It’s Not Astrology, It’s Common Sense; Analyzing Dating Profiles for Compatibility

Forever Alone on New Years

It is finally a brand new year! You are still single, employed, and lonely after work. Perhaps, you are still a full time student,  single, and lonely after exams. What if you are in a relationship, regardless if you are married or not, but your partner pays little to no attention to you? That feeling of intimate detachment has mixed emotions in every situation. How do you overcome these feelings? How would you fill the vacancy between your arms?

In this blog article, I am going to pay closer attention to the people who are still searching for love without anyone there. If they cannot meet someone in person in a public setting, how will the Internet effectively guide the hopeless romantic into the right arms? I am going to explain how you can effectively analyze a dating profile with common sense. No prior astrological knowledge is required, or experience in dating. Be confident. Just be yourself. Just use your personal judgement through this How-To-Guide.

Catching a Glimpse of Potential

The local bars might give off the wrong one-night stand impression, and picking up someone near the ice cream freezers at the grocery store might cut into a recent breakup. The local bookstore might be a great idea, but without judging the book before they buy it, does the overall book section accurately define the individual’s personality? The guy is reading a book about studying abroad. That topic might sound adventurous, but that might also be an indicator for a prospective long-distant relationship. He might not even be ready to commit until his flight reaches his foreign destination. Bummer. Assumptions are always flawed and mixed emotions will eventually push individuals out of the comfort zone of meeting someone in a public environment. Ah, ignore the family suggestions or referrals from friends because the support network  is not qualified to play Cupid’s assistant.  The Internet is the last resort for love after all.

In the last five years, I have been analyzing social networking profiles with tolerance for diversity, patience for grammatical errors, and common sense for interpretation. There is a greater incentive to gain respect from someone if the visitor takes their time to read everything. Yes, including the part about disclosing the most private thing to tell the whole world. However, I have noticed that people try too hard in making first impressions. I have written plenty of first impression blog articles in the last year. Those articles should be pushed to the side this year.

Now, take a moment to just remove the obvious steps in making first impressions, such as stating the obvious because you read something.

“So, you like cats.” 

Congratulations, you proved to them that you are literate. I need you to focus on using a common sense analysis for the rest of the year. Guys, this is especially for you! If someone likes cats, think about the difference between a “dog person” and a “cat person.” If someone has both pets, that can be a little conflicting or extremely balanced. It all varies depending on their individual lifestyle. In general, I have a theory for how sensual cat owners compare to dog owners under the sheets. See Feline Foreplay for more details on how to use quality time with your cat to become more seductive with your lover.

Now, try focusing on these subjects of interest:

Personality Traits 

Whether it is big or small, everyone has an ego. It is how we identify ourselves without paying attention to insecurities or pride. Now, personality traits make up this identity. They also transition into our language. The word choices we make to express and convey our feelings will be the fine print of a dating profile.

Academic, Professional, and Social Struggles

“I am in school and I work.” 

Okay, in the context of word choice, that does sound a bit boring. Wait, what if they wrote the following sentence right after:

“Not to toot my own horn here but I’m pretty good at drawing lol”

Now,  you have an idea that they are sophisticated, hardworking, and passionate about the freedom of expression. How? School implies sophistication,  work implies hardworking, and the way they mentioned about drawing instantly conveys the concept of appreciating the freedom of expression. Why would I assume they are passionate about it? Well, they never mentioned that they like drawing. They mentioned that they are pretty good with it.  In general, anyone who is passionate about something will try to make the most of their effort to do well in whatever they do. Therefore, this example displays a few personality traits that were not directly expressed, but common sense highlighted them accordingly.

Try this one: 

“Rolling, Writting music, Fluent in Spanish, Agricultural Science, Making Drinks 😉 Dancing, Poetry, Oil Paints, Cooking”

Hopefully, we can all agree that this individual conveys the image of being an independent, expressive conversationalist, and someone with a spontaneous  energetic attitude that can warm up a kitchen. This person has great taste in productivity, time management, and lives life without a dull moment.

