Making Love Outside the Norm; Achieving Seductive Originality

A passionate desire for a lover’s chance to seduce the one they love with a sensual dance. The fingers wander like snakes with lust through the embrace of love and trust. Everyone desires the role of being the greatest lover in bed with no sense of direction or idea how to go ahead. Romantic ambitions lost without a compass or map, but an article to entice them to open up and unwrap.

After noticing the trending views for the sensualist perspective article, I am looking forward to providing some strategies on making Valentine’s Day extend for more than an entire 24 hours. This article will encourage your passionate minds to open up to originality and creativity. There is no age or experience requirement, however I do expect maturity and respect for everything you do to your partner. The main ingredients for these tactics are pure dedication and commitment. Push aside your insecurities, and discover each other in the most intimate way possible. My seductive strategies are effective because I care about what I do to the one experiencing my techniques. I do not recommend using my techniques with just anyone, but if you insist – make your one night-stand distinct from the rest. Give them quality over quantity performance. Make them come back for more. 

Sensual Suspense 

Guys, size does not matter at all with foreplay. All you need is confidence, passion, and patience. If you are unaware of how to use your hands and mouth effectively, please refer to my sensualist article. Ladies, give him a study guide after his lesson. Then, put him to the test. Most couples ignore or simply forget how to achieve the simplistic art of intimacy. Kissing is extremely important, but lips are not necessarily the only place to reserve a passionate kiss. This will be difficult to understand, but just ignore the sex for now. Imagine a cock block, or a chastity belt, preventing you from achieving sexual gratification. Find some other way around that to have fun.

Anatomy Class – 

English: A man handcuffed to a bed and blindfolded

Good morning, class!  First, I recommend an entire week of engaging in a hands-on anatomy class with your lover. Your first homework assignment will be due by the end of the week. No, seriously, learn more about your partner through a visual stimulation of who you are and what you have to offer. By the end of the week, you are able to identify (1) their erogenous zones,  (2) body language, and (3) an emotional and physical connection with the one you love. Sex is not just sex because there is an emotional and physical understanding that we rarely acknowledge. If you are willing to make love, you are willing to make some adjustments to how you approach your partner in bed.

Lab Instructions –

Use only your hands and your mouth in all the lab exercises you do in your intimate anatomy class. The only penetration allowed is using teeth, generally around the neck area. First, focus from the forehead down to the waistline. You are not ready for the next chapter (yet)! Do not exceed beyond their waistline. Confidence in trying something new is important, especially when it is simply showing off your passionate side for your partner. I have provided a list to entice your passionate side. If you follow the instructions carefully, you will be able to move on to the next level of intimate gratification. Please follow the following lab report template below to make sure that you are doing an outstanding job with your seductive experimental approach.

Lab Report – 

Statement of the Problem

How does my lover react to physical intimacy without sexual penetration? Are there any clear observations of arousal or discomfort in the attempts of seduction and sensual foreplay? My lover is willing to experience something new with me to entice their passionate side to release the buildup of sexual frustration and deprivation of sexual arousal.


If sensual kisses and massages from the forehead to the waistline entice my lover to bite their bottom lip, then sexual arousal will happen.


  • Hands
  • Mouth


  1. Your lover can wear anything they want during this experiment. However, keep in mind that less is more. It is much easier to work around undergarments, instead of shirts and pants.
  2. Position your lover on the bed lying down on their back.
  3. Give one soft kiss upon your lover’s forehead with your eyes open. Mentally record facial expressions.
  4. Give one soft kiss upon one of your lover’s cheeks with your eyes open. Mentally record facial expressions.
  5. Give your lover slow, playful Eskimo kisses for at least 1 minute. Time is flexible. Stop when you are ready.
  6. Run your fingers through your lover’s hair while you teasingly brush your lips across theirs. Mentally record facial expressions and body language
  7. Transition further down to kiss their chin. Mentally record facial expressions.
  8. Continue caressing their hair. Close your eyes to signal a passionate embrace with your lips. No need to record anything.
  9. Transition further down to their neck. Give them a soft gentle blow on the side of their neck. Mentally record facial expressions and body language.
  10. Trace the side of their neck with the tip of your tongue. Do not use excessive amount of saliva. Keep it light and simple. Mentally record facial expressions and body language.
  11. I could write more steps, but I feel like you should take over. Be creative until you reach to the waistline… you got this. I believe in you.


Well, what happened? Did you provide enough sensual kisses and massages from the forehead to the waistline? Did you entice your lover to bite their bottom lip? How many times? When did you notice them doing it? Where were you kissing and massaging for them to bite their bottom lip? Are you sure it was sexual arousal? Did they allow their hands to wander below the waistline? Did they encourage you to go further when you softly kissed across their waistline?


In conclusion, sensual kisses and massages from the forehead to the waistline will entice my lover to bite their bottom lip, and sexual arousal will happen. The tip of my tongue and my hands has successfully aroused my partner the most when I was caressing their breasts as their nipples erected inside my mouth. They bit their bottom lip the most when this happened. A possible error that may have hindered the overall performance while I was conducting this intimate experiment was when the phone rang. I may have to turn off the ringer next time we engage in a romantically sensual embrace.

Sensual Exploration

Congratulations! You successfully achieved your first lab report! Now, try these experiments:

  • The Impact of Different Juices on Sensational Kissing
  • The Impact of Whipped Cream on Sensual Foreplay 
  • The Impact of Showering in the Dark on Rekindling Romance

The main point to take from these experiments is to explore your partner with innermost passionate feelings. Use sensual food products, like fruit juice for kissing and whipped cream for foreplay. If you are willing to step outside the norm for more explorative opportunities, try ice cream or body paint. Just use your imagination and spice up your love life. As long as you are happy together and spending quality time together, endless possibilities of fun are open for inspirational consideration.

Sexual Surprise

Wow, talk about a heated discussion! Time to make love! Now, seduction is easy for any sensual intentions. The main problem is that seduction for sexual intentions can hinder any performance if there is no passion involved. Guys, she wants you to penetrate deep inside her just as much as you do. Never give her everything she wants right away! Never satisfy her completely until she begs for it. My seductive sexual strategies might leave her begging for more. She might even take control! Confidence is sexy, patience is running out, and dominance is ready to fight for sexual gratification. I encourage you all to try these sexual surprises.

Quading on Pink Terrain

Four wheeling, or commonly referred as quading, is extremely fun in open terrain. Try taking that same concept of digging into the dirt without a lot of penetration involved. Guys, when you quad on pink terrain, try to dig into her lips without penetrating deep inside. Use the head and the shaft as a shovel gliding against her wet pink lips. Experiment with this approach and see how long it takes for her to snap for more.

Shaft Spanking Paddle

BDSM is not for everyone, but spanking is always pleasurable when you do it right. Everyone’s level of tolerance for pain varies, but spanking your lover’s clit with your shaft is effective if you use the right amount of force and pace. Try doing it conservatively – before you penetrate inside and during your sexual exploration. Watch their body language and see if they enjoy a certain way of you doing it.

Chinese-pigs-in-blanket (Photo credit: Andrea_Nguyen)

Pigs in a Blanket

It is time to feed your lover’s intimate part of her body with the pigs in a blanket approach. Guys, after you make your lover extremely wet, spoon with them with something extra. Slowly glide your shaft inside and then leave it there. Give them passionate kisses while you caress their body. Just connect with your partner in an emotional and physical way. Guys, forget about thrusting for a bit. Ladies, tease him by flexing your muscles and constricting his shaft. See how long you can go without deeper penetration.

