Relaxing on First Base; A Brief Survey on Kissing Preferences

French Kiss

Physical intimacy is a healthy way of expressing our passionate sides to complete strangers or lovers. I appreciate the successful turn out for volunteers on my last poll. I will be writing a Part III very soon to conclude my thoughts about the results. I am looking forward on writing more about physical intimacy with the results from this poll as well. Please provide as much information as possible, including two detailed responses for the two questions requiring more information to fill out. All participants are not subjected to answer all the optional questions, including name or website address. However, there is acknowledgement for all participants willing to submit their website address for their voluntary contribution. All participants are aware that their information is not used for anything else other than the next blog publication. My intentions for the next blog publication are kept secret until the official publication of the results. I want more than seven submissions this time! I will hold off on ending this poll shortly before Valentine’s Day. Please reblog this or share the link to your friends. That would be greatly appreciated!



 Erogenous Zone? 

Total Submissions: 


Number 22
Number 22 (Photo credit: beckycaplice)


Note: I will be updating this section as soon as I receive the submissions.


3:04 PM EST 02/04/13:  Wow! Twenty-two (22)  submissions already? That is amazing! Thanks everyone!


I have to label the questions as (1), (2), (3) because it only registered one “Would You Rather,” so expect a message from me shortly to verify your answers. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you did not provide your website, then please resubmit and mention that you resubmitted within the response. I was wondering why everyone was skipping the questions! It is now working.

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Relaxing on First Base; A Brief Survey on Kissing Preferences

Pushing Away Physical Intimacy; The Consequences of Playing Hard to Get Part 2

10 niveaux d’intimité dans les communications
(Photo credit: Emilie Ogez)

Interpersonal communication, regardless of the relationship status between the two conversationalists, is an effective skill for facilitating physical intimacy with another person. The level of social awkwardness, between socially awkward and awkwardly social, may hinder a person’s performance in achieving a physical and emotional connection. A social butterfly will have the comfort and flexibility to have alternative choices to move forward with the social interaction. The rising era of digital intimacy may entice two individuals to initiate an intimate textual exchange, but the new comfort zone has more challenging barriers for the introverts and extroverts to meet people from the Internet.

On January 21, 2013, a voluntary survey created in a blog post asked six core questions that will help the next article publication. The questions focused on social awkwardness, playing hard to get, concealing flirtatious intentions under the pressure of unrequited attraction, physical intimacy, making moves from a confirmed mutual attraction, and accepting awkward situations. All participants are aware that any of the information submitted is only for writing this article. All participants were aware that their names and blog website addresses are optional, and will only be used for acknowledgement if provided.

The following survey questions were not mandatory to answer, but it was greatly appreciated for any participant to completely answer all the questions to facilitate discussion.  If you have not contributed to this discussion, please feel free to answer the questions in the comment section below.

Survey Questions 

Question 1

Are you socially awkward or awkwardly social?

Question 2 

Do you play hard to get? Why? Why not?

Question 3

Yes or No? You tell someone attractive a flirtatious comment. You really aren’t kidding when you say, “JK!”. If yes, are you shy that they might not have the same feelings about you?

Question 4

How important is physical intimacy for you? If you have the confidence, would you want to entice and engage something with a complete stranger?

Question 5

If there was a mutual attraction for each other, both admitting that you really felt that way about the comments, would you make a move?

Question 6

Yes or No? A situation is only awkward because you accepted it that way.

Question Results 

Question 1 – 

Social awkwardness is commonly acknowledged throughout 57% of the seven responses for the first question. Two participants responded precisely as, “Not at all,” before explaining their reasoning behind their extroverted personalities. One participant described their social confidence is enough to plan social events with friends.  The other participant faces a common social barrier in the beginning by being shy, but extremely confident to converse when they reach their comfort zone. The socially awkward or awkwardly social participants explained their awkwardness very well. One participant faces social insecurities because of their social status of interpersonal communication. The best response was from a participant admitting to having socially awkward and awkwardly social characteristics. As a bartender, physical intimacy is normally achieved through flirtatious comments. However, an overwhelming complimentary place can push an individual into an extremely awkward situation. The exposure of complimentary and ritualistic language is easily identified in a public setting, but there is a concealed immunity from overexposure. If a woman experiences compliments every day, the desire for physical intimacy and attraction shifts aside. One participant did not answer the question.

