Discovering Mr. Right; A Brief Analysis on Idealistic Male Traits

Ladies, Mr. Right does not have a fixed image, but he certainly does have idealistic male traits that will help filter through all the Mr. Wrong’s that throw corny one-liners. Do you think Mr. Right is Prince Charming? Possibly, your knight in shining armor is the same guy too?  Chivalry does not necessarily need a horse. If the man of your dreams lost his horse, maybe he will offer a piggyback ride instead?

How do we address the idealistic characteristics of men portrayed in Disney movies or romantic comedies? Are they all physical attributes, or do they have some key factors for emotional strengths? You might consider yourself far from being shallow, but physically appealing genetics are always a plus.

Let’s discuss the idealistic characteristics that we commonly hear when we mention Mr. Right or Prince Charming. We can check which ones are idealistic and emphasize on the ones that have more potential with realistic reasoning.

Wealth and Power 

Did you see his Porsche? Wait, he has a Lamborghini too? Ladies, you know Richie Rich when you see him! Do you really want a man to put a price tag on your love? Do you really want him to pay his way into your pants? That’s not a lover, that’s a business man with a politician’s mind. You want someone who is financially stable, not financially capable. Does he live to work or work to live? Hopefully, you can find someone who does both. You want someone who sets life ambitions with a head over his shoulders while being a hard-working partner gradually moving closer to accomplishing those goals. Is it really necessary to find someone who makes more money than he can even handle? Money will pay off the bills, but happiness is not guaranteed.


Instantly, you imagine yourself being with McLovin. Does that satisfy your desire for knowledge? Intelligence has a vast array of definitions for many cultures and regions of the world. The definition may have a consensus that intelligence is the general mental ability to learn and apply information. How do we decide if Mr. Right has the idealistic measure of intelligence? The main focus is not necessarily his background in education, but how he presents himself to you effectively. Yes, he may carry himself as an effective conversationalist and public speaker without a four-year degree. However, it solely depends on your personal preference.

Generally, you want a social butterfly that can express himself effectively, present himself respectably, especially around your parents, and someone who can understand you entirely. No, that does not necessarily mean he should know that you burp five times a day, but he should understand how to offer the emotional and physical connection that you desire to have with him. Does it tickle your insides when he throws big words out there? Unless you’re part of The Big Bang Theory’s cast, I highly doubt you will come close to feeling the same intellectual connection as Sheldon’s girlfriend, Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler.

Guys, be yourself when you deal with intelligence. Impress her with how that information has changed you, not how much you actually learned.

If you want an example, I have studied five languages in a classroom, including English. Do I brag about the awards I received? I will briefly mention them in my About Me, but I would rather emphasize on the UCAELI conversation partner volunteer experience I had with foreign exchange students. Pick your spotlight moments and reflect on them. Unless you have more time to converse with each other, keep it brief.

Emotionally Sensitive

You have seen these men before, but watch out for best friend potential! These are the ones to friend zone! Shopping? Totally. Romantic comedies? Fabulous. No, really, you want that guy who can put the ‘man’ in ‘mannequin’. Let him shop with you, hold your purchases and wait for you outside the fitting room. Ladies, yeah I am talking to the exhibitionist out there, we can save the fitting room invitation talk later. I will admit that I like your style – thinking outside the bedroom.

However, there might be some trust issues involved, and you might not want someone waiting outside the fitting room checking out everyone in line. Yeah, that is definitely a trust buster. How do you know if he is patiently waiting for you? Well, regardless, you want a man who can voice his opinions about how you look in your latest shopping frenzy but you avoid the ones who know more designers than you ever wore in your lifetime. If the dress makes him upset or brutally honest that he throws a fit, you might not want the dress or him anymore.

Romantic comedies really are great. Guys, if you cried to A Walk to Remember and you took down a lot of mental notes from The Notebook – you are already showing your idealistic qualities! Women want men who can balance sensitivity where they can distinctly categorize you between her best friend and her boyfriend. It is completely natural to have feelings for romantic comedies, and it can enhance your relationship when you follow the notes you wrote down from other movies. She does not want another sister, but a lover. Express yourself, but try to limit on how much you express with the most effective delivery. Write the articles for Cosmopolitan, while you leave your mother or sister’s copy alone!

The Family Guy

Yes, the man who does not run away from minor conflicts or the one who rarely has an issue with establishing and maintaining commitment. He does not make you or his family an option, but a priority.   Ladies, when someone asks you, “How many children do you have?” I hope you have two children, and only say two children. If you are in the same boat as my mother mentioning that she has “three.” That’s a problem! Guys, women want men who can understand that family is invaluable. You can always pick your friends, but you can never pick your family. If you are hesitant about children, that is completely fine. As long as you are close to your family, treating them with the utmost respect, even if some bang heads, you will be ideal. It shows more than family value, but strength in building and maintaining relationships.

Former Boy Scout of America?

Remember the Boy Scout Law is a compiled list of other qualities that require more emphasis with your girlfriend too. These are as follows:

What qualities suit your Mr. Right?

If you could change or improve one thing about your man now, what would it be? Why? Feel free to comment below and express how you feel! Thanks!

Discovering Mr. Right; A Brief Analysis on Idealistic Male Traits