Twenty Less Than 3; A Compiled New Year’s Resolution Post

Hey everyone! I am terribly sorry that I did not post for an entire week! Yes, I am still alive! I was busy with friends and family. Did you have a safe, warm family oriented Christmas? Did you meet your version of the Fockers? As the next year approaches within less than ten hours in China, ambition and drive overwhelms our minds until the first week of the New Year with barely any results. Does that sound familiar? Maybe a new slate is not necessarily easy to handle, but let me give you some encouragement.

Whether 2013 is a year for healthier diets, weight loss, throwing out the cancer sticks, finding a career, or establishing a love life, I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors.  Don’t ever give up! It’s your life! Change starts now.

I have compiled a personal New Year’s resolution list below, and I hope to follow through with it, with the support of everyone within the WordPress community.


Prinze Charming has reached nearly 6,000 views of all time since the grand opening on November 12th, 2012. That is definitely an accomplishment already! I have visited plenty of blogs in the last month, noticing their views, and then their long compiled list of archives. I don’t have a long list of posts, but my reputation is extremely respectable. How does this happen? It’s simple. Commitment, quality, and support.

Stay committed to what you do for others and for yourself. Remember – this is advice for you to take into 2013. If you love what you are doing, continue doing it! If it is way too much to handle, slow down. I tried extremely hard to keep up articles every week. Blogging is like a full-time job!  I would hate to ask for donations as I try my best to find a legitimate career, but I have student loans to pay every month. The donation button is in my About Me section. As I mentioned, I will make sure to acknowledge these contributions on the bottom of my page. So, you will benefit from it by being listed as a great blog to follow. I will hope that my active followers visit your page for inspiration as well.

Quality is definitely important. I understand some people are writing about personal events in their life that might have inspired them. Is it really worth sharing the news that you had a similar sign from God in the movie, Running with Scissors? Probably not. Can you make it worth the visit?  Try to become more presentable.

Your voice is not only heard, but it’s read from many viewers. Ask yourself if you would read your own articles over and over. Would you actually share them with the world after you finish reading them? If the quality isn’t there, reorganize your intentions. Give your viewers something to indulge with enthusiasm! Invest their time wisely with what you have to say.

Lastly, support is definitely important. It’s not only the support for you, but for others. Are you a frequent user who only likes posts, but never comments on anything you ever liked? Fake? Yes. Supportive? Probably not.   In 2013, you should step out of your liking frenzy and start commenting. Believe it or not – it will actually improve your writing and your overall feedback. How hard is it to read a couple of articles a day and leave feedback on all of them? Make the best of it! In the last month that I have been here, I always found one other article that relates to one of my articles. That is an intense feeling to take an advantage of an opportunity and share something relevant to what I read from someone else. Maybe you don’t have anything else to share? Let someone else inspire you. 

Poetically Captivating 

Did I start with a bang or what? My first article, “An Erotic Masterpiece; A Painting of One Thousand Words,” deserves a lot of acknowledgement for reaching an extraordinarily high demand of reblogs within a short amount of time. This article, as well as my sensualist article,  is the main reason I’m here. I am the next young romance novelist. Is that my career goal? No. It is definitely something to have aside for those days when I need to relax and release passionate tension from within my soul.

I created Poetically Captivating to step aside from the engaging articles to something more loose and relaxed. I am glad to see some interest for my other poetic posts, and I hope to continue maintaining that blog just as well as this one. I am not going to reblog everything, so if you have interest, follow that one as well. As I said, this is almost like a full-time job. I hope to find a career more financially stable and promising in 2013.


I am a recent University of Connecticut graduate with a B.A. in Political Science. I would love to find government work experience at an entry-level. Is it easy? Maybe. Am I marketable? Extremely! My About Me section is almost designed as my résumé. I would add work experience, and remove my photogenic profile. With my linguistic background, I have many career paths available for me. I applied to many places, but persistence is definitely important. If the fish doesn’t bite the first time, reel it in and try again. I hope I find something soon. My student loans will continue to haunt me until they are entirely paid off.


Now, this is a very common topic for a New Years resolution list. What does a 23-year-old ask about concerning their health? Well, I am not a smoker. I am not an alcoholic, unless it’s intoxication of thy lips. So, what else would there be? Fitness. I would love to start running again. That would be amazing! I am definitely ready to throw some mileage down for 2013. When I have the job down the street, I will definitely walk to work.


