as I feel would fit to the circumstances. Logan is mute. He expresses himself through action because he is unable to communicate in American Sign Language (ASL). Logan learns about sensuality over sexuality with many ideas from this blog. The chemistry should never be forced, but embraced as delivered.
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Sensual Sexting Stimulates Longevity Without Overexposure

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