Free Samples 

Someone is hungry for more! Just imagine unwrapping a layered present in wrapping paper, plastic bags, and newspaper. You want more after the first attempt and you continue unwrapping until you reach the end. Guys, size does not matter with this at all. Never feel intimidated. Give her one inch at a time. Glide an inch inside, take it out. Glide two inches inside, take it out. Glide three inches inside, take it out. Try the shaft spanking paddle while you experiment with this.

Please Note:

I understand that all relationships are different, and I do not encourage something that makes you or your partner uncomfortable. If you have any suggestions or comments, please leave them below. If you have any success stories or failed attempts from physical intimacy, tell me all about them. Please understand that this article is to encourage quality time with your partner while understanding their sexuality through physical intimacy. I encourage you all to take what you already know about your partner and use that knowledge to your advantage. The more you know about them, the better it is for both of you to achieve sensual and sexual gratification.

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Making Love Outside the Norm; Achieving Seductive Originality

Feline Foreplay; How to Seduce Your Lover with Purrfection

Holly, my Tortoiseshell Persian, age 4.

A cat owner is most likely a sensualist with expertise on how to make their pussy purr. A soft gentle massaging rub through its hair makes a sudden rush of gratification. If the pace is effectively right, the beautiful feline friend will sprawl out and open up to their owner’s sensual touch. A dog is a man’s best friend, but a cat has much more to offer. 

My whole life revolved around Himalayan and Persian cats with distinct personalities. I mentioned about Holly, my Tortoiseshell Persian, in my recently published post. My blog post for today will primarily focus on how to use your affection towards your cat to convert it to experience points for seduction with your love life. I am a sensualist because of the way I treat my cats. I never really thought about it until now.  The mutual exchange of affection with my cats helped me become more aware of sensual intimacy with my love life. I never imagined writing about this topic, but these ideas about achieving sensuality experience with a furry friend are invaluable to my blog. If you have a cat, you will understand most of what I am saying. If you have a dog, try to keep up with them from being too forward with you when you lean over to practice.


Head Butts

Furry head butts are extremely playful non-verbal cues of kitty body language. If you lean forward, the cat might bump its head into yours. If you are standing on the floor, your furry friend is most likely ready to play Jaws circling around your legs for the first move. You should also consider something like this strategy towards affectionate attention to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Guys, I do not recommend the way you would imagine head butting your girlfriend. Although head butting suggests striking a head against someone’s forehead, carefully use your nose as a guide! Most women crave the simple remedies of sensual intimacy. I emphasized why communication is important for rekindling relationships in my article, “A Road Trip on a Cul-de-Sac; Rekindling Relationship Butterflies.” The idea of communicating effectively with both verbal and non-verbal cues can send your way to an extremely rewarding night. If  your boyfriend or girlfriend never received a forehead kiss from you yet, start learning now. Before you make that move to kiss their forehead, act like a playful kitten by rubbing your nose against their forehead. If you are sick with a stuffy nose, you better run after it before you make a mess all over their face! Try to stay away from being sick the day you make your feline attempt.

The Transition 

By exchanging playful nose glides across your lover’s forehead, an instant rush of dopamine will help relax the body for a reasonable comfort zone. Try not to overwhelm the situation, but transition with a forehead kiss after at least three glides. The next step is to transition from their forehead to their cheek. Stay on one side of the face to avoid any confusion that you are going to make the next move on their lips. When you kiss their cheek, then you should transition into Eskimo kisses. If you never Eskimo kissed your cat before, you should start doing that now too! A prolonged playful exchange of two noses gliding against each other can warm up the comfort zone. Guys, this is extremely important if you were never this close to her face. The impression that you are not going to kiss them right away builds up the suspense for that next move. If you follow through and complete everything I said, I would recommend something off the topic of what you should not do with your cat.

If you teasingly brush your lips across your lovers’ lips, watch them beg for an actual kiss. The suspense and awkward feeling of making that first attempt to kiss is always overwhelming. The perfect transition from Eskimo kissing is to move further down straight from their nose. You are already there at their face, just lean in and plant a soft one! If you try Eskimo kissing your cat, be as soft and gentle as possible. They will let you know when things are awkward.


In general, I would recommend running your fingers through your lover’s hair while you kiss your lover. If you caress their scalp, you will have them relaxed and ready for your next moves. I massage Holly’s head without the kisses, but you can understand your cat’s body language when you try to make them happy. A cat is very picky about how you touch them. Men and women are also the same way. Never assume that it is perfectly acceptable to tug their hair. You do not want to make that kitty hiss! When you figure out an effective technique on how you massage their scalp, work on the pace. You should never give them a noogie! Balance out everything, and you can now move on further.

cat neck
cat neck (Photo credit: Matt Dinkins)


Men and women have erogenous zones located all over their body for potential gratification and possible arousal. I am not going to guarantee instant gratification and arousal, so claiming it as a potential or possible opportunity would be accurately evaluated. I am not into earlobe sucking, but I do prefer to focus most of my attention on their neck. A cat will never reach their neck without the help of someone else scratching it for them. It is the same idea as someone else scratching that one area of your back that you will never reach without a wooden back scratcher. If you caress their neck and fully enjoy teasing it, results will immediately confirm the effectiveness of your approach. This also works well with cats. Your cat will only lift its head up in the air for a short time while you scratch its neck. If you keep the head positioned right, it will be fine with your affectionate love.

The most rewarding experience from teasing someone’s neck is interpreting the body language of that person. If you softly blow across their neck, they might bite their bottom lip. This is generally a sign of approval. If they seem disgusted or not interested, you probably did something wrong. Unless they are ticklish, excessive laughter is a red flag for not taking you seriously. Try not to overkill the blow. You are not a tornado! The next step you should take with you is the tip of your tongue. The size does matter for tongues because less is usually more. You never need the entire full length of the tongue to deliver a great rush of dopamine throughout their body. I would not recommend licking your cat’s neck, but please communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend when you make this attempt. Tell them why it feels awkward, and suggest something else to them. When you run the tip of your tongue across their neck, you can perfectly transition into kissing. The slightest touch on the neck is the best advice I could give you. Try to give them the lightest kiss possible. They will most likely squirm and beg for more. Switch it up and give them a kiss every other minute. Try the Search and Peck technique that a typist would use, but with the neck. Pick a spot, kiss it and slowly search for another. The object of this game is to prolong the foreplay, but enhance the quality. When you are successful with this section, it is time to dive into something even warmer.


If you are a professional or amateur masseuse or masseur, requests for a simple back massage is extremely demanding. Everyone loves a full body massage when they have a busy work schedule, especially from their own lover. Most mammals enjoy physical intimacy through skin to skin contact, regardless of the relationship status. Unfortunately, prolonged foreplay is either non-existent or lacks the most effective approaches for arousal. A cat will voice its opinions on how you stroke their fur. It may hiss or feel annoyed when you are rubbing too hard or awkwardly moving your hand around to make them uncomfortable. Men and women will also have this similarity with their bodies as well. Try to caress their neck while you run your lips further down to their nipples. When you start to explore different areas, erogenous zones build up with sensual desire when you stimulate them effectively. Although I do not recommend this with your cat, you can also communicate with your lover and suggest to experiment with food as well. When a cat allows you to massage their paws, and then you feel them extend their paws out to stretch, this is progress. They enjoy the relaxing pace, until you stop. When they open their eyes, look back at you, you know you spoiled them. Time to spoil your lover with unconditional love right meow!


  1. As a cat owner, do you feel like your cat has influenced your affectionate side? 
  2. As a dog owner, do you feel like you’re more dominant and rough with your love life?
  3. What is your favorite erogenous zone? How do you like it stimulated?
  4. What makes your pussy purr? Do you buy it toys or unconditional love?
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Feline Foreplay; How to Seduce Your Lover with Purrfection

Is It Really in Their Kiss?; The Art of Seductive Kissing

January is a very awkward month of resolutions, self-improvement, and rekindled interests to succeed. When next week approaches, January 14 will spark the countdown to a day when hopeless romantics celebrate Singles Awareness Day. Although Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, the materialistic attitudes will immediately take over the unconditional motives for love. The act of kissing another person, regardless of their relationship status, conveys mixed emotions for a serious commitment.