Just think about how we can interpret simplistic words into semantics, or meaning of the overall context.  However, try not to overwhelm the idea that you are ready to settle:

“No one wants to put in 100% and get nothing in return which is what I’ve been doing all this time with females on this website…”

We get it. You are tired of playing games. Maybe it was something you said in the private message? This message on your dating profile conveys the idea that you are desperately searching for someone. Stop. Just breathe. How much time have you invested in this hard labor of finding someone? Take that section out, give yourself a break, and get some fresh air. Then, go back and revise your dating profile. Evaluate yourself over again, but stay away from making it seem as if sending messages over a dating website is a daily chore for you. If you are looking for love and it was meant to be, it will happen over time. Just be patient.


If you are an undergraduate, whether you chose a major or remain undecided, education will always be mentioned on a dating profile. If you have already graduated, you will make sure the dating world knows you have an expensive piece of paper framed on a wall somewhere in your house. This status means a lot to you because you are doing something with your life. You worked hard for it! This important milestone in your life will make or break the impression that people might interpret from you. You might be intimidating for some, and intellectual hope for others.


“I’m going to Eastern Connecticut State University studying child psychology.”

One more for education:

“Human Development and Family Studies major at UConn looking to develop within a Human Resource Department.”

Ah, another Husky!  As a graduate from the University of Connecticut, I can relate to the overall experience of living in Storrs, Connecticut. I can associate my experiences with their own, and we can exchange stories that will make sense because we have that New England collegiate connection. Now, going back to their studies, human development and family studies will open the doors to social work. This will give you an idea of what kind of person you are going to get yourself acquainted with if you pursue anything serious.

Now, let us graduate from this topic. Next, focus on how they feel about working. Their work ethics will generally follow with their education.


“Manager at a salon.  I love my job and want to open my own business one day.”

There are three types of workers in the world. The basic “stay for pay” employee,  the “gets the job done” worker, and the workaholic. If someone wants to be a manager at a salon, they are commitment driven, flexible, and willing to work hard for what they have in life. If they dream about owning their own business, that shows a lot of responsibility within their character.

Hey, you might even fall in love with someone with a great hairstyle. In return, they can save you a few bucks for yours! If they are passionate about what they do for a living, yet lack expertise in cutting hair in the beginning, embrace the way they spent quality time with you. They could have done something else with their time! Ah, those are hobbies.


A hobby is a regular activity that pleases the individual. While I was at work, I read an educational poster attached to the classroom wall. “What you DO makes who you ARE!” Well, that might seem obvious, but in this last take on analyzing profiles, you will see why nobody bothers to pay attention to the little details. Stop judging and start appreciating! I am going to skip the obvious section on hobbies, and focus upon the status of who we represent within a community. What is our significant role or membership within that hobby that can either make or break the date?

Roles and Memberships

Instead of focusing on basic hobbies to analyze a person’s background, try taking important roles and memberships into the context. No, not a gym or Zumba membership. That could imply self-esteem, determination, goal-driven attitudes, and other great characteristics. However, not all gym memberships are taken as a New Year’s resolution advantage, especially on days with poor weather conditions. Focus on something that will always be a priority in someone’s life, even if they are not receiving any praise or appreciation in what they do on a daily basis.

Single Parents and the Package Deal in Daitng

Parenting. When you see an indication of being a parent on the prospective love interest’s dating profile, this is going to imply more than you can handle. Yeah, it might be baggage for some, and others are willing to take a load off another’s shoulders. This might be concerning to someone who is not willing to accept an additional person to their life. However, never use this as a detour in finding someone. Forget about the other half of DNA. If you are willing to make a difference in their lives, being the parent and the child, prove to them that you can accept being a second priority in the relationship. Young parents are not all lazy, inconsiderate, and careless. The main goal is to give their child a life that cannot compare to their own. They want to make the best out of the situation, and succeed to prove everyone around them that their first impression was wrong. Society will give out free labels, but they are much stronger than that to see their situation as another product of poor parenting. You do not understand what they went through, but take their hand to move on together.

These individuals will be much stronger, more independent, and reliable than the rest of those who cannot relate to anything close to what they have been through. Guys, when you stumble upon a young mother, the first thing you should ever say to them is, “Give yourself mommy time, you deserve it.”  Those encouraging words are not going to refund time or money, but it shows appreciation in what they have been doing with their lives.  Primarily, this is the reason why they barely have any time to meet someone in person, and ended up on a dating website instead. Take that imitative as a friend, and give them praise for how hardworking they are.

