Focusing on Yourself Next Year; The Spark Notebook Shines Light on Busy Schedules

Spark Notebook: a place for your life plans and great ideas by Kate Matsudaira A notebook, planner and journal that combines form and function, giving you the tools you need to be the smartest person in the room.The holidays are overwhelming for anyone under a pile of errands, family traditions, social obligations, and busy work schedules. Step back for a minute to recollect what you have accomplished, and instill the commitment driven mind you have that next year is only going to be more organized. Photo Credit: Kate Matsudaira

      The holidays are overwhelming for anyone under a pile of errands, family traditions, social obligations, and busy work schedules. Step back for a minute to recollect what you have accomplished this year, and instill this sense of success in the commitment driven mind you have that next year is more organized. Brought to you by Kate Matsudaira, a successfully experienced technology leader, The Spark Notebook redefines the personalized planner experience through organizational tools that will allow you to take control of your own future ahead. This notebook draws closer attention to the important details than a summary of your daily routine from ordinary notebooks. According to Kate, The Spark Notebook allows you to utilize your time efficiently and effectively with these layouts:

  • Yearly Goals & Mission
  • Yearly Theme
  • Monthly Overview (6 months)
  • Monthly Goals (one for each month)
  • 30 Day Challenge (one for each month)
  • Weekly Inspiration – a quote and question to make each week awesome
  • Weekly Goals – prioritize and strategize so all of your work matters
  • Weekly Overview – designed for time blocking to help you make the most of every single day
  • Project Planner – because all great things in life start with a good plan
  • Meeting Notes – make the most of all your face-to-face meetings with great notes
  • Lots of lined pages for all of your great insights
  • A blank layout for the perforated pages – since some ideas are meant to be shared

You will also experience a product made in the USA., provides over 200 pages for a new you, 20 perforated pages that will allow sharing all your inspiration with others, two page markers to stay focused after you take a break, and date-free calendars. Now, the cherry on top is high quality, ink-proof, acid-free paper to prevent all those frustrating times when ink bleeds through the pages.  Imagine your life in a 5.75″ x 8.25″ sized notebook designed to allow you to think outside the ordinary planner. Join the 3,385 other backers in this successful Kickstarter project to have your very own Spark Notebook! You deserve a chance to breathe, stay focused, and committed. You deserve to spark up your own busy schedule with a Spark Notebook.

Be a part of a limited time offer this week! That’s more than just a weekly goal, but a movement for change. Photo Credit: Kate Matsudaira

Your week looks rough ahead. You have so much to do, but not enough space to write it all down in an ordinary notebook. The Spark Notebook has the essential convenience that you have waited for this whole time. Jot a weekly goal down as you work on the others, and award yourself at the end of every week. This notebook guides everyone for success, and room for change. If you have failed to meet your weekly goals, reflect on what you could not accomplish, and celebrate for what you have done. Give yourself credit for the time, effort, and trial of weekly priorities. Follow up the following week with the same goals. Stay committed one day at a time, and focus on a week of success. One week of success only requires four trials, and then you have the whole month defeated by your perseverance.  The outlook of your week defines how you want to carry out your goals. You can take the space needed for priorities. Take the next step to the Spark Notebook with the weekly outlook feature. There is enough room to work out your own personalized routine through time blocking.

Outlook on Your Week with Time Blocking. Photo Credit: Kate Matsudaira

The Spark Notebook will only be available for six more days! Yes, less than a week. Please check it out by visiting the campaign page and secure a spot for your very own limited Spark Notebook today. This project finishes strong by Saturday, December 20. Be a part of something big. Spark up the campaign by sharing this article or the links provided to encourage more people to take charge of 2015. For an added bonus of your invaluable time, the best layouts will be available for free to anyone who shares Kate’s project on any social media site. As Kate mentions, “Get free access to our beautiful Monthly Goals, Weekly Outlook, Project Planner, and 30-Day Challenge pages just by sending a note with a screenshot or link to your social share to!” Too much time? Share it on Facebook right now! In a hurry? Tweet it on Twitter!

Thanks everyone for the support! Make a beautiful smile appear on Kate’s face by visiting her campaign, supporting her successful project, and sharing it with others. If you would like to take a peek at my completed version of the Yearly Planner Layout created by Kate, feel free to do so by clicking here . If you would like to check out Kate’s 2015, feel free to do so. Now, I shared ours, where’s yours? It’s your time to spark it up!

Focusing on Yourself Next Year; The Spark Notebook Shines Light on Busy Schedules

Success at the Keyboard; Versatility and Inspiration Nominations

Hello everyone,

I am officially Mr. Flexible! I woke up this morning to find a blog nomination for The Versatile Blogger Award! After being here for only two months, this award is very distinct from the rest. This award acknowledges versatility, or flexibility instead of evaluating inspiration or quality. I know I have great characteristics, I just never acknowledge them.

What makes me a versatile writer?

First, let’s define it:


  [vur-suh-tl or, esp. British, -tahyl]  

1. capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to another of various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.
Writing across different topics is challenging for many bloggers or writers. If you have a blog designed for one topic, there will be a restriction on work flexibility. If my work was primarily focused on kittens, why would I write about seashells? If I have a weight loss blog, you should never come across an article titled, “Game Over; Top 5 Things Not to Do with a Gamer Boyfriend.” Actually, that sounds like a great idea for my blog.  I am not much of a gamer anymore, and I am not much of a boyfriend being alone either. However, it would relate well with my topics. The chosen topics focus upon establishing and balancing out relationships with other priorities in life. The most inspirational advice I can give anyone is to use what you know from learning and experiencing. You might have read many articles about something, but the experience is what builds it even stronger. You might have never traveled to France, but learning about the language and culture will help you become a versatile writer. Many journalists will do their homework. Bloggers might also do some research, but it is not necessarily required if they can persuade their followers with their writing. I am not interested in spending too much time in all my articles. If I spend over a day thinking and researching about a blog post, I just lost an idea for tomorrow’s post. I think of an idea that could transition nicely from my last post or something relevant for my hopeless romantic community. As a versatile writer, I am not only improving my job flexibility, but interpersonal communication across different fields.
Versatile Blogger Award Rules 

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

1. I noticed that there are two possible pictures for this award. Although the one used for my nomination was the one above, I chose the lime green one because it stands out more.