Dusting Off Mr. Snuggles

Have you ever received love letters and teddy bears on Valentine’s Day? Are you just hoarding unrequited love from every Valentine’s Day since someone gave you something sentimental in kindergarten? Hallmark’s time to shine will also be yours as well! Whether you have already kissed someone you are passionately in love with in 2013 or you are still mustering enough hope that someone will come around the corner, this is an article that will help refine the meaning of a true love’s first kiss.

The Hollies and Cher have one important thing in common. The meaning behind a sensual kiss determines whether you are experiencing love’s presence or lust. In their two songs that are almost titled the same, “It’s In Her Kiss,” and “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss),”  eyes of lust are very deceiving to someone vulnerable to easily misunderstand the persuasive body language. A man with charm in his face might be enticing a vulnerable woman to kiss him, but he might not have what it takes to passionately kiss her back. The “warm embrace” explained in the songs are precisely accurate because anyone can snuggle with the exchange of body heat.  Never let no strings attached snuggling fool you into something else!

Pucker Up, Boys

Kissing is one of the most effective approaches for romance and seduction. Everyone wants that physical intimacy with someone new, especially if the attraction was from love at first sight. The awkward suspense intensifies when your eyes exchange seductive smirks and the faces speak to each other by moving in closer. Are they ready for the passionate embrace? Kissing is extremely enjoyable, but it is also part of the list of things that have a process, place and time. It is also the destination after a flight through the clouds of interpersonal communication and disclosure. Never assume that someone will kiss you after an engaging conversation that leads to smiles and laughter. The ability to effectively communicate through non-verbal cues is important to understand. Therefore, it really is in their kiss.

Pucking Amazing! 

Congratulations! You finally found someone weeks before Valentine’s Day on the Internet. The luxurious Italian restaurant on Saturday is going viral on your Twitter. Your hashtag, #foreverfound, is picking up more followers. The pictures are still left inside your memory card, but they look amazing! The two love birds were singing majestically underneath the city lights with a moon lit sky. The lousy attempt at serenading you with a shower love song was cute enough for a smile. The date went smoothly without the unnecessary intoxication of Sex on the Beach. Although Halitosis delayed the kiss, the prolonged affection for each other was well worth the wait. Was it love at first website? The texts shortly after suggest the vacancy for improvement with your intimate intentions.

Mother Pucker!

Damn it! The urge for a passionate embrace failed miserably! Did you end up hugging after a romantic night out in the city? Wait, was the hug weak or not long enough? Oh, not another side hug! Seriously? Try harder next time! This is no time for regret, but plenty of time for self-improvement. Practice will enhance perfection, and the main goal is achieving a hug from behind. Let them know that they are safely secured between your arms. I would emphasize more on hugging before kissing, but hugging is easy. Everyone should have their own norm for hugging friends, family, or the prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. Kissing requires more attention. Although the first impression matters the most, an awkward hug is replaceable in seconds after the first attempt. If a first kiss fails, someone might not have the courage to fix the problem. The problem might only be the poor kissing habits, and the misunderstanding of using the wrong techniques for finding intimacy.

The Sherminator?

No, I’m the Escalator, baby.

A sophisticated Shakespearean kisser sent back through time to change the future for Juliet’s intoxicated lips.

If you have never seen the American Pie series, please watch them. First, before I begin the escalation, I must tell you that everything you are willing to do with a person has a process. Whether you are simply talking, walking, dancing, or snuggling, there is a process behind every interactive approach to building a healthy relationship with a prospective match. In the kissing department, there’s the E.S.C.A.L.A.T.O.R. approach. If you want to achieve something, you move up to the next level. If you want to return back to where you started, you can go back down.  I believe my approach can help every situation out with the right understanding. If you are writing a research paper, follow an escalator approach. Have you tried writing the middle of your paper before you complete the introduction? It is not easy, but it is possible. Although we cannot jump into the middle of an escalator, we are extremely flexible with sensual escalation.

The E.S.C.A.L.A.T.O.R. Approach 

Engage in eye contact.

Secure a simple kiss on their forehead.

Caress their hair while you stare into their eyes.

Allow your noses to playfully glide against each other.

Let’s focus on soft cheek and chin kisses.

Acquire confidence in teasingly brushing your lips across theirs.

Tame the prolonged desire of kissing with an Eskimo nose dance.

Offer the signal that you are willing to go further by biting your own bottom lip.

Release the escalation by closing your eyes and leaning closer.

Try It Before You Buy It

The concept of kissing is over rated. Time to go window shopping before you start checking out on something you might not actually enjoy. When you go shopping for clothes, you head over to the fitting rooms before you buy everything. The same concept applies with kissing. Why would you buy their lips before you try them on? My approach allows flexibility while testing out intimate personalities. How does someone respond to your sensual kisses? Guys, give your date something she never felt before. Keep your mind off the lips, especially below the hips! Your date wants to feel special by affection and selection. Silence is golden, especially when you do everything I mentioned without a word. Let the bodies communicate effectively and you will see immediate improvement if you do it right.

When you are already Eskimo kissing, or playfully gliding your noses together, you are so close yet so far away from their lips. When you move further down, teasingly brushing your lips across theirs, you are sending more than just the message, “Are you ready?” You are testing out the water before you dive in! You are also testing the pH level of your passion pool. Is it halitosis tonight? Maybe it was something she just ate? That is effective for planning ahead. If she has never experienced sensual kisses from a man, you might have her begging for more! Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I am only discussing the true love’s first kiss. Ladies, if you tease a man with my approach, please let me know how much he fights for your lips. Is there anyone interested in holding a contest? The longer you last without kissing, with the leverage of brushing your lips across theirs, wins.

Checkout and Flaunt It! 

Great! You finally released escalated passion from an intimate embrace! The two lips gliding against each other created something euphoric! Now, where is the true love’s first kiss? How does it start and how much focus falls upon the performance? Is it acceptable to go with the flow? No, not necessarily. If you are uncomfortable, you should step back. Guys, if she wanted a dog to kiss her, she would let her own family friend make the moves before you do. If you are giving her a tongue bath,  she will most likely blow the whistle for a lifeguard. I cannot emphasize enough on how awkward it is to drown while someone is trying to kiss you. Learn how to control your saliva. Ladies, this also goes out for you as well. Start off sweet with soft lips. You already brushed your lips across theirs, and you are already familiar with the texture of their lips. Start off with something light. Guys, listen carefully, caress their lips with yours while your hands wander off somewhere appropriate. Choose between running your fingers through their hair, on the side of their face, or down at their hips. Change it up every other minute and let them experience another alternative between those suggestions.

Pepé Le Puke

No way, José! Hold off on the French kissing for a while! Just enjoy your quality time together before something serious happens. It is not acceptable to find any leftovers from your date or from breakfast before you two saw each other. Stay out of their mouth for a while, and embrace upon something right in front of you. Class is not over yet, fish! Although your session might be romantically engaged, you will need to swim back up for fresh air. When you give yourself a break, just admire each other while your noses touch. This is not only adding kudos to your passionate side, but the emotional connection with someone amazing will gradually become stronger. Use this time to treat them as a person, not another number in your daily planner.

When you have that physical connection with someone, confirm your intentions with them. If you are not willing to commit soon, let them know. If there is interest in pursuing further, talk about it. Let them know that you enjoyed your time together. Communication is important in every status of a relationship, especially the one from within.

