Relaxing on First Base; A Brief Survey on Kissing Preferences

French Kiss

Physical intimacy is a healthy way of expressing our passionate sides to complete strangers or lovers. I appreciate the successful turn out for volunteers on my last poll. I will be writing a Part III very soon to conclude my thoughts about the results. I am looking forward on writing more about physical intimacy with the results from this poll as well. Please provide as much information as possible, including two detailed responses for the two questions requiring more information to fill out. All participants are not subjected to answer all the optional questions, including name or website address. However, there is acknowledgement for all participants willing to submit their website address for their voluntary contribution. All participants are aware that their information is not used for anything else other than the next blog publication. My intentions for the next blog publication are kept secret until the official publication of the results. I want more than seven submissions this time! I will hold off on ending this poll shortly before Valentine’s Day. Please reblog this or share the link to your friends. That would be greatly appreciated!



 Erogenous Zone? 

Total Submissions: 


Number 22
Number 22 (Photo credit: beckycaplice)


Note: I will be updating this section as soon as I receive the submissions.


3:04 PM EST 02/04/13:  Wow! Twenty-two (22)  submissions already? That is amazing! Thanks everyone!


I have to label the questions as (1), (2), (3) because it only registered one “Would You Rather,” so expect a message from me shortly to verify your answers. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you did not provide your website, then please resubmit and mention that you resubmitted within the response. I was wondering why everyone was skipping the questions! It is now working.

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Relaxing on First Base; A Brief Survey on Kissing Preferences

Pushing Away Physical Intimacy; The Consequences of Playing Hard to Get Part I

Hey everyone!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I was extremely busy today with my family, and everything else that required immediate action. Now, I am willing to connect with my beautiful followers on the topic of physical intimacy and the consequences of playing hard to get. If anyone contributes to the submissions, you will acknowledge that I can use any of the information that you provide. This information will only be used for Part II of this post. Please be aware that the name and website address are optional. If you provide your name, it will be easier to acknowledge you. If you also use your website address, you will be instantly connected with your name. You deserve the acknowledgement, and everyone should check your blog out. As soon as I receive enough submissions on this, I will make a very rewarding article out of the data I collect.

All questions are not subjected for mandatory submission. You do not have to answer everything I ask. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


Due to the blog theme, the questions are in capitalized letters. I am not yelling at you. Sorry for any inconvenience or mixed reactions to this!

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12:15 A.M. 1/25/13 (25/01/13)

EST Update:

There are six (6) submissions! Let’s shoot for at least 10! Thanks to those who have submitted! I am looking forward to writing this!

Pushing Away Physical Intimacy; The Consequences of Playing Hard to Get Part I

Allons-y, mon chou!; Encouraging Terms of Endearment After Valentine’s Day

happy valentine's day
happy valentine’s day (Photo credit: mugley)

Salut, ça va? J’ai beaucoup des mots doux d’amour aujourd’hui! Hey, how are you? I have a lot of sweet words of love today! In the last two months, I prepared everyone for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, or Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.).  Are you excited? Whether you are trying to find love online or you have that prospective lover already engaging in no strings attached snuggling, you might have to encourage more to your man than just keeping up with his qualifications.

Guys, my blog suggests romantic tips that will ignite a house fire from candlelit seduction or the freshly sparked ideas that will leave your lover begging like a feline in heat. I am not advocating that you should follow everything just for one night, but balance everything out for post Valentine’s Day. Your beautiful lover deserves more than just a holiday obligation for public displays of affection.  Never save up all your paychecks just to take her out for one night out of the entire year! Seriously, time to wake up and smell the roses before you buy them. Guys, this blog post will help you rekindle your relationship butterflies. Just promise me one thing. You hereby agree to the terms and conditions of relationship success. These terms include, but are not limited to, effective communication with your partner.  I cannot emphasize enough on communication. If verbal communication curtails your fullest relationship potential, body language is also misunderstood as well. If you cannot understand your lover’s body, please refer to my sensualist perspective approach before moving forward this year. When you are ready to take the test, study the erotic study guide. Ven aquí, Pablo Piccasso! Her beautiful canvas is ready for inspiration! No, just kidding. First, let’s focus on communication before and after Valentine’s Day. Then, go ahead. 

Sweethearts Box
Sweethearts Box (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not Desperate, Just Be Mine!