Question 2 – 

The participants came to a consensus with playing hard to get under the influences of a maturity level, prioritizing time, and the comfort of the situation. The most intriguing discovery was when two participants mentioned about being coy in two completely different contexts. The majority believes that attraction is mandatory to acknowledge and confronted to avoid misleading someone on. If there is no attraction for a guy, playing hard to get might simply be the easy way of sending the message that they are not interested. One participant said they know exactly what they want, how they will get it, and when they will get it. A very intriguing response was that they do not play hard to get because they simply are hard to get. In addition, one participant is perceived as playing hard to get through first impressions of being awkward and uncomfortable.

Question 3 –

According to the responses, 71% of the participants responded negatively, while the remaining 29% agreed that they would not be kidding after giving a flirtatious comment. A consensus on how honesty towards someone with potential and interest for a prospective relationship is very important. However, one participant mentioned that they will say that they are just kidding only for the sake of attraction, but no potential interest for anything further. They believe that sending the mixed message would happen only if they did not mention that they were kidding.

Question 4 – 

A consensus of 71% all agreed that physical intimacy was very important, while the remaining 29% believed that physical intimacy requires an emotional connection or never experienced physical intimacy to fully appreciate it. In addition,  three participants would entice and engage something with a complete stranger, especially if that stranger was attractive. One participant believes that they will wait for physical intimacy if the guy has potential for a future relationship with them. Lastly, one participant mentions about the simplistic natural element of physical intimacy by mentioning that confidence is not necessarily mandatory for intimate encounters with random people. Therefore, the upbringing of moral and personal value of the individual has a lot to do with their decision for intimacy.

Question 5 – 

Although three participants agreed that they would make a move through acknowledging the mutual attraction, gender roles played a significant part within the context of the responses. The bold attempt to make a move has a few of the participants waiting for the other person to make their move first. Regardless of the circumstances, two participants believe that it is extremely attractive for the other person to make their move first.

Question – 6 
All participants agreed that a situation is only awkward because they accepted it that way. Therefore, nobody should ever feel awkward about something happening.
I would like to thank the following participants for their time:
I will conclude my final thoughts on this in Part III. Thank you.
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Pushing Away Physical Intimacy; The Consequences of Playing Hard to Get Part 2

Pushing Away Physical Intimacy; The Consequences of Playing Hard to Get Part I

Hey everyone!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I was extremely busy today with my family, and everything else that required immediate action. Now, I am willing to connect with my beautiful followers on the topic of physical intimacy and the consequences of playing hard to get. If anyone contributes to the submissions, you will acknowledge that I can use any of the information that you provide. This information will only be used for Part II of this post. Please be aware that the name and website address are optional. If you provide your name, it will be easier to acknowledge you. If you also use your website address, you will be instantly connected with your name. You deserve the acknowledgement, and everyone should check your blog out. As soon as I receive enough submissions on this, I will make a very rewarding article out of the data I collect.

All questions are not subjected for mandatory submission. You do not have to answer everything I ask. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.


Due to the blog theme, the questions are in capitalized letters. I am not yelling at you. Sorry for any inconvenience or mixed reactions to this!

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12:15 A.M. 1/25/13 (25/01/13)

EST Update:

There are six (6) submissions! Let’s shoot for at least 10! Thanks to those who have submitted! I am looking forward to writing this!

Pushing Away Physical Intimacy; The Consequences of Playing Hard to Get Part I

The Erotic Flight Over the Law; The Mile High Club Discussion Part I

It starts with her beauty in my eyes, it moves...

In the last two months, my intriguing posts encouraged minds to wander into passionate reflections on concealed desires. My words may have enticed urges of physical intimacy as simple as no strings attached snuggling. If a follower mustered enough confidence to attempt my seductive or sensualist approaches, everywhere around them is a playground. Although my hopeless romantic followers may fantasize about exhibitionism, any public intimacy is an extreme rush for the novice enthusiast. In my opinion, I still have a lot to learn, regardless if my intimate experiences can range from outside to public buildings. I am always craving for something higher. I want a higher rush in a higher altitude with a complete stranger with similar intentions.