2. I would like to acknowledge Cookie for this nomination, and I am more than pleased to accept the Versatile Blogger Award on January, 15, 2013. The relationship that blossomed with each other is invaluable, and I’m excited to transition into 2013 together. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. You have been an amazing mother of three, and an inspirational blogger of many.

3. The following 15 people deserve this award:

Please understand that this list is not influenced by rank.

1. hayleylyons

2. desi99ner

3. ohyesshesabitchbutnotyours

4. kaitlinwehlmann

5. karenperrycreates

6. ladybelz

7. rizzamaruja

8. wengy00

9. abihya

10. memoirsofmarie

11. jennburn

12. madebyparis

13. prosemachine

14. mittenskittens

15. 20andjuststarting

The Seven Things About Myself

7th Grade into High School Edition:

1. In 7th grade, I just started opening up my mind to poetry. Robert Frost was one of my first poetry book purchases. I didn’t start writing until freshman year of high school.

2. In 7th grade, I feared for going into a public high school from the transition out of a parochial school. I graduated high school with perfect attendance for all four years.

3. In 7th grade, I started Spanish. I thought it was amazing to learn another language that quickly. I graduated high school with Spanish 4 Honors, French 3 Honors, and Chinese 1.

4. In 7th grade, I refused to kiss someone because they had braces. In high school, my sister is now wearing braces. Coincidence? Possibly.

5. In 7th grade, my longest online relationship officially ended after 9 months. In high school, I went for four years with perfect attendance without dating anyone in the same school. I was always focused on a town away from where I lived.

6. In 7th grade, I never imagined myself being attractive. In high school, compliments were very foreign, and I didn’t understand how to accept encouraging words of honesty.

7. In 7th grade, I barely knew how to attract women because I was socially awkward. In high school, I met over 15 people from the Internet.


Very Inspiring Blogger Award #2 and #3

I received the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on the following dates:  12/15/201212/19/2012, and today on 01/15/2013. The links provided will take you to the original blog post for the nomination, not my response back. I urge you to check out all three nominators for acknowledging my work here at WordPress.

I was wondering why I never published any official acknowledgement for my second award, but now I can see why. On December 19,  I published two posts already, “Thinking Outside the Fingers; Linguistic Enthusiasm and Cultural Awareness,” and “Mr. Enchanting.” After 3,000 words that day, I needed to relax. Sorry for the inconvenience. I must have been busy that week, so I decided to throw a big post shortly before the apocalyptic satire post.  Well, anyways, let me make this an official acknowledgement.

I am going to acknowledge the second Very Inspiring Blogger Award given to me on December 19, 2012 by elixirofmemories. I appreciate your nomination, and I am sorry I was lazy to acknowledge it earlier before. As mentioned before, the really long blog post and a busy week pushed me aside.

Today, I acknowledge and accept the Very Inspiring Blogger nomination from Charles. Thank you for your support and encouraging words for feedback on my blog. It is greatly appreciated.

The Rules

1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. State 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.
5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

The 7 Things About Myself 

Animal Edition: 

1. I raised Cockatiels throughout my whole life. The oldest one living today is Joey, being about 20 years old.

2. I have raised a rescued Nanday Conure named Willy.

3. My two goldfish, Tom and Jerry lived really long lives.

4. The Crazy Cat man history: 1 Seal Point (Chloë)Blue Point (Buttons), and Flame point Himalayan (Whiskers), and 1 Tortoiseshell Persian (Holly). My family only has Whiskers and Holly now. Holly just turned 4 in October. She’s extremely adorable, and Google Images cannot compete! All of our adopted cats came from different shelters. 

5. I only like small dogs. My background in being a newspaper carrier and raising cats might have caused this situation.

6. My parents are aware that they might have grandkittens in the future.

7. My next blog post might actually be focused on cats. I’ve been thinking about a really good topic for last 48 hours.

Nominations for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (x2):

Please understand that this list is not influenced by rank.

1. yourlittleolive


3. lesleycarter


5. drjessica

6. 321irony

7. dmltina

8. mobyjoecafe

9. esengasvoice

10. ithinkimfallinginlove

11. authordustinweber

12. journeytoawesomehood

13. befreeindeed

14. danteswritings

15. hansiriley

16. bobywo

17. lattiesbrookwriter

18. kandrewturner

19. katkatravels

20. joannehuspek

21. einsteinianapproach

22. mypresentself

23. ungratefulbliss

24. creativethresholds

25. thejinx

26. kimicalreaction

27. sadandmas4u

28. thebettermanprojects

29. landoffun

30.  mlmessme

Wow! I did it! 45 blogs! Please note, I did not award anyone with more than one award on this page. There are absolutely no repeats! I did this for the sake of having 45 original bloggers. If you are not on this list, please don’t feel bad. This was the first time in the two months that I was here to have this many blog nominations.

I wish the best of luck for everyone this year! Take care.

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Success at the Keyboard; Versatility and Inspiration Nominations

Is It Really in Their Kiss?; The Art of Seductive Kissing

January is a very awkward month of resolutions, self-improvement, and rekindled interests to succeed. When next week approaches, January 14 will spark the countdown to a day when hopeless romantics celebrate Singles Awareness Day. Although Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, the materialistic attitudes will immediately take over the unconditional motives for love. The act of kissing another person, regardless of their relationship status, conveys mixed emotions for a serious commitment.