On Valentine’s Day, talk is extremely cheap, corny, and sometimes very sweet! However, be extra cautious to sink your taste buds into something your valentine has yet to say! A relationship, regardless of its status, requires communication. The lack of communication raises red flags before someone’s heart is severely wounded. If your man cannot express terms of endearment, maybe giving him a box of Sweethearts was the worst inspirational idea you ever had. Guys, these candies are not meant for pick-up lines for one-night stands. They should encourage you to think outside the box (pun intended)! 

Guys, if you need some help on explorative writing, please feel free to check out my page before you open up on sugar-coated terms of endearment. Make your lover a priority, not an option, especially once a year!

Be Original 

A woman craves originality over physical intimacy.  Physical intimacy is extremely exciting, especially with strangers, but there are some consequences with marriage. You will end up married for 50 years with someone you passionately love, but you might not function the way you do when you were in college. If you have originality before Alzheimer’s disease takes over, you can still play your Shakespearean role in her life without rekindling your intimate newlywed adventures. Romeo, Juliet wants the poison from thy lips! If you can still spit up a few honest romantic lines, there will be a much happier ending with your love story. If you can do that while you rev up your rusty sex life, you may just have another chance between the hips as well.

Poetically Captivating 

It is perfectly acceptable if you cannot write anything like Shakespeare. I am not asking you to become the next Robert Frost either. The road you should take (pun intended) is from your heart. Practice does make a lot of progress if you show your sensitive side and begin writing how you feel every day. If you can recall back from earlier in this post, I recommend clicking on the word, “qualifications,” to review the emotionally sensitive section of that post. It is perfectly acceptable if you are sensitive about the way she feels about you or how you feel about her. She wants a well-rounded man, and being sensitive does not make you weak. It is simply the reason why you are her man. Start another WordPress blog for poetry! I have one! If someone provides you with constructive criticism or encouraging words, take them to move forward. Everyone expresses their own feelings through writing, music, and art. If you like music, you enjoy reading words that touch your innermost feelings about everything around you.  Just try it. Deliver the autumn breeze softly across her neck, and the sensual touch of a passionate embrace from a summer ray upon her flesh. You’ll understand. Trust me.

A Major Award [1091]
A Major Award [1091] (Photo credit: brianjmatis)
It’s Fragile! Must Be Italian!

A Christmas Story does not have a Valentine’s Day Story edition. So, please, never make it one! A personal recommendation for anyone trying to rekindle relationships is to learn multiple romance languages. Seriously, you will learn how to use patience and passion within everything you say. Go to the nearest book store, or Google foreign terms of endearment, or watch YouTube videos. Your possibilities are endless. There are no excuses to learn! Allons-y, mon chou! Guys, always remember to practice what you preach (pun intended)! Confidence sounds sexy! When you are confident in speaking another language, your lover will notice your determination. If you are successful, you may just have a romantic night outside of Paris! You might have a busy schedule, but learn how to organize time for a phrase a day while you do your daily routine. In the shower, start singing a phrase. It helps when the phrase is almost relevant to what you are doing. In Spanish, try saying, “Cuando yo tomo una ducha, yo pienso de mi corazon dulce.” It will eventually come to you. Trust me. You got this!

Pets Are Not Included 

You can have pet names without owning a pet! It is extremely healthy for couples to follow the pet naming trend for naming each other something cute for a change. No, I am terribly sorry, but “asshole” is not acceptable. However, there are plenty of pet names trending in different cultures for dating and relationships. Babe, what are your favorite pet names?

In the article, “Pet Names” Are Important for a Strong RelationshipJohn Tesh mentions how coded language can also help secure a healthier relationship. When your partner says, “Hey dear, I’m burning up inside,” never assume they want a fan! If they do, you might have to assume they want that autumn breeze I mentioned about earlier. Do you have a coded language or sugarcoated language with your partner to discuss things around your friends or family? Although I find this very effective, I barely find anyone else to join the fun. One last thought about pet names – try using their names as well! If their name is Laura, call her Alaurable! If her name is Kerry, grab a cup from your little Kerrig to start calling her Kerrbear.

Ladies, the next time your stud muffin wants to go back inside your oven, make him spill his heart out. Give him an incentive to make him crumb back for more!