Oh, ouch. What a cupid question! Too many daggers, not enough aim. No, just kidding. I am going to remain silent about this one. Let me just say this –  6 long years of being single. Does that mean I am alone? No. Does that mean I have cats? No, but yes I do have two cats. I am not using them as a part of my “forever alone” speech.


I am a compulsive buyer! When I see books like, “Seeds of Terror; How Drugs, Thugs, and Crime are Reshaping the Afghan War” or “Opium Nation; Child Brides, Drug Lords, and One Woman’s Journey Through Afghanistan,” I instantly buy books on impulse! Sorry, let me remind you. I have a B.A. in Political Science. I am primarily focused on Middle Eastern, European, and East-Asian studies. I would show you the covers of other books awaiting my fingertips, but then you’ll see how crazy I am about global issues. A book I could recommend from my International Political Economy (IPE) course from a while ago would be Joe Bennett’s, “Where Underpants Come From?” Now, this is an excellent book! It is extremely entertaining and educational. I would write more about it, but I have to cut this short. Sorry. Check out book reviews!


Novel? Oh, right! How is that coming along? Well, I hope to expand on it in 2013! My inspiration might actually come from recent life experiences! Yes, feel the envy build up inside. Mmm.

 Did you know I have 31 published posts, including this one? I also managed to rack up 7 drafts!  Would you like a sneak peek at what could be published before concluding 2012? Ha, now why would I spoil the fun? Ok, fine. I’ll give you a few teases. The topics will include: Exhibitionist, online dating, kissing debate – snow or rain?, flower petals – do they really predict love?, decline in qualitative love – why is time prioritized?, and let me introduce – a personal confession that will make everyone speechless!  Stay tuned!

2013 will be primarily focused on the theme, “Twenty Less Than 3,” which would look like, “20<3,” instead of, “2013.” The catch? All it takes is less than three for success.

You and me.  ❤

I wish everyone the best of luck in health, happiness, and the rest of your endeavors of 2013! Don’t party too hard! Does anyone have any plans? First New Year’s kisses? Please share your stories! Let me know what you wish to read more about in 2013 from my blog! Maybe I should add more? Maybe start a photo section? Maybe I should stay away from certain topics? Let me know!

Thanks everyone for your support!

Take care!

Twenty Less Than 3; A Compiled New Year’s Resolution Post

A World Ending in Love; Squidward Tentacles Exchanged Vows with Pearl Krabs

Posted: 12/21/2012 12:40 PM EST

By Tony Terragna

BREAKING NEWS – The End of World sparked a flash of love in Japan! Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants actors Squidward Tentacles and Pearl Krabs exchanged vows near the Kachidoki Bridge while the best man, Godzilla, overwhelmed with joy.  Godzilla rekindled the love affair with Japan since 1954.

Squidward appeared on ABC’s Extreme Makeover in 2007. Squidward’s sudden makeover change sent Captain Eugene Krabs, or commonly referred as Mr. Krabs, into parental control. Pearl Krabs, the daughter of Mr. Krabs, felt love at first sight when Squidward arrived back in Bikini Bottom. In the fifth season, the air date for The Two Faces of Squidward released on November 23, 2007. In this episode, SpongeBob SqaurePants slammed Squidward’s face with a door, unexpectedly becoming handsome. Bikini Bottom was full of Tentacles Fever in awe over Squidward’s handsome face. Sorry, Beliebers, but Justin has competition under the sea.

Squidward rides with SpongeBob SquarePants through the mob of admiration.

In Bikni Bottom, Squidward rides through a mob of infatuated fish over his divine characteristics. Shortly after airing the show, Pearl Krabs kept her eyes on Squidward for a while. Finally, after rumors went viral throughout the schools of the sea, the two tied the knot this morning in Australia.

Surprisingly, there was no bride price, but Mr. Krabs agreed on a dowry for the two newlyweds to start their own family in Bikini Bottom. The two have not spoken anything about bearing children. The debate over Mr. Krabs raising Pearl is still going viral. Who is the mother of Pearl? How does a crab reproduce with a whale? The adoption papers are still under investigation.

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A World Ending in Love; Squidward Tentacles Exchanged Vows with Pearl Krabs

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I have some really great news!

Recently, like a few hours ago, an inspirational blogger themselves, Summer4Soul nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Now, I know I have started blogging on here for only a little over a month from today, but this is truly a rewarding opportunity to be acknowledged by someone from the amazing WordPress community once again. My quality in my articles and the work that I have provided is definitely more important than how many articles I have written. Thank you for acknowledging that distinction!