Dusting Off Mr. Snuggles

Have you ever received love letters and teddy bears on Valentine’s Day? Are you just hoarding unrequited love from every Valentine’s Day since someone gave you something sentimental in kindergarten? Hallmark’s time to shine will also be yours as well! Whether you have already kissed someone you are passionately in love with in 2013 or you are still mustering enough hope that someone will come around the corner, this is an article that will help refine the meaning of a true love’s first kiss.

The Hollies and Cher have one important thing in common. The meaning behind a sensual kiss determines whether you are experiencing love’s presence or lust. In their two songs that are almost titled the same, “It’s In Her Kiss,” and “The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss),”  eyes of lust are very deceiving to someone vulnerable to easily misunderstand the persuasive body language. A man with charm in his face might be enticing a vulnerable woman to kiss him, but he might not have what it takes to passionately kiss her back. The “warm embrace” explained in the songs are precisely accurate because anyone can snuggle with the exchange of body heat.  Never let no strings attached snuggling fool you into something else!

Pucker Up, Boys

Kissing is one of the most effective approaches for romance and seduction. Everyone wants that physical intimacy with someone new, especially if the attraction was from love at first sight. The awkward suspense intensifies when your eyes exchange seductive smirks and the faces speak to each other by moving in closer. Are they ready for the passionate embrace? Kissing is extremely enjoyable, but it is also part of the list of things that have a process, place and time. It is also the destination after a flight through the clouds of interpersonal communication and disclosure. Never assume that someone will kiss you after an engaging conversation that leads to smiles and laughter. The ability to effectively communicate through non-verbal cues is important to understand. Therefore, it really is in their kiss.

Pucking Amazing! 

Congratulations! You finally found someone weeks before Valentine’s Day on the Internet. The luxurious Italian restaurant on Saturday is going viral on your Twitter. Your hashtag, #foreverfound, is picking up more followers. The pictures are still left inside your memory card, but they look amazing! The two love birds were singing majestically underneath the city lights with a moon lit sky. The lousy attempt at serenading you with a shower love song was cute enough for a smile. The date went smoothly without the unnecessary intoxication of Sex on the Beach. Although Halitosis delayed the kiss, the prolonged affection for each other was well worth the wait. Was it love at first website? The texts shortly after suggest the vacancy for improvement with your intimate intentions.

Mother Pucker!

Damn it! The urge for a passionate embrace failed miserably! Did you end up hugging after a romantic night out in the city? Wait, was the hug weak or not long enough? Oh, not another side hug! Seriously? Try harder next time! This is no time for regret, but plenty of time for self-improvement. Practice will enhance perfection, and the main goal is achieving a hug from behind. Let them know that they are safely secured between your arms. I would emphasize more on hugging before kissing, but hugging is easy. Everyone should have their own norm for hugging friends, family, or the prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. Kissing requires more attention. Although the first impression matters the most, an awkward hug is replaceable in seconds after the first attempt. If a first kiss fails, someone might not have the courage to fix the problem. The problem might only be the poor kissing habits, and the misunderstanding of using the wrong techniques for finding intimacy.

The Sherminator?

No, I’m the Escalator, baby.

A sophisticated Shakespearean kisser sent back through time to change the future for Juliet’s intoxicated lips.

If you have never seen the American Pie series, please watch them. First, before I begin the escalation, I must tell you that everything you are willing to do with a person has a process. Whether you are simply talking, walking, dancing, or snuggling, there is a process behind every interactive approach to building a healthy relationship with a prospective match. In the kissing department, there’s the E.S.C.A.L.A.T.O.R. approach. If you want to achieve something, you move up to the next level. If you want to return back to where you started, you can go back down.  I believe my approach can help every situation out with the right understanding. If you are writing a research paper, follow an escalator approach. Have you tried writing the middle of your paper before you complete the introduction? It is not easy, but it is possible. Although we cannot jump into the middle of an escalator, we are extremely flexible with sensual escalation.

The E.S.C.A.L.A.T.O.R. Approach 

Engage in eye contact.

Secure a simple kiss on their forehead.

Caress their hair while you stare into their eyes.

Allow your noses to playfully glide against each other.

Let’s focus on soft cheek and chin kisses.

Acquire confidence in teasingly brushing your lips across theirs.

Tame the prolonged desire of kissing with an Eskimo nose dance.

Offer the signal that you are willing to go further by biting your own bottom lip.

Release the escalation by closing your eyes and leaning closer.

Try It Before You Buy It

The concept of kissing is over rated. Time to go window shopping before you start checking out on something you might not actually enjoy. When you go shopping for clothes, you head over to the fitting rooms before you buy everything. The same concept applies with kissing. Why would you buy their lips before you try them on? My approach allows flexibility while testing out intimate personalities. How does someone respond to your sensual kisses? Guys, give your date something she never felt before. Keep your mind off the lips, especially below the hips! Your date wants to feel special by affection and selection. Silence is golden, especially when you do everything I mentioned without a word. Let the bodies communicate effectively and you will see immediate improvement if you do it right.

When you are already Eskimo kissing, or playfully gliding your noses together, you are so close yet so far away from their lips. When you move further down, teasingly brushing your lips across theirs, you are sending more than just the message, “Are you ready?” You are testing out the water before you dive in! You are also testing the pH level of your passion pool. Is it halitosis tonight? Maybe it was something she just ate? That is effective for planning ahead. If she has never experienced sensual kisses from a man, you might have her begging for more! Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I am only discussing the true love’s first kiss. Ladies, if you tease a man with my approach, please let me know how much he fights for your lips. Is there anyone interested in holding a contest? The longer you last without kissing, with the leverage of brushing your lips across theirs, wins.

Checkout and Flaunt It! 