Welcome, Aboard!

The Mile High Club is a very controversial topic, but it is also a very fascinating one for prospective and participating members. An airplane bathroom is not romantic for any physical intimacy, but it still captures the moment to let everything loose. According to the official Mile High Club website, mandatory membership entails engaging in sexual intercourse at an altitude of at least 5,280 ft, or roughly a mile above Earth. The membership is solely on an honor system where each member claims that they experienced something on an airplane. The first impression of the story is important for the first interpretation. If someone believes you, then congratulations! If not, try your approach one more time.

The website has a very interesting section with personal submissions of Mile High Club experiences.  You might disagree with hooking up with a complete stranger from the airport or sitting next to you throughout the flight, but a few club members are happily married together from their first experience. I could just imagine the stories they would have to tell their parents, friends or even kids! Then, it would come back around at them when their own child tells their intimate story. “Mommy and daddy met on a plane!” In a few years, some couples will have to explain that daddy’s plane flew into mommy’s landing strip (pun intended!), and then an unexpected baggage claim came in the mail nine months later.

Sunset over eastern North America
Sunset over eastern North America (Photo credit: caribb)

Soaring Through the Law

Tom McMahon, director of 1,000 Ways to Die, gave the spotlight on the membership into the “Mile Die Club” being the #559 death to experience in life. Are people really dying to join? The debate on legal matters is viral while more couples struggle through handcuffs for their attempt to join the fun. Although some couples might enjoy that sadistic attention, humiliation will come around later. Celebrities were always encouraged to join the flight to intimacy, including Janet Jackson in November of 2006.  Although celebrities will have their own private jets, commercial airlines might be too intimidating. You must reconsider the airline carrier policies, the laws of the country you are flying over, or the curious bystander a seat over from you.

According to British laws, section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004 states the following:

Sexual activity in a public lavatory

(1)A person commits an offence if—

(a)he is in a lavatory to which the public or a section of the public has or is permitted to have access, whether on payment or otherwise,

(b)he intentionally engages in an activity, and,

(c)the activity is sexual.

(2)For the purposes of this section, an activity is sexual if a reasonable person would, in all the circumstances but regardless of any person’s purpose, consider it to be sexual.

(3)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale or both.]

This might be intimidating for BritishAirways passengers, being caught is very uncommon compared to the success of getting away with it.  The spontaneous couple must avoid interfering with the flight crew and its passengers. A common method for timing it right is to decide whether there is a crowded flight, everyone is mostly asleep, or far away as possible. An international flight is extremely flexible with a higher chance to succeed. As soon as the lights are off, let the hands wander further!

Note to Followers: 

I have to continue the day helping my sister out with studying for her French midterm for tomorrow. She is extremely nervous! I remember those days in high school. There will be a Part II to this discussion tomorrow. In the mean-time, answer some of the following questions and your name (along with a Pingback) will be part of the next post. Instant promotion just to engage some talk! Hence, this is a discussion. 

Questions for Part II of Discussion 

  1. How do you feel about public displays of affection (PDA)? How far is too far?
  2. How do you feel about exhibitionism? Would you consider it during the day, at night or never at all? Do you have any experiences with skinny dipping, streaking, or physical intimacy outside in public?
  3. Would you consider joining the Mile High Club? Would you consider it with a complete stranger or someone you knew?
  4. Would you consider trying foreplay in your seats before you went to the nearest lavatory on the plane?
  5. Are you afraid of flying on planes that you would never even imagine doing any of this?
  6. If you are a Mile High Club member, have you ever shared your story? Would you do it again?
  7. If you could choose between having physical intimacy in a car, bus, train, boat or a plane, which form of public transportation would you choose? Why?
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The Erotic Flight Over the Law; The Mile High Club Discussion Part I

Is It Really in Their Kiss?; The Art of Seductive Kissing

January is a very awkward month of resolutions, self-improvement, and rekindled interests to succeed. When next week approaches, January 14 will spark the countdown to a day when hopeless romantics celebrate Singles Awareness Day. Although Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, the materialistic attitudes will immediately take over the unconditional motives for love. The act of kissing another person, regardless of their relationship status, conveys mixed emotions for a serious commitment.