Just be yourself, express what you feel, and go with the flow if you two are completely comfortable with each other. If something does not work out effectively, talk about it. Never leave them hanging out to dry for several weeks after your date. That raises a red flag to stay away as far as possible.

Facing Beyond the Face

Do you think kissing leads to more intimacy and sexual attraction? How do you effectively kiss further away from their face? Guys, is there a technique used for kissing a woman’s neck, shoulders, back, nipples, stomach, around their belly button, hips, thighs, inner thighs, legs or softly upon their mons pubis? Ladies, how do you like your sensual kisses? Does the job position entail biting as well, especially for the neck? That may just be another future post! I hope you all enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below! Start puckering, you hopeless puckers!


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Is It Really in Their Kiss?; The Art of Seductive Kissing

Romantic Résumé; Marketing Yourself for Love in 2013

Happy New Year! Wait, does that traditional phrase  jinx our chance at love this year? Are there any hopeless romantics dusting off their sleeves for their heart to breathe through one last year of hope?

According to, falling in love fell at #9 for Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Is 2013 your time to shine for romance and a long-term commitment? Although the recent study published from the University of Scranton in the Journal of Clinical Psychology did not show the participant sample that represented Americans, as a whole, these  New Year’s Resolution Statistics for 2012 might show that hope is running out very quickly for this year. According to the study, relationship related resolutions fell at the bottom of the categories at 31%. What matters more than finding Mr. Right? Self-improvement, weight related concerns, and money resolutions!

I am sorry, but I cannot help you with weight loss or financial assistance. I can give you encouragement to train yourself harder every day, but you will eventually snap at my advice because I am not there running with you. It may seem as if I am running against you. I can also help you become frugal, but who am I to control your lifestyle and the spending involved throughout the year? I will, however, help you with self-improvement and then the relationship building for 2013.

Polish Your Romantic Résumé

What the hell is a romantic résumé? Does Cupid have a romantic résumé, or how about Prince Charming? Mr. Right’s romantic résumé is extremely outstanding to read! Ladies, talk about overqualified!

Everyone has a passionate side about relationships, regardless how prude or introverted they are around their own peers. It is completely natural and very common to hide these ideas for their own personal preference. We are all human, and we all have romantic tendencies to engage and indulge in something that will arouse our senses. This could be a simple butterfly kiss on the forehead to something more playful and seductive if done right, like Eskimo kisses.

Now, when was the last time you have ever felt intimacy with another person? Let’s break it down into categories called bases. How many times have you allowed someone else, or yourself, to go to first base? Second base? Third? How about some grand slams, or home runs? Maybe you’re just a rookie who needs some pointers. That’s fine. Let me help before you step up to the plate once again – or at least, for the first time professionally. Sorry boys, this isn’t Little League anymore.

Check out my romantic résumé below. I have used my real name, my real email address, and partly some of my residence. Sorry, don’t get me wrong, I love intimate encounters with strangers, but I do not encourage those surprises! My linguistic skills and my interests are accurately written as well. I have provided a sample of how you will discover your strengths and weaknesses by laying them out in a professional format:

Anthony Terragna


69 Lover Lane

1 – 800 – ROMANCE

East Hartford, CT, 06118

CAREER AIM     Specialization in Sexology and Linguistics


08/2008 – 08/2012         PhD in Passion, Romance and Seduction Studies, University of Seduction, 2012


2003 – Present       Phone Sex Operator

Achieved outstanding customer service with women in search for romantic, intellectual indulgence of passion over the phone. The instant gratification of passionate language and seductive techniques will always be guaranteed. A catalyst for irregular heart beats, hazy eyes, loss of voice, dry mouth, giggling or pure silence, bottom lip biting, wandering hands, and closed eyes imagining a vast array of erotic fantasies.


East Hartford High School

Manchester Community College

University of Connecticut 

Spanish 4 Honors

1 Non-credit Introduction to Arabic night course during high school

Elementary Arabic I

French 3 Honors

Elementary Chinese I

Mandarin Chinese 1

Intermediate to Advanced French instructed courses


Undergraduate: University of Connecticut American English Language Institute (UCAELI) Conversation Partner volunteer committed to the enrichment and exchange of interpersonal communication in English with native Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, and European speakers (2012)

High School: 1st Recipient Outstanding Six Year Student in World Language (2008)

High School: Department Scholar Plaque E.H.H.S. 2008 Presented for Excellence in World Language

Undergraduate: Primary Applied Foreign Language Certificate of Achievement in French (2011)

Emotional Baggage

Does a romantic résumé include past relationships under work experience? Any potential employer, or prospective partner,  would love to see how long your relationships might have lasted, but that is not necessarily conveying the overall quality of  each one. Now, what if you didn’t have any experience in the love department? Maybe your experiences hindered your ability to do better, and now you have bad work habits.  How do you refine yourself from those experiences? If you are willing to let go of emotional baggage, let me know.

You need to discover yourself before you discover everyone else. You need to find your strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities. You need to face everything and anything that may hinder your chance at finding the most suitable partner for your life. I am willing to help you find yourself, and your soul mate.

If I have enough interest from my hopeless romantic viewers, I will share my secrets of success at relationship building. Keep in mind – you will build your own relationship from within before you tackle one with someone else. You will feel confident, independent, and beautiful in what you do and what you say when you naturally market yourself for a successful relationship. This process will not force you in any way to step out of your own comfort zone. If you are introverted, I will suggest something to help you open up more. If you are extroverted, maybe you need a suggestion to cool down from being too open with people. If you have any problems along the way, it’s not you – it’s them.

Vote for change in 2013! Vote now! If you aren’t sure, fine. Let me know that you still read this article. I may count the “not sure” votes as “maybe” votes. Then, I will post the results and start refining relationships. Everyone is different, but we all have similarities and differences. This is a challenge, but it is well worth the wait.

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Romantic Résumé; Marketing Yourself for Love in 2013

Lips Are Sealed; Holding Off a Perfect Moment with Bad Breath

What the hell did you eat? Have you ever came close to a disturbing smell lingering out of your date’s mouth? Was your passionate kiss delayed or did you continue to embrace upon a journey of no return? Did you think it could never be that bad, but realized the aftertaste left you sick? My lips were always sealed, escaping from another unforgettable love story,  but we know William Shakespeare’s Juliet was unbelievably in love with Romeo that she kissed poison off the lips of her dead man’s corpse. Although the dagger was more potent in this situation, what if you came close to toxic lips that Britney Spears seems to enjoy? Those lips gave her a ride and a “poison paradise”. I highly doubt bad breath kisses will cause an addiction. If they do, please send me or yourself to Desperate Kissing Anonymous.

If you chose taste in my senses challenge, the problem will still linger throughout the evening. The problem will be entirely different from the smell of burnt cookies in a lover’s kitchen with the Lover’s Christmas List. Maybe you woke up to this problem after engaging in no strings attached snuggling? What if you engaged in hot passionate sensualist foreplay? What do you do in these situations without hurting your date or partner? I will explain my perspective and experiences on this, and hopefully you can understand my motives. After you read this blog post, I hope the holiday season can still bring you intimate kisses under the mistletoe without leaving an aftertaste of obligation.

One of his hands finds a spot on the side of her face, the other sends the fingers out to roam aimlessly through her hair. A seductive exchange of eyes and grins entices the couple to embrace their lips. A delicate forehead kiss starts the fun, cheeks are anxiously awaiting for their turn. The nose awaits its turn too and Eskimo kisses are always fun to do. The perfect transition is down to their lips, but hindered confidence pushes aside this intimate idea. The pores of his masculine face shed tears of garlic from the romantic candlelit Italian dinner an hour ago. The feeling of dishonesty, betrayal and obligation may leave them thinking, “What’s next? Maybe we should have bought the Tiramisu for dessert instead.”