Great! You finally released escalated passion from an intimate embrace! The two lips gliding against each other created something euphoric! Now, where is the true love’s first kiss? How does it start and how much focus falls upon the performance? Is it acceptable to go with the flow? No, not necessarily. If you are uncomfortable, you should step back. Guys, if she wanted a dog to kiss her, she would let her own family friend make the moves before you do. If you are giving her a tongue bath,  she will most likely blow the whistle for a lifeguard. I cannot emphasize enough on how awkward it is to drown while someone is trying to kiss you. Learn how to control your saliva. Ladies, this also goes out for you as well. Start off sweet with soft lips. You already brushed your lips across theirs, and you are already familiar with the texture of their lips. Start off with something light. Guys, listen carefully, caress their lips with yours while your hands wander off somewhere appropriate. Choose between running your fingers through their hair, on the side of their face, or down at their hips. Change it up every other minute and let them experience another alternative between those suggestions.

Pepé Le Puke

No way, José! Hold off on the French kissing for a while! Just enjoy your quality time together before something serious happens. It is not acceptable to find any leftovers from your date or from breakfast before you two saw each other. Stay out of their mouth for a while, and embrace upon something right in front of you. Class is not over yet, fish! Although your session might be romantically engaged, you will need to swim back up for fresh air. When you give yourself a break, just admire each other while your noses touch. This is not only adding kudos to your passionate side, but the emotional connection with someone amazing will gradually become stronger. Use this time to treat them as a person, not another number in your daily planner.

When you have that physical connection with someone, confirm your intentions with them. If you are not willing to commit soon, let them know. If there is interest in pursuing further, talk about it. Let them know that you enjoyed your time together. Communication is important in every status of a relationship, especially the one from within.

Just be yourself, express what you feel, and go with the flow if you two are completely comfortable with each other. If something does not work out effectively, talk about it. Never leave them hanging out to dry for several weeks after your date. That raises a red flag to stay away as far as possible.

Facing Beyond the Face

Do you think kissing leads to more intimacy and sexual attraction? How do you effectively kiss further away from their face? Guys, is there a technique used for kissing a woman’s neck, shoulders, back, nipples, stomach, around their belly button, hips, thighs, inner thighs, legs or softly upon their mons pubis? Ladies, how do you like your sensual kisses? Does the job position entail biting as well, especially for the neck? That may just be another future post! I hope you all enjoyed this article, please feel free to leave any questions or comments below! Start puckering, you hopeless puckers!


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Is It Really in Their Kiss?; The Art of Seductive Kissing

A Caricature of Love; Prinze Charming’s Ideal Girlfriend

Danielle asks,

“Hey you! I’m actually wondering what you would look for in the ideal girlfriend? You always leave interesting comments on my blog so enlighten me.”


Hey, how are you? You might have realized by now that my two blogs are primarily focused on dating and relationships. Whether something intrigued your mind by some posts and  emotionally connected your heart by the explicit publications, you should have a mixed impression of what interests me the most about what I write. Then, you wonder how you should connect my posts to my personal love life. What is there to read between the lines?

Well, let me give you an exercise that will change your perception on the smallest details of language. The way people express themselves will always have more information than what was originally expressed. I will briefly summarize my posts for the last two months that I have been here. Then, you will instantly have an idea of my ideal girlfriend. It might seem as a caricature of love, but we all know those fun fair souvenirs are always distorted. Honestly, that is precisely how I feel about my soul mate. They are simply a caricature, and I am patiently waiting for their realistic image of perfection within my own eyes.

A New Beginning – Did I seriously say, “intrigue the mind, visually stimulate the soul, and manipulate the heart to work faster to entice and fulfill a hopeless romantic’s deprivation of a dopamine high” at the end? If that is a proposal from an author’s perspective, how would a boyfriend treat his own girlfriend that way?

Chaotic Intentions –  I discussed a lot of moves that would make an introvert uncomfortable, yet leaving her euphoric after my sensual dedication. Is being an introvert a disadvantage, especially romantically disadvantaged from bad experiences? What if they have a social bubble that cannot be popped? Is there a greater possibility of a relationship with someone who isn’t as passionate as I am? Confidence is sexy, but how far is too far for an extrovert to, literally, push me off the bed?

Suggestion B0x: How To Guides? –  As Roz from Monsters, Inc. would say, “Well, isn’t that nice. ” Yeah, this is a thankful post on Thanksgiving! It wasn’t as heartfelt as most have written that day, but it delivers the right message. Instantly, you think about the value of family and friends. I want someone who can value themselves and the people around them. I also want someone to express themselves effectively.  If you dig deeper into the meaning behind that, you would conclude that I want someone who would value unconditional love over materialistic love.

Symbolic Flames; Temporary Rush – Yes, I’ll admit, this was a filler post where I decided to add a picture for shits and gigs. This is nothing to brag about, but a moment where I was enjoying a backyard campfire with my dad. I just bought my camera earlier that year, and that was my first attempt at firetography. I heard a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words can you find through this poorly taken image? Hopefully, you look beyond the woman soon engulfed in flames. That will be for a deeper discussion. However, focus on warmth. Yeah, warmth might be temporary, but I want someone to rekindle my childhood by being as spontaneous as fire. I want someone to get the job down by burning through the day, but they also move away from the source. They move on from the past, and drift away in the wind. Oh, you should also reconsider the campfire if your neighbor has their white shirts out to dry. Yeah, I would recommend running away as fast as you can!

English: A young woman and man embracing while...

L.O.V.E – Listen, Organize, Value, Express? That sounds more like idealistic traits that will lead into love, and not being a writing technique! Oh, I might be on to something. When I mentioned that you should “listen to your heart before you write,” you should carefully read the rest of the post. This article will engage you with many ideas to think about, and characteristics that would pop out the most. Did you notice when I said something original and inspirational? A closer look:

“Baby, fear that I am here for only tonight, but hope that your butterflies can handle tomorrow’s hangover of yesterday’s fantasies.”

Yeah, did you get it? No, it’s not just a passionate or romantic qualification. Originality and creativity is another requirement. I want someone to speak their heart out without referring to quotes they once heard. I want a girlfriend just as poetic as I am.