What makes an inspiring blogger? 

The Internet has many outlets for bloggers to express themselves about everything and anything you could imagine. Whether you enjoy reading articles like, “Fascination of Paint Drying,” or something similar, “The Art of Drying Art,” or “Beautiful Music from Nails Across Chalkboard,” something must have inspired you from those articles.

Everyone has different tastes and interests for literature. Don’t ever assume people will buy the whole local bookstore or read everything in the library. Although if I had the money, I would probably buy new books for local school libraries; not myself. That is definitely something my local parochial school needs now. If I had that much time to read, I would rather read books to children in children hospitals, orphanages, or other organizations.

So, how do you evaluate inspiration?

What makes a blog distinct from inspirational to very inspirational? Is there an award in between? Is it a scale from very distasteful to very inspirational? What if something is distasteful that it has some type of inspirational part in there? Anyways, before I start talking about the inspiration behind sacrificing animals for Middle Eastern holiday rituals – let me review the rules for this award.

The Rules 

Here are the “rules” of accepting the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 bloggers you admire.
  • Leave a comment somewhere on the seven blogs to make them aware of their nomination.

Objectives Completed 


  • Summer4Soul, it is an honor to accept and receive your nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award on Saturday, December 15, 2012.

Mini Bio 

Here are seven (7) interesting things about myself:

First, “Prinze Charming” was an original idea for one of my first blog usernames, specifically on Blurty or LiveJournal. It was an idea that didn’t come from me,  but from a girl I dated in a long distant relationship from Michigan in 2002. So, this glorified romantic reputation came into my life way before my poetic writing surfaced the Internet. I was only a 13 years old boy interested in Robert Frost. Did I write like him? I wanted something close. 

Second, I received thirteen stitches from Hartford Children’s Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut on my right hand on my mother’s birthday. I was only around seven years old. Short story summary: two girls pushed me off an old, rusty wire fence while I was climbing back to the other side.

Third, I graduated from East Hartford High School with perfect attendance for all four years while maintaining outstanding performance in my foreign language classes: Spanish 4 Honors, French 3 Honors and Mandarin Chinese 1. You can read the list of awards on my About Me page.

Fourth, I am a mixed European-American breed. Yes, you see more of my Italian side from my father. His family came from Sicily, while my mom was born in London with a dual citizenship.

Fifth, my life revolved around animals.  I raised baby Cockatiels, a wildlife rescued Nanday Conure,  Himalayan and Persian cats, and a few goldfish.

Sixth, I am a recent University of Connecticut graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. Yeah, surprised it’s not English? During this week, last year, I wrote an extensive research paper on, “The Underlying Self Identity of Women in Tunisia; the Psychological Impact of Familial and Societal Pressures on Young Tunisian Women.” 

That paper truly opened my eyes for cultural identity among women in Tunisia. It was a sociology class that focused on The Developing World. My political courses focused on gender politics and exploitation of women bodies. I will make some time to share my book recommendations for this topic specifically.

Seventh, there’s one last ironic thing to say. I’ve been single for almost six years, but I write like I am in a deep romantic relationship with an amazing person. Yeah, not really, or at least yet. They are all inspirational thoughts and romantic feelings that seem to linger inside my mind all the time. Sorry, ladies for the misunderstanding.  I have yet to find a lucky woman while I write these mustered up poetic stories.

No happy ending, no goodnight kisses, nothing. Rien. C’est la vie .

Wow, maybe I should have said stuff like, “Kittens make my heart melt” and “I’m a very patient person that can work with children.” Well, there you have it, Miley Cyrus. The seven things you would probably love about me.  Don’t hate, appreciate.

Now, the seven bloggers that I admire the most. Yeah, see, that’s the thing. This compiled list is from a month of being here. Don’t take it to heart, but this is the reason I didn’t nominate anyone in return for Blog of the Year 2012. I just couldn’t decide.

I also searched around, and I noticed that this award has been given out to seven, ten, fifteen or some customized number of nominations. Therefore, it is not fixed. However, I will use seven. Seven is a good number. It’s a lucky number for gamblers who love the slot machines!

So, here we go, the following seven people desirable for this award within a month impression.

The Very Inspirational Seven 

  8. *

Note: The following people above have contributed so much to me within my first month here. They all have very inspirational blogs. Although this is a very concise compiled list of blogs, I may expand this list at any time. Take care. 