You saved each other for dessert? Yeah, I would do the same. I would never have to worry about gaining calories, rather enjoyably shedding them off. Now, what happens next? Do you change the topic and ask the waiter to bring out the dessert menu? Do you go back home and face the awkward blow of Italy’s most potent dish in the restaurant? Regardless if you chose the first option to sweeten up their lips, maybe the smell of Tiramisu and garlic will really throw you over the edge. Garlic cappuccino, anyone? Mama mia!  The two love birds will eventually have to leave, unless you are staying the night. Be sure to brush your teeth before hitting the sack. The departure will be an exchange of prolonged hugs and good-bye’s. Possibly his wandering hands fill your back pockets and your noses occupy with each other awaiting for the signal to shift further down. To exchange a goodnight kiss or not to exchange a goodnight kiss – that is the question I will answer. I will give you some suggestions on how to end a night out with a perfect alternative of battling your partner’s bad breath. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to send them in the comments below.

Location, location, location! 

Yes, we are marketing our lips as temporary hotel stays. We want the best location for the most passionate embrace. What if the location was ideal for a quickie before stepping into the door where your parents lurk around for your arrival? Location is essentially important for any public display of affection. I will briefly go over the most commonly used places for a good-night kiss. Then, we can decide what to do after that destination is discovered.  If you have a special place where you enjoy the lips of your partner or casual dates, let me know under the comment section below.

The Restaurant 

Well, it has to start somewhere! I am trying to convey the message here that it is perfectly fine to kiss someone at a restaurant! However, it is not fine when they have bad breath. How do we avoid being intimate with a lingering enemy taking over your attractive date’s lips? We let them win, but we play back harder. It is perfectly fine if you never kissed on the first date, most people feel the same way. What if you went out for a night with your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse? I am sure they will love these alternative approaches to restaurant etiquette. I will explain three of my favorite alternatives to being playfully passionate and assertive.

The Restaurant: Footsie

Ah, yes, a very discreet way of expressing your playful submissive side without exchanging lips. Try it sometime! This is not necessarily limited to the restaurant setting. You can also do this at home at the kitchen table, on the couch or in bed.

Communication is essentially important, especially non-verbal communication. If your partner is receptive, this is a win-win. If they are too oblivious or uncomfortable, at least you tried. In the bedroom, toes can be used like fingers. Be soft, gentle and playfully outgoing. Practice and find a perfect technique that you are comfortable doing outside the bedroom. Always remember to maintain restaurant etiquette. Make sure you showered before your socks slip off, and look around to see if anyone would notice. In advanced, request for a booth, unless you are an exhibitionist for public attention.

Holding hands under the table.

The Restaurant: Hold Hands

Can it really be that simple? Yes! You can do this anywhere you want and most people will actually approve. You might make other couples jealous. Do this before and after your meals, or even during your meal! Caress their fingers, massage their wrists. I am not asking for much here. This is casual, but very effective. Think of this as an under the counter addiction. Communicate them with words and actions. Talk is extremely cheap, and this speaks everything you could never explain. If you are a professional hand holder, you may sway them to forget about the kiss or possibly entice it. Whether or not they understand that you declined the kiss, they will be more than happy to hold your hand until the check comes.

The Restaurant: Breath check, please?

Let’s face it – you are not confident enough to kiss them in public, especially with a lingering Italian garlic monster. That is completely fine. The dinner towelette is an idealistic  suggestion thrown on the table. Ask for two mints, and head out the door. Maybe the mint and the fresh air will help the problem by the time you arrive home. Next time, go out for ice cream or hot chocolate at a local diner after a movie date. Keep the garlic possibilities aside.

The Bedroom: Good Mourning!

Rise and shi .. SHIT! Morning breath is not a fun battle every morning. I have no problem with it, but I did experience a no strings attached snuggle with someone who did.  They thought it was extremely bad, however my personal rating was below the worst one I have ever experienced. Although  a “good mourning” is an oxymoron, nobody wants to mourn over any morning unless it’s Monday!

The Bedroom: Foreplay? No, more like foul play! 

The romantic dinner at the Italian restaurant was priceless, even if you skipped satisfying your sweet tooth for dessert. You are both sprawled out in bed, looking up at the ceiling, and wondering, “What’s next?” Do you tuck each other in for bed or take up on the rain check for dessert now? Did the breath mint help resolve the problem or did it make it any worse than before? Regardless whether you woke up to this morning surprise or brought it home with you as an Italian dinner souvenir, you have to learn how to work around it.

The Bedroom: Embracing the Sensualist Approach

Learn how to seduce them without kissing them right away. I cannot emphasize this enough. Everyone seems to pucker up without hesitation. Learn how to balance out the playful and submissive side. First, check out my other article on The Art of Seduction; Revealing the Sensualist PerspectiveTake some mental notes, and come back. It will save me a lot of time rewriting those ideas. The core message that I want you take from that article is how to avoid kissing their lips right away, and how you can do this in a sexy, confident manner.

The Movie Theater

Aw, a romantic Italian dinner and a movie? Wait,  we all know you aren’t really watching this movie! Could have fooled me! Do chick flicks make you think, “I could kiss better than that! Watch!” Well, hopefully garlic glazed popcorn isn’t served in this theater! Does it still smell or maybe the bad breath was before the movie date? Do you feel obligated to look as cute as this couple on the left? You might want to try that pose, but it might do more harm than teasing them instead. Try these alternative approaches during the boring scenes!

The Movie Theater: Hold Hands

I’m sorry but this is when I repeat myself from earlier:

Can it really be that simple? Yes! You can do this anywhere you want and most people will actually approve. You might make other couples jealous.

No, honestly, you paid good money for those seats! Enjoy the movie, even if you end up looking anticipated to make your moves.  Now, one last time I repeat why you should embrace those fingers together:

Caress their fingers, massage their wrists. I am not asking for much here. This is casual, but very effective.

Honestly, let those hands wander aimlessly around. Guys, massage her arms. Girls, play with his arm hairs. If you really want the exhibitionist way of doing things, sit in the back with the wall behind you. As long as it is consensual fun, enjoy yourselves. It is extremely difficult when you try your best not to kiss them, but kiss them somewhere else. Try for their neck! As long as you set your morals straight, you will never have to worry about traumatizing a little boy’s movie theater experience.

Home Sweet Home

Whether you had a romantic Italian dinner, a movie, or possibly both, the date was a success. Now, it is time to leave your own ways until the next time your eyes meet once again. If you’re married or living with them, just follow the bedroom section. Now, do you exchange your kisses here at the front door, or do you embrace the hugs? Are your parents watching outside the windows or your siblings are running outside to make front row seats in the nearby bushes? Just remember the article I suggested earlier. It might be too explicit for you, but the core message is communication. Understand what their body language suggests and learn how to work around it. Does it look like they want to kiss you? Maybe they need more time to re-evaluate the date? Maybe they already know they have bad breath from a self-check in the restaurant or movie theater bathroom? Learn how to playfully change the mood about kissing them. An easier way to remember this is to take the ‘u’ in “fun” and turn it the other way around to make it a ‘c’. Now, you have FCN which stands for, “Forehead, Cheek, and Nose.” Give them forehead kisses, two cheek kisses, and then some Eskimo kisses. Unless the breath is that bad, stay away from the Eskimo kisses for a while. Never let the bad breath garlic monsters hinder your romantic experiences!

Have you ever experienced bad breath on a date? How did you work things out? Do you have any suggestions? Leave the comments below!  