Next time you read a dating profile, the least you could do is scan it for important keywords. When you discover keywords, analyze them. Never take a first impression solely on appearance or the lack of information they provided. The more information they provided, the implication of an open-minded, extroverted individual can pop out of the description. If they are barely throwing themselves out there with details, talk about that insecurity in a respectful manner. Are they afraid to commit? Are they still hurt from the last time they let themselves out in the open? Take these precautions seriously, and take everything they give you as an opportunity. Treat them as a priority, never an option.

Next Time on 

In the next blog article, I am going to focus on conversation analysis. Guys, the clue phone rang plenty of times, and you still have messages! Why not check them? She either wants you to stay or pack your bags. Pick it up! This one is for you! Girls, there are plenty of fish in the sea! Why are you still letting that one swim around at the end of the hook? If you are reeling him in, and he is not putting any effort into coming closer, stop struggling! Let him swim away. We need to discuss how to analyze conversations, word choice, and treat life like an hourglass! If the person is not worth a grain of sand, move on before time runs out!

In addition, I am going to discuss actual conversation methods that guys use in general with OkCupid. I will be incorporating a social experiment that I personally conducted with my two Catfish dating profiles. Are they thirsty or are they serious? I caught the same guy fishing for both ladies! Did he talk to them differently based on what they provided on their dating profile? Is the education section more intimidating for the guys who sleep around all the time? Is there a greater chance that family oriented guys are looking for someone serious? Thanks for reading!

It’s Not Astrology, It’s Common Sense; Analyzing Dating Profiles for Compatibility

A New Year for a New Beginning



Good afternoon everyone!

I missed you so much! I am sorry I went through the phase. My blog was very fancy with an elegant theme, and the overall professional vibe was there. However, I was caught up with a lot of events that flashed in front of me. So, a lot of my work was pushed off to the side for an immediate stop.

I was hesitant on joining the Peace Corps and taking up an offer for the military seemed too much at stake. Some of you were aware of this, and others were not because they believed that is too complex for their own tastes. I was intrigued about teaching English as a second language abroad. The sketchy Chinese programs could hinder my future ambitions for a government career.

So, what did the Year of the Snake bring in for this dedicated Earth Snake? Well, I landed a substitute teaching position with Kelly Services, Inc., a temp agency, to cover across the East Hartford Public Schools District. I substituted from 5th to 6th grade, and then I tried out the high school. I bumped into a teacher from the World Language Department. They asked if I would be interested in a long term substitute position teaching English as a second language.

After a month into the long term assignment, the students were sad to see me leave on December 20th. Although that was the same day they all leave for vacation, they knew their former teacher will cover the entire day starting tomorrow (January 2nd, 2014). They finally recovered from their heartbreak, and embraced the latest news that I have a full time Bilingual Tutor position from the Board of Education. I will be starting tomorrow. I have a new blog dedicated to that lifestyle on, “The Diary of a Bilingual Tutor.”  I am going to disclose my stories as a substitute teacher, and then work on teaching strategies every week to help document my progress. If you read The Tutor section there, it will explain more in detail.

Now, about Where do we go from here? I am going to start fresh. I am sorry for not committing to the future posts that I originally anticipated to complete. It was a lot of fun, and I hope we have the same amount of fun as we did a year ago. First, I would like to say thank you for staying on board with me. I know I lost a few hundred followers, maybe one thousand for a guesstimate. You will find a few broken images around here. Please watch where you step.

I will dive into the latest love life that I stumbled upon from flying out to Alabama for the summer to rekindling five years of a lost friendship in Florida.I will also bring up how my heart is now in the city of Toronto, Canada. The difficult struggle for a long distant unofficial relationship will also be interesting to bring up. Does a label matter as much as maintaining something that was never established?How about astrological significance? She is a Cancer, and I am a Virgo. Can the stars set the foundation of future endeavors?