Dusting Off Mr. Snuggles

Have you ever received love letters and teddy bears on Valentine’s Day? Are you just hoarding unrequited love from every Valentine’s Day since someone gave you something sentimental in kindergarten? Hallmark’s time to shine will also be yours as well! Whether you have already kissed someone you are passionately in love with in 2013 or you are still mustering enough hope that someone will come around the corner, this is an article that will help refine the meaning of a true love’s first kiss.

The Hollies and Cher have one important thing in common. The meaning behind a sensual kiss determines whether you are experiencing love’s presence or lust. In their two songs that are almost titled the same, “It’s In Her Kiss,” and “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss),”  eyes of lust are very deceiving to someone vulnerable to easily misunderstand the persuasive body language. A man with charm in his face might be enticing a vulnerable woman to kiss him, but he might not have what it takes to passionately kiss her back. The “warm embrace” explained in the songs are precisely accurate because anyone can snuggle with the exchange of body heat.  Never let no strings attached snuggling fool you into something else!

Pucker Up, Boys

Kissing is one of the most effective approaches for romance and seduction. Everyone wants that physical intimacy with someone new, especially if the attraction was from love at first sight. The awkward suspense intensifies when your eyes exchange seductive smirks and the faces speak to each other by moving in closer. Are they ready for the passionate embrace? Kissing is extremely enjoyable, but it is also part of the list of things that have a process, place and time. It is also the destination after a flight through the clouds of interpersonal communication and disclosure. Never assume that someone will kiss you after an engaging conversation that leads to smiles and laughter. The ability to effectively communicate through non-verbal cues is important to understand. Therefore, it really is in their kiss.

Pucking Amazing! 

Congratulations! You finally found someone weeks before Valentine’s Day on the Internet. The luxurious Italian restaurant on Saturday is going viral on your Twitter. Your hashtag, #foreverfound, is picking up more followers. The pictures are still left inside your memory card, but they look amazing! The two love birds were singing majestically underneath the city lights with a moon lit sky. The lousy attempt at serenading you with a shower love song was cute enough for a smile. The date went smoothly without the unnecessary intoxication of Sex on the Beach. Although Halitosis delayed the kiss, the prolonged affection for each other was well worth the wait. Was it love at first website? The texts shortly after suggest the vacancy for improvement with your intimate intentions.

Mother Pucker!

Damn it! The urge for a passionate embrace failed miserably! Did you end up hugging after a romantic night out in the city? Wait, was the hug weak or not long enough? Oh, not another side hug! Seriously? Try harder next time! This is no time for regret, but plenty of time for self-improvement. Practice will enhance perfection, and the main goal is achieving a hug from behind. Let them know that they are safely secured between your arms. I would emphasize more on hugging before kissing, but hugging is easy. Everyone should have their own norm for hugging friends, family, or the prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. Kissing requires more attention. Although the first impression matters the most, an awkward hug is replaceable in seconds after the first attempt. If a first kiss fails, someone might not have the courage to fix the problem. The problem might only be the poor kissing habits, and the misunderstanding of using the wrong techniques for finding intimacy.

The Sherminator?

No, I’m the Escalator, baby.

A sophisticated Shakespearean kisser sent back through time to change the future for Juliet’s intoxicated lips.

If you have never seen the American Pie series, please watch them. First, before I begin the escalation, I must tell you that everything you are willing to do with a person has a process. Whether you are simply talking, walking, dancing, or snuggling, there is a process behind every interactive approach to building a healthy relationship with a prospective match. In the kissing department, there’s the E.S.C.A.L.A.T.O.R. approach. If you want to achieve something, you move up to the next level. If you want to return back to where you started, you can go back down.  I believe my approach can help every situation out with the right understanding. If you are writing a research paper, follow an escalator approach. Have you tried writing the middle of your paper before you complete the introduction? It is not easy, but it is possible. Although we cannot jump into the middle of an escalator, we are extremely flexible with sensual escalation.

The E.S.C.A.L.A.T.O.R. Approach 

Engage in eye contact.

Secure a simple kiss on their forehead.