Lips Are Sealed; Holding Off a Perfect Moment with Bad Breath

The Art of Seduction; Revealing the Sensualist Perspective

You made an ultimate sacrifice with your five traditional senses to make hot passionate love with your loved one. You are slowly checking off the Lover’s Christmas List as the countdown in December entices participation in every room of the house. The Christmas tree is finally decorated with bright lights, handmade ornaments, and decorative holiday ribbons. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care and the arousing scent of the slice and bake cookies linger in the air. The passionate urges surface the mind, your lover patiently awaits in the bedroom sprawled out and refined. Your mesmerized eyes pay close attention to the red carpet runner of rose petals leading into the bedroom. Your significant other’s sexually appealing nature in intimate apparel is an incentive to come closer.

The candle lit atmosphere glistening across the room rejuvenated the desire to embrace the night’s anticipated explorative opportunity. Then, you suddenly hesitate upon entering the room. Your mind races with mixed feelings of love and betrayal from the lack of disclosing concerns of intimacy through an effective exchange of communication. You placed in a situation where you crave their sensual touch and emotional connection but the overall intimate performance has declined in the last few attempts. You are always left hot, bothered and never sexually satisfied. The stimulating foreplay, if you are extremely fortunate that night, is rarely introduced. The opposite side of the situation may lead into the wrong approach for sensual play. You might be receiving the foreplay, but something is hindering your body’s potential to release the inner lover from within. How do you help them forward to enhance the overall intimate encounter without being too assertive? I am proud to announce my secrets behind my intimate motives for the art of seduction. I hope you can take this opportunity with you back into the bedroom. If you are single, just imagine everything happening. Let me intrigue your mind, stimulate ideas, and allow yourself to explore the unknown of qualitative erotic narration. Ladies, I will make you relaxed in the next few paragraphs. Please be aware that this will be one of my first erotically explicit posts I have ever written. Find a place to relax, get comfortable and enjoy The Art of Seduction; Revealing the Sensualist Perspective.

The spotlight is now on the woman who knows what she wants, where she will get it, how she will get it, and when she will get it. Guys, you will have your turn later with a very rewarding outcome if you follow my advice precisely as written. We cannot cut corners here. She is not an economic concern, but a physical and emotional one. Now, let me explain a few things before we get started. I cannot emphasize enough on how many times my friends come up to me to vent their sexual frustration from their boyfriends. If you cannot please your woman the most effective way possible, please continue reading. I will explain everything in a very fun and interactive way. First, let’s focus on her. Just take this time to look at your woman from afar. What makes her distinct in a public environment? What fascinates you the most about her appearance? Do you ever acknowledge your feelings about her appearance or personality? Straight dope – do you tell her how you truly feel just enough for her to realize the appreciation, love, and security with the man of her dreams? If she has to question whether she should stay or not, or if her friends feel obligated to suggest that you do not deserve the role of being her boyfriend – there is a deterioration in the relationship. If you do not fix this now, you will face the consequences of a failed attempt at building an architectural masterpiece. If you want sex, earn it. If you want great sex, give yourself more challenges. Learn to build a solid foundation of first impressions and honesty. Begin to structure the walls with durability and spaces for captured moments and framed memories. Then, build more floors until you reach the opportunity to complete the house with a roof. The roof of trust is not only for security, but strength and reputation that you both can maintain stability in the future. That is why you should understand the connection between architectural design and building relationships.

Now, I must lay out the rules and instructions on how to “play your cards right“. I am not bluffing and you will win that large pot of chips left in the center of the table.

Remember, this is a 2 player only game. Sorry, but there is no ménage à trois, monsieur.

Object: Collect all the sexy facts about your lover and successfully show your comprehension at the end by taking an oral examination. If you pass this test with at least 90% of the answers right through your actions,  a label of being crowned as one of the best lovers in the world will occur. Now, that does not sound that bad at all, right? It sounds like a very fun-filled interactive way of saying, “20 Questions for Adults”. However, there is a catch. I did not mention how many sexy facts for you to figure out. Why? All women are created equally .. different. Yes, what pleases her may not please the girl next door. Be careful! You only have one shot at this! If you do not succeed, the overall performance that night will fail miserably, especially for her.

Setting up:  Find some time together to discuss intimate matters before gliding across the game board. Never assume that she is ready to open up to a personal and private conversation. Sit down, relax, and open up to the conversation by saying, “Hey, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.” You will instantly spark her curiosity, and interest will arise in what you  say next. If are not the guy to ever open up to your own woman, this will definitely throw her off guard. Make her feel appreciated, loved and important. Tell her how much you feel about her and your concern that she never takes time out of her busy day to relax. If you emphasize and acknowledge taking time out for herself, it might be difficult to persuade a business woman. Engage in effective communication with her. This does not entitle you to talk her ears off about your sexual preferences.

The core object of the game is to collect as many sexy facts about her before you make your moves. If you cared that much, the least you could do is spare some time to understand her from a physical and emotional level. Establishing and maintaining relationships might be tough for someone trying to figure out what they want out of life. Ladies, do you ever fear that you landed in a commitment with someone who does not perform the greatest in the bedroom? Are you experiencing the life with someone who lost the passionate flame years ago? You will be trapped in a lot of unnecessary pressures, leaving you hesitant to seek an affair. That is completely understandable and I have no objection to those ideas. It is not your fault. Guys, a one-night stand does imply no strings attached interaction, however that does not necessarily mean you should slack off on the quality performance. If you are single, make her come back for more! Why settle for less and make no effort to take an advantage of that rewarding experience of being physically and emotionally connected with a complete stranger? Sex is not just sex, but the embrace of two bodies intimately intertwined with each other by fulfilling emotional and physical deprivations of the innate human soul.

When you mustered up the confidence to talk to her about something personal, you need to make that delivery important. Be extra careful not to leave the impression that you are in it to win it. This is a learning experience for both of you. This is an invaluable mutual embrace between two people and it should not be considered as a time to relieve sexual frustration. Let’s speed up the process of communicating effectively and turn to the questions you should muster up to ask. Why is this important? The choice of words will definitely have an impact on her feelings about this desire to make love to her. The precise location of the words that you may disclose might also be inappropriately premature. Do not suggest anything below the chin until you get your facts straight. Let me help you organize this transitional process in forming and articulating these questions. I will give you the information, and you ask about it later.

Let’s focus on the very first thing that she is begging you to explore due to the lack of attention provided. Put yourself ahead of everything, and give her sensual scalp massages. Did you know that scalp messages offer a release of serotonin, or the hormone that makes you feel really good inside, throughout your body? This massage will not only help rejuvenate her energy, but it will also help relieve pain and stress. Guys, do not assume that you are doing a great job. Explore the scalp from ear to ear, working around the base of the neck and behind the neck. Ask her about sensual scalp massages. Emphasize on running your fingers through her hair as she closes her eyes and expects a comfortable amount of pressure applied to the massage. If you do this right, you are on the path to success. Don’t just do it because I told you, but take out your isolated passionate side and caress her scalp with confidence.

All aboard! Remove that boulder off her shoulder!

Now, I am not necessarily telling you to give her a full body massage. However, a shoulder massage is definitely key to ease out the stress from her busy day. You want your woman completely relaxed, and she wants you to do the same. As your caressing her shoulders, ask her about her day. When she talks about the stress, reassure that she is in good hands. When you can start to feel her shoulders loosening up, give her another five minutes. If you feel frisky, give her shoulders a sensual peck.

Slowly glide your fingers across her neck, and caress her face closer to yours. As one hand is placed on her neck, hold it into position to provide her a few recommended kisses. Close your eyes. Start off with the forehead. The forehead is commonly ignored. Place a soft peck upon her forehead and then slowly open up your eyes to her beautiful smile raising high. She thinks you are extremely cute. Stop, take a moment to admire her by staring deep into her eyes and then kiss her cheek. Now, move across to her nose. Yes, her nose. Eskimo kisses are the best way to stay warm this holiday season. Do you have a cat? Practice this technique with your cat. They will also enjoy it, unless you have a cat from Hell. Slowly and playfully glide your nose along each side of their nose. Do it in a way where your noses are almost dancing together.