I could also tell you my journey through NaNoWriMo with my latest novel, “The End Zone.”  This story is about a high school jock who prioritizes football, reputation, and women. The unfortunate car accident separates Logan Coeur from his athletic aspirations as a paraplegic, and he discovers that sensual romance should always be above narcissism in the relationship. Logan and Jessica’s relationship does not end very well, but Amanda helps Logan understand everything that I have been writing about in my blog over a year ago. I will be editing and adding more to the story later.

I wish the best of luck in all your endeavors for 2014!

Take care,


A New Year for a New Beginning

Where Art Thou, Prinze?

c'est moiHey everyone! I have so much to tell you! Where have I been this whole time? Well, I have been bouncing around career paths, and still trying to figure out my place in the world. As of right now, I am going to give you a free fan sign if you join and stay a while at this awesome social networking website! It’s free to join, and there is so much more to do than Facebook. I am top dude #36 this week! Everyone loves the blog articles that you previously enjoyed on here! Click the picture below, and I’ll see you there! The best virtual bar on the internet!



Where Art Thou, Prinze?

Latest Update; Upcoming Blog Posts, Blog Award, and Personal Touches

Hey everyone! I am looking forward to keeping my promises in the last three months I have been here. I will give you a rundown on the blog posts that I have promised, and I hope I see some last-minute contributions. If I am not focused on a new topic, you will see the following post updates.

Part II –

In this series, a Part II blog post:

Part III –

In this series, a Part III blog post will conclude the final thoughts:

The Hot Debate

The article with the most feedback is now Relaxing on First Base; a Brief Survey on Kissing Preferences with twenty-two submissions in almost a full month. My first intention was to publish the second and third part of this blog post shortly before Valentine’s Day. Well, obviously that never happened! So, last call on the kissing poll! I will hold this off at least until the end of the month. Then, I will discuss the poll results and analyze them at different perspectives. I may hold off on the third part, and enhance the post with the results and my concluding thoughts on this subject.

The second article with the most feedback was Finding Chivalry; Discussion on Chivalry and Materialistic Relationships. I will discuss more in-depth with the responses, materialistic relationships, and how chivalry has changed the modern society’s mindset of morals and values.

I cannot say this was the least interesting for responses, but I appreciate everyone who participated in the article that focuses on the Mile High Club. The next part will only focus on the contributions from the first part and some sexy alternatives to satisfying this spontaneous fetish. You are all welcomed aboard on this flight!

Blog Awards

I have used blog awards as a way to give myself some motivation to blog. However, it is very difficult to nominate 10 to 15 people every time. On February 22nd, 2013, Christina has awarded me with my 7th Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I appreciate this nomination, especially with the description that followed it. Thank you. I may or may not make an official blog post for this. I just want this blog award acknowledged now. Although I should acknowledge the other two nominations, I only announce the nominations that are not recycled from the nominee back to the nominator. Please do not feel discouraged if I do not acknowledge you if you are a nominee receiving an award, and you feel the inspiration to give it back. I appreciate it, but finding an additional 45 nominees for the last three Very Inspiring Blogger Awards is very overwhelming. In addition, I feel as if the nomination was an obligation. If I never shared it with you, you might have never shared it with me. Thanks for understanding.

Blog Post Suggestions

If you have any blog post suggestions for topics or ideas, please let me know. I have been writing articles on whim for three months. There is no planning ahead, and everything happens within a few hours for each post. If you find a current event, and you want my opinion on it, let me know. Share it on my Facebook wall!

Peace Corps 50th Anniversary at CSIS
Peace Corps 50th Anniversary at CSIS (Photo credit: CSIS: Center for Strategic & International Studies)

Hosting and Moving Forward

I have recently signed up for a web host site for my website for the next three years. I have also booked a meeting with the Peace Corps for next week. If I am accepted into the  rewarding program, I will be in another country for two years and three months. The limited Internet connection will not push me away from writing anything in my blog, but the other way around. If I am enrolled in the Peace Corps, I will take this rewarding opportunity to apply it to my work here at I will ask the natives about dating and relationships, and learn about their norms for modern dating. This may be taboo for some cultures, but we can all learn a lot in how other cultures bond together to form friendships and relationships. I am very intrigued for this opportunity, and I will update you on my progress.

Thank you all for your time.

Take care.

– Tony





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Latest Update; Upcoming Blog Posts, Blog Award, and Personal Touches

First Impressions and Unbelievable Confessions; Discussing Relationship Structure in Modern Dating

Traffic slows to a crawl on the Monash Freeway...