The Ultimate Sacrifice for Love; Makes Sense to Deny Participation – Wow, what a warm post! If you didn’t spot any of my turn ons, you could have been easily distracted. That’s fine. It happens all the time! While I still have all my senses functioning, did you think about any possible characteristics that my ideal girlfriend would have? In the intimacy department, I would suggest this post. A concluding thought would be, “I want the woman willing to be a little girl out in the field of flowers, but also the one laying the petals along the bed at night.”

A Lover’s Christmas List; Top Five Things to Do in December – It’s plain and simple, ladies. Be spontaneous. Please? Is that too much to ask? No, there is no sexual part to this. Yes, please be affectionate. Do you have to bake? No, hence why I mentioned about the slice and bake cookies! Do you have to like the snow? Snow way! I just want to spend quality time with them regardless of the circumstances. If they can’t loosen up or balance their wild side, making things less awkward, I am not interested.

The Art of Seduction; Revealing the Sensualist Perspective – Seriously, if you did not feel any warmth from this post, I am not interested. If you are not comfortable with this post, I am not interested. I cannot emphasize enough on intimacy with this post. I want a girlfriend who can appreciate this post and understand that she is not a body to me. I want her to realize that she deserves more than just sex. I want to make love to her, and make her feel accepted through my actions. I want someone who can throw away their insecurities just to appreciate their fullest capabilities of being aroused. However, a really great point arose by one of my Word Press friends.

As Authorteasereadings mentioned, “Seduction is simple….keeping someone interested is the hard part …people are disposable…and yes, you may quote me.” I replied back, “I am glad someone else believes that too. You are precisely right! We have those who are seducible, but not interested. Then, we have those who are interested, but not seducible.” I want someone who can balance out being seducible and interested.

snuggling-nuggets (Photo credit: Spring Dew)

No Strings Attached Snuggling; The Trending Sensual Intentions Surrounded by Sexual Misconceptions – Whoa, was that a research paper or a blog article? Sorry, I miss Academia! I also miss snuggling. I have no strings attached snuggling when I can. I snuggled with someone I just met two days after Halloween last year. Was it amazing? Yes. A complete stranger pressed against me like two lovers after a long day at work. What more could I ask for? Sex? No! That would seriously ruin a simple embrace. In this post, I offered my S.N.U.G. technique to improve snuggling. Did you feel the hint or were you too busy listening to my heart beat faster? Yes, by the way, it is perfectly acceptable to snuggle with nuggets!

Lips Are Sealed; Holding Off a Perfect Moment with Bad Breath – Could I get any nicer than this? If you have bad breath, I am not being blunt about it. I will make the best of it under the circumstances of the stench. It takes away from putting her on the spot, and making things even more awkward. Regardless if you or I have bad breath, I would love to find someone who would still do what I mentioned in that post. If you’re my girlfriend, prove to me that you want to spend quality time together. If you’re too focused on everything around you, I am most likely going to notice and stop your chance at love with me.

Discovering Mr. Right; A Brief Analysis on Idealistic Male Traits – Touché! The amazing part of being a human is the complex personalities and characteristics we all share. If I am advocating for idealistic male traits, then there is a relevant connection to idealistic female traits as well. The transition is perfectly smooth. I hope the way I treat you comes back in return on how you treat me. That simple.

Ah, yes, Poetically Captivating’s first blog post, “An Erotic Masterpiece; A Painting of One Thousand Words,” was born. Now, I figured I would write a poetic blog, but this became my first blog postYeah, it’s not much of a standard poem, yet an erotic masterpiece of 1,000 words. Why? Well, I wanted to convey sensual romance and passionate love-making. If you couldn’t handle this, let alone the other previous explicit ones, I am sorry. You lost me. This was the last test to ask, “Are you ready? Can you handle my passionate side?” After a lot of re-blogs, I felt as if they all enjoyed what they read. You’re welcome! If you would like an audio version, by the way, please feel free to mention that in a comment below. Thank you for your suggestion. It would be quite convenient to upload it on your iTunes.

Architectural Relationships – Now, here’s the primary foundation of being a candidate for a prospective girlfriend. If you don’t understand my blueprints of architectural design in relationships, just leave. Seriously, the least anyone could do is follow these instructions to make sure to understand the difference between short-term and long-term commitments.

Floral Fixation covers the nurturing, stabilized side that I will always ask from an idealistic girlfriend. We covered snuggling as a physical touch, and then there’s an intimate sensual touch. However, this is a different touch. This is my proposal as a prospective boyfriend. If anything, just take it. I know this doesn’t sound much, but I want someone to take me as I am and what I have to offer. Do you feel as if I deserve someone better than you? Stop! Do you feel as if you don’t deserve someone as great as me? Stop! I had enough of those ridiculously stupid, yet hilarious excuses for breakups! Why would you ever allow yourself to lower your own standards? What the hell? I want strength and determination. Yeah, we have rough days, but when you have someone there for you – don’t ignore the opportunity or push it away. I am your boyfriend for a reason, but you fail to acknowledge it by worrying about what you shouldn’t have. 

Yu Hwang-Wu Caricature Hangul = 유황우 Hanja = 兪皇宇 Yu Hwang-Wu is a Korean foreign language expert, and CEO of Yu Hwang-Wu Korean Language Classroom, a Korea-based school of foreign languages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thinking Outside the Fingers; Linguistic Enthusiasm and Cultural Awareness – Yeah, it was long. Yeah, I am extremely passionate about these topics. Honestly, not that I am against Americans, I wrote this post for my foreign viewers. I wanted to see what would happen if I mentioned anything about this on here in a diversified community. It was a pleasure to interact with someone with the same feelings as I do. This is another plain and simple concept to take from here. I want a culturally enthusiastic girlfriend with or without the linguistic or cultural background. If you want to travel, please dust off my passport. It needs fresh air! Would you like to learn a foreign language? That alone is an excuse to spend quality time together. If you make cultural jokes or stereotypes, being extremely offended over it is the least of your worries. However, I will most likely feel the urge to teach you something more useful about the culture or ethnicity you choose to describe.