  1. Do you have any plans lined up for Valentine’s Day? Are they better than last year?
  2. How do you spend a Valentine’s Day with (a) someone you love? (b) a crush? (c) family?
  3. Do you prefer unconditional love over materialistic love? Are you the type to pop the balloons, and embrace on the chocolate kisses? Was it embarrassing to carry around stuffed animals in school?
  4. Do you have a favorite pet name you love giving or receiving?
  5. Do your friends or family give you pet names?
  6. Did you know while I was writing this blog post, I just reached 9,000 hit views? That’s less than 3 months!
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Allons-y, mon chou!; Encouraging Terms of Endearment After Valentine’s Day

URGENT: Promotional Announcement for Blog Directory (REBLOG THIS)

Be Featured on a Free Blog Directory!

Hey everyone!

Although I promised that I would continue Part II of my latest blog post today, the publication is delayed until more people respond to the discussion. Thank you for those who have already responded! As promised, I will mention the participants of the discussion in Part II with a pingback. So, be sure to participate! I will acknowledge you for your contributions!

Now, let’s talk business. The latest navigation tab on the right labeled, “Blog Directory,” is your new best friend. Yes, the blog directory is now running smoothly while people are already requesting a spot on the list! Are you interested in being a part of this list, or you know anyone who would love to participate? Share the link or reblog this post! When you arrive at the page, be sure to follow the next link that says blog post. It will send you here. If you follow the directions, you will be successfully added to the blog directory. I want serious bloggers. If you can effectively describe your blog to me, I can place you in the proper category. If you write a great submission, you might be featured below the complied directory for others to have a respectable first impression on you.

Now, the basic FAQ’s:

Why are you doing this?

My blog will never be enough for my 3,500+ subscribers.  There will be a time when someone has to search beyond my dedicated work and my engaging extensive articles. I completely understand. I also understand the difficulty behind blog promotions, and the limitations we must face in the beginning of a blogging lifestyle. If anyone recently started their blog, this will be a great opportunity for you to share your thoughts and opinions. If you have a weight loss blog or you help others with inspiration, please share these blogs. I want this directory loaded with inspirational people by the end of 2013! If anyone would like to design an image or button to place on your blog to direct back to this directory, please suggest a design for me. That would be greatly appreciated. The “winners” will have their designs listed and displayed with their names by their successful submission. More kudos to you!

It is a pleasure to work with other bloggers. Please feel free to contact me through that form submission page as well. I wish the best of luck in your blogging endeavors of 2013!

Take care,


Click Here for Blog Directory!

URGENT: Promotional Announcement for Blog Directory (REBLOG THIS)

The Erotic Flight Over the Law; The Mile High Club Discussion Part I

It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves...

In the last two months, my intriguing posts encouraged minds to wander into passionate reflections on concealed desires. My words may have enticed urges of physical intimacy as simple as no strings attached snuggling. If a follower mustered enough confidence to attempt my seductive or sensualist approaches, everywhere around them is a playground. Although my hopeless romantic followers may fantasize about exhibitionism, any public intimacy is an extreme rush for the novice enthusiast. In my opinion, I still have a lot to learn, regardless if my intimate experiences can range from outside to public buildings. I am always craving for something higher. I want a higher rush in a higher altitude with a complete stranger with similar intentions.

Welcome, Aboard!

The Mile High Club is a very controversial topic, but it is also a very fascinating one for prospective and participating members. An airplane bathroom is not romantic for any physical intimacy, but it still captures the moment to let everything loose. According to the official Mile High Club website, mandatory membership entails engaging in sexual intercourse at an altitude of at least 5,280 ft, or roughly a mile above Earth. The membership is solely on an honor system where each member claims that they experienced something on an airplane. The first impression of the story is important for the first interpretation. If someone believes you, then congratulations! If not, try your approach one more time.

The website has a very interesting section with personal submissions of Mile High Club experiences.  You might disagree with hooking up with a complete stranger from the airport or sitting next to you throughout the flight, but a few club members are happily married together from their first experience. I could just imagine the stories they would have to tell their parents, friends or even kids! Then, it would come back around at them when their own child tells their intimate story. “Mommy and daddy met on a plane!” In a few years, some couples will have to explain that daddy’s plane flew into mommy’s landing strip (pun intended!), and then an unexpected baggage claim came in the mail nine months later.

Sunset over eastern North America
Sunset over eastern North America (Photo credit: caribb)

Soaring Through the Law

Tom McMahon, director of 1,000 Ways to Die, gave the spotlight on the membership into the “Mile Die Club” being the #559 death to experience in life. Are people really dying to join? The debate on legal matters is viral while more couples struggle through handcuffs for their attempt to join the fun. Although some couples might enjoy that sadistic attention, humiliation will come around later. Celebrities were always encouraged to join the flight to intimacy, including Janet Jackson in November of 2006.  Although celebrities will have their own private jets, commercial airlines might be too intimidating. You must reconsider the airline carrier policies, the laws of the country you are flying over, or the curious bystander a seat over from you.

