Visual and Audio Enhancement; Your Opinion Matters!

Hey, everyone! 你好吗?Salut, ca va? I’d go on, but I am lazy.

Wait, why am I writing in a big empty white text box again? Oh, right! I have an idea for 2013! Yeah, I haven’t been around that long on here, but it is never too late to change something within the format of my blogging.

Well, I thought about it. You might not always have the energy to read my intensively engaging articles. That’s a bummer, right? Maybe you had a long day? Maybe you would rather listen to your bed time story so you can relax and play it on repeat? That is perfectly fine! There is a solution to this! After my French Phonetics class at the University of Connecticut, I concluded that Audacity is the best program to use to record my voice! I will use this to my advantage in my posts. I can also use my Canon Rebel T3i to make video blogging possible. That’s if you would rather see my face while listening to my voice. Two for the price of one? Yes.

HEY! Yeah, YOU! STOP STARING AT THAT PICTURE! Also, if you like that animated GIF, I can make more posts with just that or have them become part of my articles. If I left them alone without any articles, they will be much bigger. However, I could make a separate page just to show them off. Let me know in the comment section below if you are interested in a larger picture. That doesn’t freak me out at all.

YOU DECIDE! I have an amazing support group here at WordPress. Thank you so much for hanging out with me for the last two months. If I didn’t have any followers, I would be talking to myself. Well, not that it doesn’t happen often anyways!

Now, what are you deciding? The options are as follows: would you like to listen to my voice, see videos, and/or have animated GIFs of me? Or, keep it simple without the new proposal? Let me know! If you choose to ignore the poll, fine. Feel free to comment!

Note: Remember my linguistic background? Yeah, I can also use that to my advantage. So, if you are from a French-speaking country, allons-y! If you are from a Spanish-speaking country, ¡Vamos! Although my Mandarin Chinese and Arabic are on an elementary level, as well as my Italian, I can still try my best to please my diversified followers!

Thanks everyone!

Take care.

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Visual and Audio Enhancement; Your Opinion Matters!