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Hey everyone!

Although I promised that I would continue Part II of my latest blog post today, the publication is delayed until more people respond to the discussion. Thank you for those who have already responded! As promised, I will mention the participants of the discussion in Part II with a pingback. So, be sure to participate! I will acknowledge you for your contributions!

Now, let’s talk business. The latest navigation tab on the right labeled, “Blog Directory,” is your new best friend. Yes, the blog directory is now running smoothly while people are already requesting a spot on the list! Are you interested in being a part of this list, or you know anyone who would love to participate? Share the link or reblog this post! When you arrive at the page, be sure to follow the next link that says blog post. It will send you here. If you follow the directions, you will be successfully added to the blog directory. I want serious bloggers. If you can effectively describe your blog to me, I can place you in the proper category. If you write a great submission, you might be featured below the complied directory for others to have a respectable first impression on you.

Now, the basic FAQ’s:

Why are you doing this?

My blog will never be enough for my 3,500+ subscribers.  There will be a time when someone has to search beyond my dedicated work and my engaging extensive articles. I completely understand. I also understand the difficulty behind blog promotions, and the limitations we must face in the beginning of a blogging lifestyle. If anyone recently started their blog, this will be a great opportunity for you to share your thoughts and opinions. If you have a weight loss blog or you help others with inspiration, please share these blogs. I want this directory loaded with inspirational people by the end of 2013! If anyone would like to design an image or button to place on your blog to direct back to this directory, please suggest a design for me. That would be greatly appreciated. The “winners” will have their designs listed and displayed with their names by their successful submission. More kudos to you!

It is a pleasure to work with other bloggers. Please feel free to contact me through that form submission page as well. I wish the best of luck in your blogging endeavors of 2013!

Take care,


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URGENT: Promotional Announcement for Blog Directory (REBLOG THIS)