According to British laws, section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004 states the following:

Sexual activity in a public lavatory

(1)A person commits an offence if—

(a)he is in a lavatory to which the public or a section of the public has or is permitted to have access, whether on payment or otherwise,

(b)he intentionally engages in an activity, and,

(c)the activity is sexual.

(2)For the purposes of this section, an activity is sexual if a reasonable person would, in all the circumstances but regardless of any person’s purpose, consider it to be sexual.

(3)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or both.]

This might be intimidating for BritishAirways passengers, being caught is very uncommon compared to the success of getting away with it.  The spontaneous couple must avoid interfering with the flight crew and its passengers. A common method for timing it right is to decide whether there is a crowded flight, everyone is mostly asleep, or far away as possible. An international flight is extremely flexible with a higher chance to succeed. As soon as the lights are off, let the hands wander further!

Note to Followers: 

I have to continue the day helping my sister out with studying for her French midterm for tomorrow. She is extremely nervous! I remember those days in high school. There will be a Part II to this discussion tomorrow. In the mean-time, answer some of the following questions and your name (along with a Pingback) will be part of the next post. Instant promotion just to engage some talk! Hence, this is a discussion. 

Questions for Part II of Discussion 

  1. How do you feel about public displays of affection (PDA)? How far is too far?
  2. How do you feel about exhibitionism? Would you consider it during the day, at night or never at all? Do you have any experiences with skinny dipping, streaking, or physical intimacy outside in public?
  3. Would you consider joining the Mile High Club? Would you consider it with a complete stranger or someone you knew?
  4. Would you consider trying foreplay in your seats before you went to the nearest lavatory on the plane?
  5. Are you afraid of flying on planes that you would never even imagine doing any of this?
  6. If you are a Mile High Club member, have you ever shared your story? Would you do it again?
  7. If you could choose between having physical intimacy in a car, bus, train, boat or a plane, which form of public transportation would you choose? Why?
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The Erotic Flight Over the Law; The Mile High Club Discussion Part I

Success at the Keyboard; Versatility and Inspiration Nominations

Hello everyone,

I am officially Mr. Flexible! I woke up this morning to find a blog nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award! After being here for only two months, this award is very distinct from the rest. This award acknowledges versatility, or flexibility instead of evaluating inspiration or quality. I know I have great characteristics, I just never acknowledge them.

What makes me a versatile writer?

First, let’s define it:


  [vur-suh-tl or, esp. British, -tahyl]  

1. capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.
Writing across different topics is challenging for many bloggers or writers. If you have a blog designed for one topic, there will be a restriction on work flexibility. If my work was primarily focused on kittens, why would I write about seashells? If I have a weight loss blog, you should never come across an article titled, “Game Over; Top 5 Things Not to Do with a Gamer Boyfriend.” Actually, that sounds like a great idea for my blog.  I am not much of a gamer anymore, and I am not much of a boyfriend being alone either. However, it would relate well with my topics. The chosen topics focus upon establishing and balancing out relationships with other priorities in life. The most inspirational advice I can give anyone is to use what you know from learning and experiencing. You might have read many articles about something, but the experience is what builds it even stronger. You might have never traveled to France, but learning about the language and culture will help you become a versatile writer. Many journalists will do their homework. Bloggers might also do some research, but it is not necessarily required if they can persuade their followers with their writing. I am not interested in spending too much time in all my articles. If I spend over a day thinking and researching about a blog post, I just lost an idea for tomorrow’s post. I think of an idea that could transition nicely from my last post or something relevant for my hopeless romantic community. As a versatile writer, I am not only improving my job flexibility, but interpersonal communication across different fields.
Versatile Blogger Award Rules 

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

1. I noticed that there are two possible pictures for this award. Although the one used for my nomination was the one above, I chose the lime green one because it stands out more.

2. I would like to acknowledge Cookie for this nomination, and I am more than pleased to accept the Versatile Blogger Award on January, 15, 2013. The relationship that blossomed with each other is invaluable, and I’m excited to transition into 2013 together. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. You have been an amazing mother of three, and an inspirational blogger of many.