Mr. Enchanting – Did you notice Mr. Enchanting’s initials? Don’t be that girlfriend who cheats on me with someone lower than what you deserve. Yeah, this poem was the complete opposite. It was bringing her out of the relationship to spend time with someone who will acknowledge her as a priority, not an option. Don’t ever let anyone push you down or walk all over you. I want someone stronger than that. No, that does not necessarily mean you are a bully to fight back, but someone who has thicker skin than the rest. You might have love scars, but I am not here to heal you on my own. Give yourself some credit to push yourself up from the ground. I’ll extend my hand, but you have to make that attempt of moving forward.

Parched Soul is the reason behind my commitment issues. I want a girlfriend, let alone a wife in this situation, who will be faithful to me. If you have excuses or lies coming out of a factory built inside your mouth, I will close it down myself without the force of the union. If we cannot set up a relationship before marriage, why should we have “concealed impressions upon exchanging vows” in the first place? You might say that you care, but you neglected me for whatever reason. Please, do us all a favor,  just let me go. I believe in quality time and unconditional love. If you waste my time doing something outside our relationship that might be malicious or distasteful, I have no interest in being with you.

A World Ending in Love; Squidward Tentacles Exchanged Vows with Pearl Krabs – The best thing you can do for me is smile. Show me that you have a sense of humor. Yeah, I mentioned creativity, but that can only extend to a limited distance.

Lastly, the New Year’s edition posts:

Twenty Less Than 3; A Compiled New Year’s Resolution Post has a brief discussion on love mentioning that it’s a, “cupid question” with “too many daggers, not enough aim.” What does that even mean? Let’s see if you’re right! Comment below and let’s see how imaginative you really are!

One Step Forward; A Brief Discussion on Controversial Resolutions for 2013 is about ambition and drive. Do you write your resolutions out? Fine. Do you follow them? Try again, tomorrow. As long as we are together, achieve what we desire to do, we can carry out more than just a silly compiled list of self-improvement.

Romantic Résumé; Marketing Yourself for Love in 2013 – Yeah, I am serious about this one! Show me your romantic résumé! Are you confident enough to market your Shakespearean drive for love? What makes you a qualifying candidate for the girlfriend position? Do you deserve a six figure salary of unconditional love? Do you deserve promotional forehead kisses and occasional raises under the sheets in the morning?  I am all about quality, and I don’t settle for less. I want the same. I want my girlfriend to wake up confident that I am simply hers and only hers. 

Oh, one last thing, did you notice the work experience? How could you miss it?


2003 – Present       Phone Sex Operator

Achieved outstanding customer service with women in search for romantic, intellectual indulgence of passion over the phone. The instant gratification of passionate language and seductive techniques will always be guaranteed. A catalyst for irregular heartbeats, hazy eyes, loss of voice, dry mouth, giggling or pure silence, bottom lip biting, wandering hands, and closed eyes imagining a vast array of erotic fantasies.

If that intrigues you, I recommend a free trial if you are within the United States. I will not only guarantee pure euphoric connection, but you will sleep so much better than before.

Well, as I reach nearly 2,600 words to describe my ideal girlfriend, I appreciate your interest to ask a personal question. If you need anything else, let me know.

Enlightened? Great! Take care.

– Tony Terragna

Hey followers, did you join my Facebook page yet?

Ask questions, leave comments.

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A Caricature of Love; Prinze Charming’s Ideal Girlfriend

Shooting Stars with a Galaxy Objective; Two Stars for Blog of the Year 2012 Award!

Blog of the Year Award banner 600
Good morning, everyone! I just received another star for my earlier Blog of the Year 2012 Award bright and early this morning! It would be an honor to accept award and thank Tarisai, a.k.a. T-Sizzles, for this rewarding opportunity.

I must acknowledge the reason T-Sizzles created his blog! We have a lot in common, and we barely talk! Actually, this is probably the most we ever interacted. According to T-Sizzles, he “created this blog for one purpose and one purpose only: to impact lives the best way I can. ”

Now, doesn’t that sound like a deserving Very Inspiring Blogger Award nominee? Well, for him, he mentions that his goal is to influence and inspire the people around him. Then, possibly spread that legacy to others. I feel the same way about paying it forward. I scratch your back, you scratch another’s back! It’s the same thing with smiles. I make you smile, you make someone else smile.

So, before I mention the rules of this nomination, I hereby award the Very Inspiring Blogger Award to T-Sizzles on January 4, 2012. Congratulations and continue to change the world one smile at a time! I would also like to thank for this opportunity. This truly inspires me to write even more than before! You definitely have changed the lives of many! Thank you.

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegThe Rules

The following is the rules for this nomination!

1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award.

2 Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

3 Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alterthe rules or the badges!)

4 Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them

5 You can now also join the award’s Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience if you choose to

6 As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…

Yes – that’s right – there are stars to collect!

Unlike other awards which you can only add to your blog once – this award is different!

When you begin you will receive the ‘1 star’ award – and every time you are given the award by another blog – you can add another star!

There are a total of 6 stars to collect.

Which means that you can check out your favorite blogs – and even if they have already been given the award by someone else – you can still bestow it on them again and help them to reach the maximum 6 stars!


Honestly, the second round is a lot harder than I thought! I never nominated anyone for this award from my first star because I was only 2,300 views within my first month here. I barely knew anyone, but inspired many! So, look, I will make sure to come up with a decision very soon. I will make a revised version of this as soon as possible.

Take care!

Smile, inspire, and grow! 

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Shooting Stars with a Galaxy Objective; Two Stars for Blog of the Year 2012 Award!