The competitive market for love shares similar characteristics to the job market for the unemployed. A hopeless romantic is similar to someone unemployed looking for a stable commitment for the next few years. The employers carefully select interviewees to filter out commitment driven people from the rest. A person looking for love will also follow the same process by prioritizing their prospective love interests from the desperate candidates. The people will seek information through casual conversations and non-verbal cues from body language. Regardless if there is an interest for commitment to a company or a relationship, there should never be a time to hesitate to settle for less. If the process fails to recognize sugar-coated first impressions, future problems will arise.

This article will briefly discuss the ineffective structure for building relationships in modern dating. A reputable value system for first impressions determines the selection process without the conflicting confessions surfacing the relationship at an earlier time. As the comfort equilibrium reaches stability, disclosure for a person’s true characteristics is transparent. These confessions are often pushed aside with positive first impressions to reassure that the relationship is fine to concerned family and friends.

Love at First Sight

The exchange of first impressions for any relationship is invaluable to the future of that initiated friendship. The struggle for men and women to market their capabilities to find true love turns to desperate measures. The emotional and intellectual strengths push aside for the physical attributes and effective interpersonal communication skills. Communication is inexpensive, but persuasive lines can lure someone closer. A woman may physically attract a male candidate by wearing something revealing. She will physically engage in the communication without any disclosure of words. The balance between initiating a physical attraction and establishing an emotional connection can spark a lot of interest. The person will feel comfortable and secure when some qualifications achieve satisfaction. If a guy has a great personality, the woman must make that decision to look over the lack of physical attraction. If a guy is sexually appealing without the great personality, love is not blind after all.

A mutual exchange of acceptance for two people is usually based on first impressions. A guy might return to his comfort zone by talking to his friends about his recent meeting. The woman might do the same thing, but describe him differently than he would describe her. The lack of information to understand each other is often replaced by physical and emotional first impressions. If the guy mentions that he is a recent graduate from a public university, a first impression of sophistication may spark her conversation with her friends. If the woman mentions an interest in music and art, the guy can describe her passion for the freedom of expression. If barely any exchange of information happens or almost everything is misunderstood, the descriptions will only be based upon the appearance that reflected the most from the first impressions.

A mutual connection between the two people will spark another date or another time to engage in a conversation. The disclosure of information can vary depending on the comfort of questioning and responding. The casual conversations can jump from general interests to personal explicit interests. During the first few weeks of engaging in daily conversations, the two people must disclose their intentions for pursuing an interest in connecting with each other. If this conversation is never covered since the first exchange, future conflicting matters will arise to sort out the issues of determining whether this is a prospective commitment or a way to satisfy physical intimacy deprivation. It is very important to disclose intentions of any relationship before a serious decision can emotionally hurt another person. This is when first impressions require depth and understanding before something serious happens. If the intentions were never disclosed from the beginning, they will surface when a couple least expects it.

Skeletons in the Closet

A person shows their natural behavior by slowly shedding off the sugar-coated first impressions when they reach their comfort zone.  The confession stage begins after a few months or a few years since the first day. If an interviewee discloses to their prospective employer that they are only interested in receiving paychecks, the poor quality of their work would already reflect on this intention earlier. If a person is only interested in someone’s appearance or wealth, they will curtail impressing them as the relationship grows further. This is also true when unconditional love delivers the natural perks of commitment, such as loyalty.

This ineffective structure of building relationships stirs up an argument to question if love is combining a fishing method and a reputable rewarding system. A person can lure someone through their own form of bait, whether it is a physical or verbal form of attraction, while rewarding them from past reputable experiences to overcome the flaws. A common excuse to accept abuse or dishonesty in a relationship is to acknowledge someone’s first impressions. Men and women seem to push aside negative characteristics without acknowledging that their partner’s behavior changed since they first met. A person will reassure concerned family and friends that their partner will change their behavior. This person often fails to recognize a sudden positive change in the last several years. A sign of denial is very common in these situations because the last ounce of hope is all they have to move forward.