3. The following 15 people deserve this award:

Please understand that this list is not influenced by rank.

1. hayleylyons

2. desi99ner

3. ohyesshesabitchbutnotyours

4. kaitlinwehlmann

5. karenperrycreates

6. ladybelz

7. rizzamaruja

8. wengy00

9. abihya

10. memoirsofmarie

11. jennburn

12. madebyparis

13. prosemachine

14. mittenskittens

15. 20andjuststarting

The Seven Things About Myself

7th Grade into High School Edition:

1. In 7th grade, I just started opening up my mind to poetry. Robert Frost was one of my first poetry book purchases. I didn’t start writing until freshman year of high school.

2. In 7th grade, I feared for going into a public high school from the transition out of a parochial school. I graduated high school with perfect attendance for all four years.

3. In 7th grade, I started Spanish. I thought it was amazing to learn another language that quickly. I graduated high school with Spanish 4 Honors, French 3 Honors, and Chinese 1.

4. In 7th grade, I refused to kiss someone because they had braces. In high school, my sister is now wearing braces. Coincidence? Possibly.

5. In 7th grade, my longest online relationship officially ended after 9 months. In high school, I went for four years with perfect attendance without dating anyone in the same school. I was always focused on a town away from where I lived.

6. In 7th grade, I never imagined myself being attractive. In high school, compliments were very foreign, and I didn’t understand how to accept encouraging words of honesty.

7. In 7th grade, I barely knew how to attract women because I was socially awkward. In high school, I met over 15 people from the Internet.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award #2 and #3

I received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on the following dates:  12/15/201212/19/2012, and today on 01/15/2013. The links provided will take you to the original blog post for the nomination, not my response back. I urge you to check out all three nominators for acknowledging my work here at WordPress.

I was wondering why I never published any official acknowledgement for my second award, but now I can see why. On December 19,  I published two posts already, “Thinking Outside the Fingers; Linguistic Enthusiasm and Cultural Awareness,” and “Mr. Enchanting.” After 3,000 words that day, I needed to relax. Sorry for the inconvenience. I must have been busy that week, so I decided to throw a big post shortly before the apocalyptic satire post.  Well, anyways, let me make this an official acknowledgement.

I am going to acknowledge the second Very Inspiring Blogger Award given to me on December 19, 2012 by elixirofmemories. I appreciate your nomination, and I am sorry I was lazy to acknowledge it earlier before. As mentioned before, the really long blog post and a busy week pushed me aside.

Today, I acknowledge and accept the Very Inspiring Blogger nomination from Charles. Thank you for your support and encouraging words for feedback on my blog. It is greatly appreciated.

The Rules

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

The 7 Things About Myself 

Animal Edition: 

1. I raised Cockatiels throughout my whole life. The oldest one living today is Joey, being about 20 years old.

2. I have raised a rescued Nanday Conure named Willy.

3. My two goldfish, Tom and Jerry lived really long lives.

4. The Crazy Cat man history: 1 Seal Point (Chloë)Blue Point (Buttons), and Flame point Himalayan (Whiskers), and 1 Tortoiseshell Persian (Holly). My family only has Whiskers and Holly now. Holly just turned 4 in October. She’s extremely adorable, and Google Images cannot compete! All of our adopted cats came from different shelters. 

5. I only like small dogs. My background in being a newspaper carrier and raising cats might have caused this situation.

6. My parents are aware that they might have grandkittens in the future.

7. My next blog post might actually be focused on cats. I’ve been thinking about a really good topic for last 48 hours.

Nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (x2):

Please understand that this list is not influenced by rank.

1. yourlittleolive


3. lesleycarter


5. drjessica

6. 321irony

7. dmltina

8. mobyjoecafe

9. esengasvoice

10. ithinkimfallinginlove

11. authordustinweber

12. journeytoawesomehood

13. befreeindeed

14. danteswritings

15. hansiriley

16. bobywo

17. lattiesbrookwriter

18. kandrewturner

19. katkatravels

20. joannehuspek

21. einsteinianapproach

22. mypresentself

23. ungratefulbliss

24. creativethresholds

25. thejinx

26. kimicalreaction

27. sadandmas4u

28. thebettermanprojects

29. landoffun

30.  mlmessme

Wow! I did it! 45 blogs! Please note, I did not award anyone with more than one award on this page. There are absolutely no repeats! I did this for the sake of having 45 original bloggers. If you are not on this list, please don’t feel bad. This was the first time in the two months that I was here to have this many blog nominations.