01/04/13 – I added Tarisai for causing an influential and inspirational impact on everyone in his community. Thank you!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

One Month Blogiversary; A Monthly Summary of Success

On November 12, my Facebook friends boosted my self-esteem and enthusiasm to pursue writing a romance novel. This positive energy sparked Prinze Charming.

The first blog post is always awkward. Imagine yourself walking into an empty auditorium with a spotlight shining upon the stage, awaiting for your arrival. While you look around for a sign of life or hope, you crouch down wondering why you even bothered. Then, the thoughts come. Yes, those thoughts.

“I’ll write something inspiring. If anyone sees it, great. If not, obviously I need to advertise before I seem like I enjoy talking to myself. What? Me? I don’t talk to myself, do I? Am I? Oh, right.” My second blog post became much more popular over the last thirty days. What could have caused that turn out? Possibly when I wrote something more inspiring and breathtakingly moving:

“She’s pinned against the wall with care, penetrating fingers through her hair. Our eyes greet, noses glide, lips meet, and tongues slide.”

The first day felt different. My feelings about becoming a blogger were neutral. What else would I expect from this experience? I have established many other blogs online since I was in middle school. Occasionally, I pay them a visit and feel remorse over my deleted Expages.

The following week before Thanksgiving was extremely busy for me. I received an interview only a day after I submitted my CV. Yeah, a red flag award for Most Responsive. The marketing firm called my cell phone, but I decided to let it ring. I never bother with people calling my cell during the day. Why waste my paid minutes? My home phone number is also on my CV. Please try again later. The minute I saw the phone number in the search results, I became extremely enthusiastic to return the call. I am a conversationalist and the woman behind the other line knew exactly what I was capable of doing for their company. Effective marketing pitches. The phone call concluded and the preliminary interview scheduled for Monday morning. Yeah, Monday. This was Friday, and they requested Saturday. No thank you. 

Monday was a very exciting day for a recent college graduate. This was my first legitimate interview after concluding my collegiate studies. I live nearby the public transportation routes that connect the suburban residents into the city. As I waited for the bus at the corner of my street, I realized how ridiculous I looked outside in a suit shortly after Election Day. What the hell was I missing? A campaign sign. 

The first interview was a success! The manager who conducted the interview knew that I did my homework on the company. I accurately answered all the questions, and provided a few on my own. As I walked out the door with confidence, I glanced back through the transparent glass door. “Ha, that’s competition?”

The bus ride back home was extremely overwhelmed with confidence and a sense of direction. Then, my purpose in life expressed itself through the voice of an innocent little boy. After analyzing my well-suited appearance, he finally mustered up enough courage to ask me a question. “Are you … a secret agent?” My heart melted into a puddle of bliss and evaporated back into my thoughts about my future career. Yes, I want a government career. I would love to become an asset for our country and gain that rewarding opportunity to use my linguistic skills that you read on my “About Me” page. That is primarily why I studied Political Science. His mother might have given him that influence by watching crime scene investigations or action packed secret agent shows on television, but situations like this happen for a reason.

What the hell? I would rather watch soap operas, like the Young and the Restless, than watch the clock for a phone call. “If you don’t hear from us by 4:00, please understand that it is a friendly reminder that we did not feel that you were a qualifying candidate for the position.”  When the phone rang around 3:55, I knew they wanted me back. We scheduled Tuesday for the next interview because it was convenient and I wanted to show consistency.

Let me just speed up this moment with the following events on a timeline: Bus ride, dead cell phone battery, a sudden increase in hope and dependency for the Stop & Shop clock mounted above the entrance, and a long day selling AT&T services to Cox users in fancy neighborhoods. Wait, there is something missing. It will get back to me soon.

Yeah, if you read that as, “The bus ride back to the second interview, carrying a dead cell phone battery in my pocket, lead me into the path to a door-to-door marketing day selling AT&T services to Cox users in fancy neighborhoods” – you are absolutely correct! It was over seven hours of no compensation to see how this marketing firm works with the client’s consumers. Yeah, congratulations, you qualify as a marketable man. Wow, now I know exactly why I passed the first interview! The candidates signed a contract that we were aware of no compensation. Well, at least the women brought me to KFC. Oh, that reminds me,

I rekindled chivalry. 

That story requires verbal context. No, really, I must have explained this story over twenty times to everyone concerned about me not having the job after all those successful interviews. Me?  Overqualified? Yeah,  what do you expect from an entry-level marketing position targeting recent high school or college graduates? The salary is solely based upon a commission based salary only. When someone mentions that there is an average pay of $400 to $600 a week, that means you can fall below or above. Hence why this position is competitive and flexible. Yeah, hierarchical management sounds extremely intriguing. Moving on.