Are you taking all of this information down? Should we review? The best part is coming up next! The perfect transition from her nose is leading towards her chin. Yes, her chin. Believe it or not, but you can not spoil her rotten yet. Make her squirm with anticipation for that kiss! She wants you to indulge in a full-blown lip to lip embrace! Kiss that chin and move up to her other cheek. Go back to her nose, and playfully glide again. Playfully stare back, looking into her eyes and watch her non-verbal cues go wild after you. They are telling you that she is craving a passionate kiss now. She is completely open to this new arousal of physical intimacy. You are definitely showing off moves that most people cannot seem to express. That hidden desire for most people to discover on the outside is incredibly sexy to experience. Just follow the body language. Yes, now is a time to watch and listen. Stay focused and aware of what is going on.

Ready for the next tease? Move away from her nose, transition further down, teasingly brushing your lips across hers. Oh! She almost stole a kiss from you if you were quick enough to step back. Tame this wild lioness. She is ready to pounce! She is getting  extremely restless! Okay, fine, spoil her. Close your eyes, and embrace your lips together. Everyone is different in this department and there should be no assumptions within the expectations of each other. By understanding each other’s motives, the drive to work with the flow will be elevated. Be sensual and have fun. Slowly explore her lips and appreciate the kiss. Why rush this moment? You both deserve more than just this! Feel the adrenaline high and fight the butterflies that come along. You will be battling more butterflies when I mention the next destination. Are you ready? This one might leave a vampire ready to sink into more than just my words.

The neck is one of the most sensitive tourist attractions for anyone to discover on their expedition. Treat this vulnerable exposed area to a breathtaking experience with your fingertips and mouth.  Remember, less is definitely more. Slowly run your fingers across their neck and explore their neck with your fingertips. Watch carefully for body language. They might close their eyes, bite their bottom lip or pursue something else intriguing. Now, have some fun with this one. Tease them with soft blows across their neck until you reach to their cleavage. Then, quickly move back up gradually moving your lips away from their neck. Stare into their eyes and see their facial expressions. They might be sending out the invite for a deep penetrating blow to their skin with your teeth. Move back down, and softly kiss across their neck. Make sure to run your fingers through their hair while your lips are pressed against their neck. This will definitely spark some wild fires! As your massaging through her hair, gradually sink your teeth into her skin. Penetrate just enough for her to feel it without leaving any love bites behind, and then bring your lips out to kiss the spot. Mentally take notes and record her reactions. Ask for feedback. Determine what was too weak or just right. If you followed everything up to this point, you might be on the right track for success. Make sure to practice, improve and excel. Be committed to her and her body by truly understanding its fullest potential. You will see many rewarding results later as time progresses.

Feel free to come back up for fresh air and admire her brightly flushed face and her beautiful hazy eyes. If you are doing everything right, and she is melting at your fingertips, you will definitely see it by now. Admire her appearance, conservatively compliment her and just tell her enough to summarize your feelings of what just happened. Did you enjoy everything just as much as she did? Communication is a core reason for any sensual activity, especially when we transition further down to the next section of this post. Did you understand the core aim for why I started off with top region of her body? What you just did, or expect to do after you read this article, has shifted many different feelings aside. You allowed her body to relax, her mind to absorb all this attention and her fingers to feel the urge to wander. The respect for you has significantly increased the desire to pursue your intentions. 

Congratulations,  rookie! You finally hit a home run! I will help you reach a grand slam by the end of this post. Now, slow down just a minute there. Yes, you earned your way to second base. No, you really should take your time running there. Walk it out nonchalantly. She will wonder why you are taking your sweet time there. Give her the expectation of the unexpected. In the next section, I will focus on second base foreplay with explicit detail. If you are craving that transition further, continue reading. Consider yourself warned and extremely vulnerable for more warmth. Enjoy.

Soft passionate kisses run along the side of her neck moving further down her soft moisturized skin. Her sexually appealing, explorative body awaits the next move to come. Teasingly kiss along her sides and move down to her hips to give her some more excitement. Work your way back up by kissing across her vulnerable exposed stomach, teasingly gliding your lips along her skin. Now, take your time with this one. Caress her breasts and massage the area surrounding her nipples. Do not arouse or stimulate them just yet. Slowly bring them closer to your mouth and kiss softly around her nipples. Ready? A soft gentle blow across her nipples will give you a priceless facial expression. Tease them some more by gliding your lips around them. While you are caressing her body, kiss back up to her neck. Understand what arouses her the most and you will be golden. Remember, duct tape is silver. Everyone is different and not everyone will tolerate the same treatment. Some like it soft and sensual while others would rather have you do the next approach. Go in for the kill. Caress her breasts closer to your mouth, allowing your tongue to wrap around her nipples, feeling them harden inside. This is when you take the rewarding opportunity to use the tip of your tongue and playfully rub against them. Make her squirm and watch her facial expressions. Her body will be telling you a lot through non-verbal communication. Watch carefully and then decide when you move further down.

9e8fc-woron_sensual_hot_art_model_sexy_kiss_couple_passion_amor_clo3_sex_passion_love_pics_imagineglows_erotic_lara_angie56_kissing_ilag_36_soft_couples_large_largeTry standing behind her, allowing her hand to be placed upon your thigh, and caress her body closer to you. As one hand massages her breast closer, you can teasingly glide your hand across her stomach. Massage her hips while you inch down further to her waistline. As soon as you take your sweet time moving further down, this is when she will expect you to slip your fingers down her panties. Give her that complete opposite response back. As soon as you start to feel her mons pubis, Latin for pubic mound, stop right there. Don’t feel for her Pudendal cleft! That would be the irresistible slit dividing her lips. Now, take your hand, and slowly caress this area. Massage it slowly and feel her body squirm even more. As your hand massages the skin right below her waistline, lean in from behind to kiss her neck. Then, be playful about where you are located.

Kiss the base of her neck, her shoulder, along her arms, and just relax her even more. Understand the huge difference between sensual and sexual. You are providing an emotional and physical support for her by being sensual. You are arousing all of her senses and her desires to feel intimately comfortable with you. Please do not ruin the moment by assuming she is ready. She wants you to continue the amazing work you are doing. You are proving yourself different from the rest. However, do not feel cocky about that role. You are a man, not a little boy. Do not assume you have bragging rights. You are technically not at third base. Do not blow it for the team! Now, lay her across the bed. Time to learn, explore and understand her body at a closer angle. Just stop, admire your woman all sprawled out and ready for you take an intimate advantage. No, she does not want you to penetrate her just yet. Learn how to prolong the process and understand that the outcome will be successful in the long run. Patience is the key to success, especially in this department. Ready? Let’s go, stud muffin.

Crawl on top of her, pinning her down on the bed with your hands linked with hers. Stare into her eyes, admire what you see, and appreciate who you are with at that precise moment. Smile back at her, repeat the facial kisses as I mentioned earlier and continue to make her feel everything she ever wanted. As your hands occupy hers, work your way across her face. Be playful and control the pace. As soon as you reach down to her neck, do as I mentioned before. Soft gentle blows across with your lips to follow along the way. Kiss across her neck, let go of her hands and allow her hands to guide your head further down. If she decides to push your head further down, do not go with the flow just yet. Slowly work your way across her chest, caress her beautiful breasts some more and passionately embrace your lips upon her erected nipples. Enjoy that sensational feeling of knowing that she is completely aroused and wet for you. However, do not take that as an advantage. You are extremely close to successfully making her dreams come true! Work your way back across her stomach, playfully kiss around her belly button, and give her hips some more attention while you are there. Congratulations. You are almost there to her waistline. There are some rules when you are approaching this zone. Take it easy and continue to be the ‘man‘ in ‘romance‘.