I wish the best of luck for everyone this year! Take care.

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Success at the Keyboard; Versatility and Inspiration Nominations

eWhoremany; Controversial Online Dating

Welcome! You’ve Got Love. 

While the any key is still unknown, finding love is simply a click away. Valentine’s Day is already a month around the corner, but who celebrates Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D) with their cat? I am not the Crazy Cat Lady, but I still do.

In 2013, you might eventually find someone to fulfill your New Year’s resolution of finding love, and you might satisfy your parents with hope that you will have someone by the age of 40. The rapid growth of match-making online initiated Cupid’s early retirement. Internet access is conveniently influencing the endless possibilities of finding Mr. Right, unless you are a shit magnet for attracting Mr. Wrong. Mr. Wrong might not even be Mr. Wrong! He might be trying his hardest for the Mr. Right nomination, but he ends up being another Mr. Wrong. This electronic interaction with strangers opens the doors for controversial debates. Are these men interested in serious relationships or do they want something else? Why would anyone use someone else’s picture to lure love and commitment? Are young women targeting vulnerable rich men for more than they bargained? Love does not cost a thing, but sex sells.

Stranger Request

When you receive a friend request notification, it does not necessarily mean you are already friends with them. People attract potential hookups through online communities or social networking websites by words, virtual actions, pictures, and games. How many people are legitimate and how many users hide behind fake accounts? Do you presume they are telling the truth?

On the right, you would assume that the guy with the overexposed light was Jake Timms from Indiana. If I talk to him, he might tell me his hometown. Well, that is precisely what, “Ask,” means. Although I would ask him more than just that question, his private profile denied my access. He can only accept friend requests if they confirm that they know his email address. A handsome young eighteen year old guy, playing hard to get, is checking out other guys’ profiles. Yeah, he came across mine and I have the privilege to see who might be checking out my profile daily. Do you think he might be interested in me? Well, shucks, that is very sweet. Honestly, I wish he lived closer! He seems to hold himself right looking like a lady-killer with those lips! Ouch! Seriously, Jake Timms might not even be Jake Timms. That guy in the photograph is commonly referred as, “Prinze Charming,” on WordPress. Yeah, that guy is me. That is my room, and I went to Amsterdam to buy that shirt. Sorry ladies, this guy is trying to compete with me. If you own an account on MyYearbook, or MeetMe, do not talk to a guy who uses this picture when his name is not Tony.

I contacted the MeetMe staff to take immediate action on this issue. They eventually responded back with some questions. They wanted me to prove that I am not someone else trying to take Jake Timms’ place or remove Jake Timms from existence. In the email, they responded with the following message:

“MeetMe Member Support replied:

This is something that we can help with. To verify that the pictures are of you, we ask that you take a photograph of yourself today holding up a piece of paper that says:
“MeetMe – Today’s Date – my email is ________________”
Then, reply to this email with a copy of that photo attached so that we can verify that you are the account holder. We’ll then be able to close any profiles with your photos that do not have your email address.
The photo you send us to prove your identity will not be posted to the site, it will be deleted after your identity is confirmed.
MeetMe Member Support”

Well, that is reassuring. I replied back, “See picture enclosed with the same shirt in the same room.” Jake Timms has yet to surface on my recent viewer page again. I actually like Jake’s new face. It seems happier and less intimidating. Although Jake has two shades of grey, I wonder where the other 48 decided to go. If you or someone you know is in a similar dilemma, please contact every website that has proof that your identity being used. Although this is a serious matter, do I take this as a compliment? The guy knows I am marketable for romance. Could he fill my shoes if he tried? I doubt it.

13 Going on 18  (Just for Now!)

Are you just one of the targeted members of a specific categorized group? Questions arise every year, and parental controls are ineffectively working to curtail Internet access to young adolescent users. Is it really the parental controls? Could it possibly be the lack of any parental control?

If you are a parent, you might have Internet parental controls set for your children. You might have even considered the idealistic attempt to curtail their internet access by setting up timers. No, really, that motivated me to wake up earlier just to use the computer until the evening. If I had to download something, that was another issue, especially on dial-up.

If you were one of those teens, did you feel rushed every morning to surf the web before it was too late? Did you really leave the website after being confronted about your age? Did you enter a birthday year that guaranteed you were 18 years old? “Oh, I will use 1914! That was like uh, World War I?” Yeah, it helps when you are smart, or does it?