Romantic Résumé; Marketing Yourself for Love in 2013

Happy New Year! Wait, does that traditional phrase  jinx our chance at love this year? Are there any hopeless romantics dusting off their sleeves for their heart to breathe through one last year of hope?

According to, falling in love fell at #9 for Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012. Is 2013 your time to shine for romance and a long-term commitment? Although the recent study published from the University of Scranton in the Journal of Clinical Psychology did not show the participant sample that represented Americans, as a whole, these  New Year’s Resolution Statistics for 2012 might show that hope is running out very quickly for this year. According to the study, relationship related resolutions fell at the bottom of the categories at 31%. What matters more than finding Mr. Right? Self-improvement, weight related concerns, and money resolutions!

I am sorry, but I cannot help you with weight loss or financial assistance. I can give you encouragement to train yourself harder every day, but you will eventually snap at my advice because I am not there running with you. It may seem as if I am running against you. I can also help you become frugal, but who am I to control your lifestyle and the spending involved throughout the year? I will, however, help you with self-improvement and then the relationship building for 2013.

Polish Your Romantic Résumé

What the hell is a romantic résumé? Does Cupid have a romantic résumé, or how about Prince Charming? Mr. Right’s romantic résumé is extremely outstanding to read! Ladies, talk about overqualified!

Everyone has a passionate side about relationships, regardless how prude or introverted they are around their own peers. It is completely natural and very common to hide these ideas for their own personal preference. We are all human, and we all have romantic tendencies to engage and indulge in something that will arouse our senses. This could be a simple butterfly kiss on the forehead to something more playful and seductive if done right, like Eskimo kisses.

Now, when was the last time you have ever felt intimacy with another person? Let’s break it down into categories called bases. How many times have you allowed someone else, or yourself, to go to first base? Second base? Third? How about some grand slams, or home runs? Maybe you’re just a rookie who needs some pointers. That’s fine. Let me help before you step up to the plate once again – or at least, for the first time professionally. Sorry boys, this isn’t Little League anymore.

Check out my romantic résumé below. I have used my real name, my real email address, and partly some of my residence. Sorry, don’t get me wrong, I love intimate encounters with strangers, but I do not encourage those surprises! My linguistic skills and my interests are accurately written as well. I have provided a sample of how you will discover your strengths and weaknesses by laying them out in a professional format:

Anthony Terragna


69 Lover Lane

1 – 800 – ROMANCE

East Hartford, CT, 06118

CAREER AIM     Specialization in Sexology and Linguistics


08/2008 – 08/2012         PhD in Passion, Romance and Seduction Studies, University of Seduction, 2012


2003 – Present       Phone Sex Operator

Achieved outstanding customer service with women in search for romantic, intellectual indulgence of passion over the phone. The instant gratification of passionate language and seductive techniques will always be guaranteed. A catalyst for irregular heart beats, hazy eyes, loss of voice, dry mouth, giggling or pure silence, bottom lip biting, wandering hands, and closed eyes imagining a vast array of erotic fantasies.


East Hartford High School

Manchester Community College

University of Connecticut 

Spanish 4 Honors

1 Non-credit Introduction to Arabic night course during high school

Elementary Arabic I

French 3 Honors

Elementary Chinese I

Mandarin Chinese 1

Intermediate to Advanced French instructed courses


Undergraduate: University of Connecticut American English Language Institute (UCAELI) Conversation Partner volunteer committed to the enrichment and exchange of interpersonal communication in English with native Mandarin, Arabic, Korean, and European speakers (2012)

High School: 1st Recipient Outstanding Six Year Student in World Language (2008)

High School: Department Scholar Plaque E.H.H.S. 2008 Presented for Excellence in World Language

Undergraduate: Primary Applied Foreign Language Certificate of Achievement in French (2011)

Emotional Baggage

Does a romantic résumé include past relationships under work experience? Any potential employer, or prospective partner,  would love to see how long your relationships might have lasted, but that is not necessarily conveying the overall quality of  each one. Now, what if you didn’t have any experience in the love department? Maybe your experiences hindered your ability to do better, and now you have bad work habits.  How do you refine yourself from those experiences? If you are willing to let go of emotional baggage, let me know.

You need to discover yourself before you discover everyone else. You need to find your strengths, weaknesses, and insecurities. You need to face everything and anything that may hinder your chance at finding the most suitable partner for your life. I am willing to help you find yourself, and your soul mate.

If I have enough interest from my hopeless romantic viewers, I will share my secrets of success at relationship building. Keep in mind – you will build your own relationship from within before you tackle one with someone else. You will feel confident, independent, and beautiful in what you do and what you say when you naturally market yourself for a successful relationship. This process will not force you in any way to step out of your own comfort zone. If you are introverted, I will suggest something to help you open up more. If you are extroverted, maybe you need a suggestion to cool down from being too open with people. If you have any problems along the way, it’s not you – it’s them.

Vote for change in 2013! Vote now! If you aren’t sure, fine. Let me know that you still read this article. I may count the “not sure” votes as “maybe” votes. Then, I will post the results and start refining relationships. Everyone is different, but we all have similarities and differences. This is a challenge, but it is well worth the wait.

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Romantic Résumé; Marketing Yourself for Love in 2013

One Step Forward; A Brief Discussion on Controversial Resolutions for 2013

Source: Statistic Brain

Happy New Year! This year I will connect the WordPress community together to create an architectural relationship to build a networking neighborhood of support and guidance throughout 2013.  I am willing to lend a helping hand after reading many unique blogs on very controversial topics that receive barely any feedback or words of encouragement. Yeah, that is very unfortunate. This needs to change now.

Many bloggers want their voices heard, and I am willing to make it happen. These topics include weight loss, stress, depression, financial burdens, a pessimistic outlook on life, lack of inspiration for writing, no drive for success to do anything, hopeless romantics doubting chivalry, and conflicting relationships. I am willing to stay there for you, and everyone else reading this post. Let’s make a change today, tomorrow, and forever – together.

