Blog of the year awards and nominations! Thank you! Revised

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Presented by iamforchange:

Blog of the year awards and nominations Thank you! Revised.


My message back to him:

“Wow, I am speechless! Thank you so much for this nomination! I am only three days shy of my one month anniversary here, and I am nearly 2,300 views of all time. This is a great pleasure to grow and develop with the WordPress community by exchanging my words of love, wisdom and hope in today’s society. As a recent graduate at the University of Connecticut, journalism was least of my expectations. However, I do miss my intensive twenty page research papers, and then blogging successfully became a remedy for that. I’m extremely pleased with this nomination, and I look forward on receiving more stars! The more stars I receive, the more eyes to mesmerize upon a poetic night of glistening inspiration and determination. Take care, sir.”

I would also like to thank, for this opportunity. This truly inspires me to write more!

Beyond Words Can Explain

Now, let me acknowledge the ones who have become a significant impact in my life. The people whom I always come back to my blog because they offer inspiration and support to continue writing. Yes, you followers. I have reached triple digit followers and nearly 2,300 views of all time in less than a month. That blows my mind away with so much warmth and acceptance. That allows the distinction within the community, not as another blog, but that blog. The blog that inspired many other inspiring people within days!

If you have someone to nominate this year, please spread the word!

I will be more than pleased if I received all six stars!

Thank you all once again for your love and support.

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Blog of the year awards and nominations! Thank you! Revised