  Kiss along her waistline giving her the incentive that you are not rushing the moment of intense pleasure and anticipation. Think of this as if you are following a treasure map. You know exactly where the treasure chest is buried around you, but assume that nobody else will get the booty before you do. It is definitely reserved for you and only you at this time. Just wait it out by “digging” other areas around the x marked spot. Give her soft gentle blows across her thighs, and then make a trail of kisses along the way. Massage her thighs and tease her by giving her the impression that you are going to go further with your hands. Caress her inner thighs in a way where you know exactly where your fingers are teasingly running across but do not pay any attention to that area yet. Just focus on her inner thighs at this moment. The sensational feeling of arousal is building up inside. She does have another side to work on her thighs. Move over to do the same steps again with that side. Try kissing up her thighs, along her waistline and back down to other side. There is never enough time to throw out the door. So, you have yet to move to the third base. Impressive that you did not even attempt to go there yet! You are finally showing the true colors of a lover and a sensualist at a heart. Now, some women will not allow you to go down on them and others will invite you in a vast array of options. Most of the time they expect a mutual cunnilingus which can be easily arranged with the 69 sex position. If she does feel the urge to stay where she is and invite you down for a visit, take that offer if you are comfortable in doing so. Do not assume that you have to take that offer.  She will understand if you decline, however do not always expect to receive a favor in return.

Suddenly, she pushes your head further down to explore her most intimate area of her body. She has you secured while her legs straddle your face, and you are vulnerably set into the position to move into third base. What do you do now? Embrace the moment and take the next step to heart. She played a dominant move on you and now it is your turn to prove that you are not easy. Make those fingers work their magic! Massage her labia majora, the outermost lips around her vagina, to watch her squirm some more. Understand how sensitive her body is down there and take your time in exploring. Ready for some fun? Spread her lips apart with your fingers, the innermost labia minora, to exchange a pleasurable tease across. Now, with the tip of your tongue, slowly trace the alphabet between these lips. This will help you understand how to keep an effectively seductive pace going and how her body reacts to an overwhelming sensation. Would you like to see some sparks fly? Throw her off guard by gently blowing across her clitoris. Hopefully, you know where that is! Try not to overstimulate it! No, really, it is not funny to mess with that area. Try different techniques with your tongue and be comfortable with what you are doing. Confidence is definitely sexy here. If you don’t know what you are doing or how you should be doing it, let her help you. This is when communication is essentially important to please her in the most sexually fulfilling way. If she has yet to experience this, it will definitely be a learning curve for both of you.

By growing and developing a strong understanding for each other with the sexual preferences you both share, gradual improvement upon your overall sexual performance will definitely occur while maintaining a healthy sex life. Due to the fact that most women are different, it is an invaluable, yet extremely rewarding opportunity to understand your own woman better. As long as you can both communicate effectively through verbal and non verbal communication, the possibilities are endless. The core message for this post was to understand the art of seduction through a sensualist perspective. The oral penetration that you learned from the base of the neck to between her legs should give you a foundation of how to appreciate prolonged foreplay. I blame pornography and explicit videos that cannot emphasis the importance of foreplay. I have yet to show my chaotic intentions  for writing a romance novel. Stay tuned and extremely warm! If I stimulated interest and you want more to read in a much more explicit post, stepping aside from the How-To department, let me know. I will be willing to accommodate you in every way possible. Take care, everyone! Thank you for reading!

The Art of Seduction; Revealing the Sensualist Perspective


Good evening, everyone! 

I have to tell you about my next How-To guide for explorative writing! If you still need to review the first one, please visit that page soon! My latest writing technique is called, “L.O.V.E” for a vast array of reasons. First, let’s define it.





Not sure when? Well, let me make this loud and clear. START LISTENING! No, really, listen to your heart before you write. Your mind is too busy trying to figure out how to express your feelings when you have yet to organize them. Yes, please organize your feelings and thoughts into categories. Write them down. Everything should be in front of you. Don’t bother to filter out anything. Just express rather impress. They are all your feelings, who is there to judge?  Let me provide you an example:

So, what if you wrote or typed the following words in two minutes: 

him, eyes, lips, touch, face, tender, passionate, lust, fear, hope, seduction, romance, butterflies, tonight, last night, yesterday, tomorrow, dreams, kisses, candles, strawberries, rose petals …

Well, that’s a lot on your mind, right? 

Start off with subjects, like people.

him, eyes, lips, touch, face, tender, passionate, lust, fear, hope, seduction, romance, butterflies, tonight, last night, yesterday, tomorrow, dreams, kisses, candles, strawberries, rose petals …

Ah, found Mr. Right! Oh, well, fingers crossed! Now, why does this guy leave such an impact on your mind?

him, eyes, lips, touch, face, tender, passionate, lust, fear, hope, seduction, romance, butterflies, tonight, last night, yesterday, tomorrow, dreams, kisses, candles, strawberries, rose petals …

Well, I can see why! You are physically attracted to him! What else? 

him, eyes, lips, touch, face, tender, passionate, lust, fear, hope, seduction, romance, butterflies, tonight, last night, yesterday, tomorrow, dreams, kisses, candles, strawberries, rose petals …

Oh, is he a sensualist? Perhaps, you want him to be a sensualist with you. You might be craving his passionate touch and tender affection for the most rewarding kisses. That is quite a seductive trait! Oh, candle lit atmosphere in a bed of rose petals? As you are blindfolded, strawberries softly glide across your lips. You can smell the sensational fruit right under your nose! What? You want him to feed you? Nice, very warm ideas. Now, what if you dream about him, or desire to be with him as yours? Not feeling a mutual connection? Don’t let your feelings disappear! Write them out! Regardless how he feels, your feelings will help you understand yourself better!

One last time evaluating: 

him, eyes, lips, touch, face, tender, passionate, lust, fear, hope, seduction, romance, butterflies, tonight, last night, yesterday, tomorrow, dreams, kisses, candles, strawberries, rose petals …

Is this a summer fling? A one night stand? A sexual fantasy with a classmate or co-worker? Lust can be quite a challenging deprivation without a sense of control and moderation. Do you fear that this is not going to be a mutual relationship? Do you fall too easily? Does unrequited love look closer than anticipated? Is there a time restraint? Is distance hindering your relationship with the man of your dreams?

Phew, that was a lot to take in! 

So, maybe you have an active imagination, or a passionately deprived imagination? Well, no worries. Embrace it! Tell that man to come closer and take a wild advantage of him. Make him realize you are available for him and only him. This is when you value your thoughts.

How much can you write from all of that? Is it all worth writing about? Well, it is not a crime to write everything out but you want to engage your audience in what matters the most. Value your ideas and prioritize the ones that can really reshape a poetic piece.

Now, ladies, your time has come.

Express how much you took L.O.V.E seriously.

Here’s an example: 

A red carpet entrance of rose petals leading to the bedroom persuades the mind, intrigues the heart, and mesmerizes the eyes. Perfection awaits on a white canvas sprawled out on the bed. The vulnerably exposed man is blindfolded by sugarcoated intentions for a starving artist deprived of sensual encounters. Whisper softly in his ears, “Baby, fear that I am here for only tonight, but hope that your butterflies can handle tomorrow’s hangover of yesterday’s fantasies.” Drunk from tender lips, high as a kite with no strings attached, and hungover by a bottle of lust. The tip of your tongue is ready to explore like a paintbrush, and paint an extraordinarily breathtaking picture to convey your hopeless romantic side; from forehead kisses to waistline teases.

Wow, time for a hot shower! Please leave feedback.

Continue writing! 

Write with your heart, spell check with your mind