Success! A white lie gives the young viewer instant access to a page full of categories listed alphabetically order across the screen, from Amateur to Webcam. An erotic glow of explicit content flashes in front of the eyes of the next victimized child of the Internet, and nobody is there to block them. The ads on the side are enticing the young mind to wander off and click for, “Local Babes Ready for Fun.” What if an adolescent boy saw this website? Would he assume girls were this easy? What if an adolescent girl saw this website? Would she assume that this is the norm for young women to follow?

christina ricci marie claire uk magazine cover hot sexy photo shoot rare promo pan am bel ami 2012Young girls exploit themselves through instant messages, email, and cellphone texts. They crave attention in the wrong areas because society focuses on attraction and establishing relationships. Sex does sell. Magazine companies, especially Seventeen Magazine, lure young teen girls into this materialistic world.

If there is a really hot guy in your daughter’s class, and there is another girl trying to win him over, conflicting circumstances will occur. Let’s take a look at the really hot guy’s perspective. Most guys will know if they attract their peers or not, but most guys will not know how to handle this attraction. Some will take an advantage to rack up numbers in their phones. Instant bragging rights for them, and for ladies – you’re just being played. You are just a pawn for them to play their game. Is it Megan Monday? Tiffany Tuesday? Wait, Wednesday Wednesday! OK, maybe the Adam’s family wouldn’t approve of that one. Did you even notice that the woman on the side is Christina Ricci, the Wednesday of 2012, in the UK’s Marie Claire magazine earlier last year in March? Yeah, by the way, her birthday is February 12! That will be my third month blogiversary!  She’ll be turning 33! That is too weird! While I’m only 9 years apart, which is 3 x 3, I wouldn’t mind a date with her at all! Wednesday Wednesday it is!

40 Year Old Virgin

Nobody in the world wants the pressure of being a forty-year old virgin. Judd Apatow, director of the movie, “The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005),” conveys the message of how someone can live through a chaste lifestyle. Would you do it if you were given a second chance?

During my senior year at the University of Connecticut, I enrolled in a course called, “The Developing World,” which focused on precisely what the title entails. On December 10, 2011, I submitted nearly 4,000 words on a research paper called, “The Underlying Self Identity of Women in Tunisia; the Psychological Impact of Familial and Societal Pressures on Young Tunisian Women.” I concluded my paper of how familial and societal pressures change the lifestyles of young Tunisian women. Here is an excerpt of that conclusion:

The status of women lacks superior acknowledgement, but it has significantly rose higher up in Tunisia’s social hierarchy since the twentieth century. Tunisian women are becoming more aware of their own rights, sexuality, opportunities of higher education, and presumably achieving professional careers that men cannot compete against. Although the Code of Personal Status may grant women back their rights, Tunisian universities will still have women students to abide by the unconstitutional guidelines of the revised dress code.

In Tunisia, young women feel as if they are unattractive to have intimate relationships with men if they are left in society. Honestly, if a man doesn’t come up to you, he is doing you a favor. In addition, he is most likely intimidated by you. The following excerpt explains the societal and familial pressures:

The societal and familial pressures hinder young Tunisian women from adolescence to motherhood. Tunisian women construct their self-identity as an individual with significance within society, but the psychological factors which influence the way young women perceive themselves in Tunisia can leave women in distress. Young women will experience male peer pressure to engage in premarital sexual behavior, but they may also experience familial pressures to wed at an earlier age upon maturity. Moreover, motherhood will also have a societal pressure to face as women without children are frowned upon in society as lower class citizens of Tunisia. These mothers will direct their own daughters either away or into societal pressure by moderating their freedom to associate with their own peers.

The world revolves around the drive to find love and the strength to hold commitment. If a relationship lacks the stable architectural design, the couple will struggle to find their way through. We can all learn from our mistakes, but bad habits will encourage the victimized hopeless romantic to settle for less. The Internet is a portal for social acceptance and intimate fantasies. The envious Jake Timms could have been the catalyst for a future heartbreak of a young woman searching for Mr. Right. My identity was at risk for being subjected to false accusations and the girl’s hope for destiny blew into the wind of unrequited love.

Option Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever met someone from the Internet? Was it a better experience than Dateline’s, “To Catch A Predator?”
  2. Do you have any idea why Jake Timms would choose me from many other guys online? Give me your thoughts about this in the comment section below.  
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