Your Opinion Matters!

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Tony Terragna

6 thoughts on “Your Opinion Matters!

  1. I completely forgot to mention yesterday but you may have noticed a ping back with no explanation. I nominated you for a Shine On award. You know, because I like your blog and all of that other jazz. All you have to do is provide seven (new) interesting facts about you. If you don’t really want to nominate people, you don’t have to. I’ve noticed you get bogged down with the awards and at one tme nominated 45 people (sheesh, madness). No pressure, but there you go. Thanks for such a great, informative blog.

    1. Thank you so much for your supportive feedback! I appreciate it. Yeah, it waa really overwhelming with weekly nominations. As long aa people are inspired, I am doing something right. I couldn’t get this far without my network of hopeless romantics. 🙂

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