A compiled list of resolutions is easy to admire, but the lack of drive for success hinders the success rate of Americans trying to meet their resolutions every year. According to Statistic, a recent study from the University of Scranton in the Journal of Clinical Psychology published on December 13, 2012 on the New Year’s Resolution Statistics for 2012. Wait, why does this matter? The past is extremely important to understand how to make effective decisions for the future. No, leave politics out of this! We already know the damage. Thanks for your concerns for Congress’ spot in 2013. However, let’s focus on your place on the board game, “The Game of Life.”

The study focused on the following, “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012″. These resolutions are commonly the primary focus every year for the last decade of American history. Although blood is thicker than water, family appears as the last thing to tackle for a resolutions list. That’s understandable. No, really, I have a family like that too.

Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012
 weightLose Weight
Getting Organized
Spend Less, Save More
life to the fullest quotes | TumblrEnjoy Life to the Fullest
Staying Fit and Healthy
Learn Something Exciting
Quit Smoking
Help Others in Their Dreams
Fall in Love
Spend More Time with Family

Do they seem reasonable and possibly familiar? Great. Common interests are always easier to discuss than trying to persuade someone a new idea, like eating dark chocolate in moderation is still part of a healthier diet.

Now, before I introduce the results of those resolutions for the previous year, we must focus on how many Americans feel the need to make these lists. Yeah, you might agree with the top ten of last year, but what is the percentage of Americans who feel the same way you do? What about the people who don’t make lists? Are they still driven to succeed with their motto, “Live life to the fullest” or do they have some other drive to succeed every year?

The study concluded the percentages of Americans who are either driven, infrequent or rarely making New Year’s resolution lists. Whether you are usually apt, seldom, or never making resolution lists, check out the following statistics:

New Year’s Resolution Statistics Data
Percent of Americans who usually make New Year’s Resolutions 45%
Percent of Americans who infrequently make New Year’s Resolutions 17%
Percent of Americans who absolutely never make New Year’s Resolutions 38%
Percent of people who are successful in achieving their resolution 8%
Percent who have infrequent success 49%
Percent who never succeed and fail on their resolution each year 24%
People who explicitly make resolutions are 10 times more likely to meet their goals than people who don’t explicitly make resolutions

Did you notice the interesting fact on the bottom of the table? Do you agree with this result? Are you more likely to meet your goals if you planned for them through resolution lists, or are you more successful without the compiled agenda? If you really wanted to lose weight, do you have to remind yourself before the year starts? Aren’t you motivated when you see someone walking by you who is either your idealistic image or someone bigger than you? It’s your life. You decide how you should organize your goals.

The following are organized goals by the type of resolution with categories summarized by self-improvement, health, financial ambitions, and relationships:

Type of Resolutions (Percent above 100% because of multiple resolutions) Data
Self-Improvement or education related resolutions 47%
Weight related resolutions 38%
Money related resolutions 34%
Relationship related resolutions 31%

The overall demand for change targets ourselves, and what we have to change or refine from within. Do you agree that you should change on the inside before you start shedding off those unnecessary pounds on the outside? Right – fat is on the inside as well, but we cannot see self-improvement with sugar-coated smiles. Smile simply because you are happy with your own life, not because you can.

Do you agree with money over relationships? I thought money doesn’t buy happiness! Well, let’s face it. It was close! Unless your friends and family are contributing to your money related ambitions, friendships will not pay the bills. Effective communication – certainly! Try to persuade the bill collectors this year! I am sure they will understand your “extenuating circumstances beyond your control.”

Age cannot be controlled. I’m sorry, but we are constantly aging by the millisecond! The study found that more people, around my age, do something from their resolution list than people around their own parents’ age. If you don’t agree with this, let me know. I am definitely in favor for this one. Although the number of participants is not known, 14% is certainly something to brag about.

Age Success Rates Data
Percent of people in their twenties who achieve their resolution each year 39%
Percent of people over 50 who achieve their resolution each year 14%

Are we there yet? The time it takes to complete the resolutions are typically the first week of the New Year, but how often are they carried out until June? If weight loss is a resolution, the summer may definitely play an important role in commitment. Who wouldn’t to flaunt their results?

Length of Resolutions Data
Resolution maintained through first week 75%
Past two weeks 71%
Past one month 64%
Past six months 46%

Now, what can we get from this study of last year’s resolutions to focus on the new beginning that starts today? Well, for starters, the resolution lists from last year will most likely transition into this year. No big deal with second chances. Are you going to continue making lists or will you live life without a predetermined path? Do you feel like proving the 10x chance at success is wrong without following a list this year?

Well, regardless, are you going to represent that lower percentage (8% from last year) to achieve what you wanted to achieve? Don’t ever place yourself as one of the 24% from last year who feel failure and regret to themselves and the people around them.

This study obviously did not mention how many subjects represented the country within six months. This study also lacked ethnicity, marital status, income, residential status (rural, urban or suburban), and of course – gender – to accurately determine who is part of the successful group of Americans. I am a 23-year-old, white male suburban resident of East Hartford, Connecticut. Do I have a greater chance at success than another 23-year-old, white male  Hartford? Regardless of my place for this year, what is yours?

It’s your life. Change starts now! Just breathe, keep pushing through every day, and understand that you do have support at WordPress and in your local area. Feel free to ask around.

If you have any weight loss blogs, please refer me to them at the comment section below. If you have any organizational blogs, with tips to organize and succeed, let me know those links as well. Are you a member of your own Frugal Anonymous group? Send me an invite to your next meeting! I will make a page to acknowledge these inspirational people.

WordPress community, let’s make a change today, tomorrow, and forever – together.

Note: I would have published this earlier, but I was spending quality time with my mother. 😉

One Step Forward; A Brief Discussion on Controversial Resolutions for 2013