  1. Why do people try too hard to make first impressions successful?
  2. How are first impressions created if the person does not satisfy your expectations for an intimate relationship? Do you disclose more or less information than you should?
  3. Although nobody is perfect, is it better to disclose your flaws before or after a few months of talking? Would you rather let your partner discover your flaws naturally or talk to them before they all appear within the relationship?
  4. Do people really change back into who they were a few years ago? Is it easy to push aside new habits, and return to the positive old ones?
  5. Do you agree that two people living together before marriage is more successful than a couple moving into a place shortly after the exchange of vows?
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First Impressions and Unbelievable Confessions; Discussing Relationship Structure in Modern Dating

Home Sweet Home; Unpacking Technical Difficulties

A Message from Your Author

Hey everyone!

Happy Birthday Washington! What a great way to start blogging! Today is President’s Day! Oh, by the way, Happy belated Valentine’s Day! All my guests or followers must have seen the temporary banner previously positioned above the website that already mentioned this message. I would like to make this the official message for the romantic day of celebration. If you are single, I hope you made the best of it by watching movies and eating ice cream.

Now, transitioning into business.

Welcome to the new home of! Yes! We have moved from to! Was the move easy? Well, nobody enjoys packing their belongings into a truck to unpack and reorganize again! Although the move was fairly easy, PrinzeCharming has less than 70 blog posts in three months. So, editing the pictures and fixing all the broken ones was the only hassle. I realized that originality is a beautiful thing. The very few reblogs were lost in the transition, so I edited those posts as well. I am very fortunate that I did not reblog more than ten posts. If you received a pingback, just delete it. I believe I fixed enough. If you notice anything different, just let me know. I know there are a few minor issues still left around here, including the award posts. In addition, the Internet connection was very weak in the office. It was fixed the other day. I am very pleased with the results of, and I hope we all can have a successful year ahead.

You will notice a few new features located throughout the blog. Let me give you some insight on the latest and the greatest.

The Top Latest Changes

  1. Layout / WordPress Theme

  2. PunchTab

  3. Disqus

  4. Subscribers

Layout and Theme

First, the layout and WordPress theme is the greatest change to notice for the top latest changes. The theme compliments the feel of PrinzeCharming. The layout is very fun to play with as well! Give it a try! Stretch out the page and watch everything shift! The articles and bottom half of the page will shift around. If you have a small monitor, you will see the default layout of the articles in rows. If you have a larger monitor, there will be one long list of articles going across.

Punch Tab

Secondly, PunchTab is a rewarding online program down below the bottom of When you first notice this new feature, it will appear to look like this:


When you instantly connect with Facebook, you will have access to this:

Ok, so “Rewards” cannot be clicked. Sorry. The 900 points (pts) must be earned, but that is not linked either. The share buttons and the two buttons next to the points (pts) are waiting for your clicks.

The group of people will bring you to the Leaderboard. The Leaderboard will show you the last thirty days of activity on The other followers connected to Facebook will be displayed here as well. When someone contributes to sharing or commenting on, they will earn points (pts). Go ahead and earn your first 100 free points now!


100 Free Points 

Anyone can receive 100 free points just for connecting with Facebook! The rest is all up to your contributions!




When you click on Catalog, you will see this menu:



The more points you earn, the better prizes you can redeem! Why settle for a $5 eGift Card when you can save enough points for $25 Restaurant eGift Card?

I could also host a Giveaway event! I can make this happen via PunchTab.

The Giveaway feature looks like this:

Good luck!

Image representing DISQUS as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase


If you noticed, there is a new commenting feature used throughout the site.  If you look around, you will notice how Disqus is effectively used in every article. This is a very popular commenting platform! I was very pleased to see how organized the system was by viewing every article, and how it functions within the community here. I hope you enjoy it too!


Last, but certainly not least, I have 4,071 followers from whom might not receive a notification for this recent blog post. Can you let me know, please? If not, you must subscribe down below to the new blog. If you do, great! I just hope everything works out just fine. If nothing is sent through your inbox, renew your subscription here!

Although I am shy one day for seven days, I will throw out a Genesis idea around.

“And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.”

Now, I shall rest. Take care everyone! I hope you can all enjoy the latest! Be sure to check out my navigation pages!



Tony T

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Home Sweet Home; Unpacking Technical Difficulties