Caress their hair while you stare into their eyes.

Allow your noses to playfully glide against each other.

Let’s focus on soft cheek and chin kisses.

Acquire confidence in teasingly brushing your lips across theirs.

Tame the prolonged desire of kissing with an Eskimo nose dance.

Offer the signal that you are willing to go further by biting your own bottom lip.

Release the escalation by closing your eyes and leaning closer.

Try It Before You Buy It

The concept of kissing is over rated. Time to go window shopping before you start checking out on something you might not actually enjoy. When you go shopping for clothes, you head over to the fitting rooms before you buy everything. The same concept applies with kissing. Why would you buy their lips before you try them on? My approach allows flexibility while testing out intimate personalities. How does someone respond to your sensual kisses? Guys, give your date something she never felt before. Keep your mind off the lips, especially below the hips! Your date wants to feel special by affection and selection. Silence is golden, especially when you do everything I mentioned without a word. Let the bodies communicate effectively and you will see immediate improvement if you do it right.

When you are already Eskimo kissing, or playfully gliding your noses together, you are so close yet so far away from their lips. When you move further down, teasingly brushing your lips across theirs, you are sending more than just the message, “Are you ready?” You are testing out the water before you dive in! You are also testing the pH level of your passion pool. Is it halitosis tonight? Maybe it was something she just ate? That is effective for planning ahead. If she has never experienced sensual kisses from a man, you might have her begging for more! Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I am only discussing the true love’s first kiss. Ladies, if you tease a man with my approach, please let me know how much he fights for your lips. Is there anyone interested in holding a contest? The longer you last without kissing, with the leverage of brushing your lips across theirs, wins.

Checkout and Flaunt It! 

Great! You finally released escalated passion from an intimate embrace! The two lips gliding against each other created something euphoric! Now, where is the true love’s first kiss? How does it start and how much focus falls upon the performance? Is it acceptable to go with the flow? No, not necessarily. If you are uncomfortable, you should step back. Guys, if she wanted a dog to kiss her, she would let her own family friend make the moves before you do. If you are giving her a tongue bath,  she will most likely blow the whistle for a lifeguard. I cannot emphasize enough on how awkward it is to drown while someone is trying to kiss you. Learn how to control your saliva. Ladies, this also goes out for you as well. Start off sweet with soft lips. You already brushed your lips across theirs, and you are already familiar with the texture of their lips. Start off with something light. Guys, listen carefully, caress their lips with yours while your hands wander off somewhere appropriate. Choose between running your fingers through their hair, on the side of their face, or down at their hips. Change it up every other minute and let them experience another alternative between those suggestions.

Pepé Le Puke

No way, José! Hold off on the French kissing for a while! Just enjoy your quality time together before something serious happens. It is not acceptable to find any leftovers from your date or from breakfast before you two saw each other. Stay out of their mouth for a while, and embrace upon something right in front of you. Class is not over yet, fish! Although your session might be romantically engaged, you will need to swim back up for fresh air. When you give yourself a break, just admire each other while your noses touch. This is not only adding kudos to your passionate side, but the emotional connection with someone amazing will gradually become stronger. Use this time to treat them as a person, not another number in your daily planner.

When you have that physical connection with someone, confirm your intentions with them. If you are not willing to commit soon, let them know. If there is interest in pursuing further, talk about it. Let them know that you enjoyed your time together. Communication is important in every status of a relationship, especially the one from within.

Just be yourself, express what you feel, and go with the flow if you two are completely comfortable with each other. If something does not work out effectively, talk about it. Never leave them hanging out to dry for several weeks after your date. That raises a red flag to stay away as far as possible.

Facing Beyond the Face

Do you think kissing leads to more intimacy and sexual attraction? How do you effectively kiss further away from their face? Guys, is there a technique used for kissing a woman’s neck, shoulders, back, nipples, stomach, around their belly button, hips, thighs, inner thighs, legs or softly upon their mons pubis? Ladies, how do you like your sensual kisses? Does the job position entail biting as well, especially for the neck? That may just be another future post! I hope you all enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below! Start puckering, you hopeless puckers!


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Is It Really in Their Kiss?; The Art of Seductive Kissing