About Prinze Charming

PrinzeCharming distinctively creates effective dating and relationship development strategies from personal experiences for initiating friendships to rekindling relationships. We are proudly serving dating and relationship advice to over 3,500 beautiful subscribers worldwide. We will connect, engage, and excel the hopeless romantic community together through the obstacles of love and commitment. We strongly urge participation under the comment section below all the published articles. We encourage blog post suggestions, comments, constructive criticism, and Grammar Nazis. Your submissions are greatly appreciated.

The content provided on PrinzeCharming.com is intended for mature audiences only. If you cannot differentiate between sensual and sexual topics, please refrain from subscribing. Please refer to defining “pornography” with the definition on Dictionary.com.

I do not have, “obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit” (Dictionary.com). If you are uncomfortable about anything you see on PrinzeCharming.com, please exit the blog immediately. Seriously, I am sorry for your inconvenience. If you cannot handle any of the content, you are not ready for an intimate relationship either.



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27 thoughts on “About Prinze Charming

  1. Was there an offence? I did not feel as though you conveyed any derogatory references. Relationships are simple yet complicated but it seems as though our Puritan roots here in America might have given way to frowning towards your honesty, sadly. I applaud your bravery in this quest to enlighten and educate the forgotten among us. Staying true to your beliefs and forgoing the traditional insecurities pasted down from generations long ago. The human body is to be respected and desired not loathed or hidden in shame.
    That you open this door to our virgin eyes is a gift that you give unconditionally. Maybe if your ney sayers accepted the beauty and did not close their minds they too would find what they have been looking for but were too afraid to see.
    Push the limits, make people uncomfortable, seek out the greener pasture and love your life like no one else will My Prinze and you will never look back in regret.

    1. No, I just felt the need to make one. In two months since the launch date, people are still unaware of what my blog is about. It would be nice to share a Mission Statement while making a clear note on, “Mature Audiences Only.” The email subscribers are no problem at all. When they receive a week of posts in their inbox, they will already be familiar with the content. The WordPress members have no problem at all either, they might need reassurance on why they should follow my blog. I would also like to make note that constructive criticism is important. My experiences can range from long distant relationships to someone cheating on me for sex.

      All men and women are different. I do not recommend trying everything I suggest, especially out of their own comfort zone. If the relationship is already deteriorating, I would recommend nothing until they follow Knapp’s Relational Developmental Model. I am not going to persuade anyone to follow the model, but familiarity is important. I am only speaking for myself and the people who come to me to vent their own problems on their relationship status. Many lack communication and others lack physical intimacy. When a couple has conflicting matters, a busy schedule between work and parenthood will always hinder their success at repairing the damage. If a relationship is only pursued under the influence of raising children, it is extremely difficult to rekindle something that was never even there. I am glad you understand that the main objective is to open up and wake up on those stepping all over you. I want people to learn the hard way instead of not learning at all. It builds character and confidence to face those challenges. I have a self-improvement blog that will either give you thick skin or walk away with someone meant for you. I am ready to push the limits and make people uncomfortable. The more controversial content I publish, more awareness will come out from the crowds who never bothered to voice their own opinions.

      I want debates, hair pulling, and strong defense for their own experiences. I would hate to see everyone like my articles, mention how good it is, and never say anything. Never accept everything I say. Fight it. Tell me why I didn’t write something effective. Make this one of the ultimate advice blogs on the Internet. People will admire bloggers that can entice a large crowd of thousands to follow, employers will hire those who can cause an uproar.

      1. I have yet to disagree with your stance on relationships but when I do hold on tight cause I fight like a girl with big words. Imagine me as a super hero… The www as my shield and a sharp intellect in hand to slice through the inconsistencies, leaving my opposition in ruin. Your post are well grounded with sound resources so I doubt you will inflict my wrath anytime soon but secretly I hope you skip a beat cause I like to play and making up after is the best part don’t you think?
        I’m rather irritated by a post I read yesterday, not yours, so your request for insight and feedback sparked my mojo. I’ve got a little reply post for my hipocritcal blogger I follow in the works. I believe when a writer stands behind the quote of another who is long since dead and gone they do not have faith in their own voice. There leaves no recourse for the reader but to respectfully disagree. Choose your battles wisely and know both sides of the argument better than I do. Never casually offer an opinion when your goal is to cause controversy. Resources and documentation, things I actually check out regularly, should not be taken lightly. When a blog is informative accept that your personal opinions on the matter have little value unless they are reinforced with solid fact.
        hehehe this is me pissed at someone… can you tell?

      2. Yes, great heroic analogy! I believe people judge others based on age over experience, or age being complimentary with experience. Whether I am 23 with the least amount of experience or because I am 23 I should not have as much experience, I would still imagine that I can have some influence on people with what I do know. I am glad my request for constructive criticism sparked something, especially from you. Oh yeah, I understand. I never casually offer an opinion just to cause something. I do it with an open mind ready for someone to agree or disagree, but also explaining why they feel that way. I am glad you released some of that steam off here. You deserve to relax for a bit away from that. Thank you so much for contributing on my blog. There is always a pleasure in chatting with you, and there is never a dull moment. I appreciate that. If you do want to vent, you have my email. Use it to your advantage. We both understand and agree upon “mommy time”. 😉

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s a pleasure to see a young, sophisticated woman interested in my work. I am currently writing a post, “The Impact of Disney’s Love Stories on Modern Dating.” Be on the look out for that one! It’s going to be really intriguing, and extensive. Definitely worth the wait! 😉

  2. So I suppose you’ve got me curious, and I want to read the post on Disney as I have a few opinions of my own about their effect on how we view romance (especially being from the era of women growing up with Belle, Ariel, and the rest for companions). Alas, I’ve got to sleep if I plan to get to work on time in the morning (the misfortunes of those of us burdened by work), but I wanted to stop by here and see what you and your blog were all about. I’ll certainly come back, and thank you for the like on my page “What’s in a Blog?” by the way. I appreciate it. 🙂

    – RaeNez

    1. Oh, I’m glad I intrigued you to come back for more. Your opinions are greatly appreciated! I am looking forward to hearing from you when you have the time. Sweet dreams, dear. You deserve them! It was a pleasure to visit your blog. Continue to express your heart one heart beat at a time. 😉

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Wow, I wonder how you found my blog.. Yes, sensuality and sex is never easy to talk about to anyone of age, but they never said it shouldn’t be fun either! It will be a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for your encouraging words. I noticed your blog has the same concept for content and entertainment. I like that. Take care, love.

    1. Oh, yes! It was very intriguing! Thanks for sharing, Master Wes! It’s a pleasure to see you return the visit. Thanks for checking my blog out as well. Take care.

    1. Hey Lorna! How are you? haha Thank you so much for returning the love. Stay as a young sophisticated woman as long as you can! Just wait until love comes around before you start testing out the water. However, I do have some articles that are very useful for your age, like the ones on how to avoid kissing someone with bad breath but still keep the date together without ruining it. Take care, love. 😉

    1. You’re welcome! I love your strength and determination with writing. You offer encouraging words of wisdom in your description. Continue expressing yourself, let that heart pour out with inspiration, and follow your endeavors for this year! Take care, dear.

  3. This is a wordpress procdural question that you may have navigated already. First of all I totally agree with what you have said re definitions – all art is expression; some executed more deftly – this is art beyond a doubt.
    Now, is there a way on this platform to alert the squeamish or younger readers to stay away? I have searched without success.

  4. Glad you liked my blog post. Maybe I could blog my four marriage poems. I am a scandalous woman to some. Unlike most women, all I want is a part time boyfriend who likes to dance.

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