My Thanksgiving post was very warm and heartfelt. I wanted more feedback from it, but not much attention was on it that day. That was completely understandable. Why would anyone  be blogging all day on Thanksgiving? Then, I was trying to relax from the second interview and Thanksgiving. So, why not share a picture of a backyard campfire? Yeah, not my best quality, but it was last-minute. Sorry. I was debating if I should create a photo blog or not. I will let you know as soon as possible!

On November 28, I decided to write a How-To guide on “L.O.V.E.” which stands for, “Listen, Organize, Value and Express.” If you have yet to read it, do it soon. The positive feedback on it was greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Ah, yes, the following day inspired me to write something beyond 1,300 words. OK, 1,313 exact. My article, “The Ultimate Sacrifice for Love; Makes Sense to Deny Participation,” increased my views and my comment records. It was truly inspiring that I received a response recently this week about it. After that article, I knew I should write quality written articles. I knew my audience was craving something to read that revolved around relationships. On the third day of December, I found more inspiration.

At a record high of 2,067 words, “A Lover’s Christmas List; Top Five Things to Do in Decemberwas born. The feedback was warm and engaging. Thank you for everyone who participated.

Now, this article motivated me to test my audience and their playful sides in the bedroom. I was actually extremely hesitant to publish something explicit on here, especially with my last few articles that maintained and balanced seduction. Although the likes were low on this, the star ratings and comments were high. Ladies, I completely understand, you were way too busy imagining, “The Art of Seduction,” that you decided to bring your laptops back into bed with you. That was very sweet. Thank you. By the way, the record high thus far is at 4,406 words! Yeah, I guess I was too engaged with this one.

Now, let’s get back into a warm comfy mood. It was a pleasure to see that most of my hopeless romantic followers were also snuggle enthusiasts! My article, “No Strings Attached Snuggling; The Trending Sensual Intentions Surrounded by Sexual Misconceptions,” gave everyone a warm feeling inside to reach out to someone or something. Yes, teddy bears are perfectly fine! At 2,226 words, I conveyed a really warm emphasis on sensual importance over sexual importance. I hope everyone has a snuggle buddy this holiday season! However, it would be extremely awkward if you snuggled with someone who had bad breath!

Coming in with 2,018 words, everyone seemed to enjoy hearing how to keep their mouth shut about ignoring a perfect moment of a passionate embrace! My article, “Lips Are Sealed; Holding Off a Perfect Moment with Bad Breath,” set me apart from the rest! As soon as I received a comment, I continued to go ahead to start my next post.

As a recent Blog of the Year 2012 Award winner, I felt extremely honored for the nomination and time in reading my posts. A distinction in my writing was found and the rest truly pushed me forward. Then,  my heart grew even bigger when I received the label of being “gentlemanly” on cherispeak‘s Bloggers I Like page:

“An amazing blog of gentlemanly and sensual writings that men could learn from and women will melt from. All that aside, Tony is hands down one of the best writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading in my life. Considering I have read millions or even billions of words, this is saying a lot!” 

Cheri Roberts is an amazing woman with a big heart, a spontaneous personality, and a nurturing side when you need someone the most. Thank you so much in everything you do. I could never ask for a better friend. Ms. Roberts submitted one of my latest articles on OpEdNews.  This article received a lot of great feedback and restored memories with nearly 40 comments!  By four words, this article beat the Ultimate Sacrifice with 1,317 words!

The idea of Mr. Right popped in my head. Maybe I thought about Bedazzled (2000)? Possibly, Mel Gibson’s Mr. Right role in What Women Want (2000)? After 1,115 words, “Discovering Mr. Right; A Brief Analysis on Idealistic Male Traitsthe best man appeared.

I decided to slow down a bit and reblog a few articles. I helped other fellow bloggers out by sharing their thoughts. It has been a very busy week, so please understand! I am not feeling rusty, just extremely busy.

Now, the most intriguing occurrence? When I started my countdown to my blogiversary, I wrote the following comment:

“Thank you so much for your support for my first month here! I was only a week shy from this milestone with over 1,100 views! That is beyond amazing! I could not imagine what a year would like it!”

Now, imagine that! I was writing this a week ago with over 1,100 views! Check out the stats for my first month thus far:


Yeah, did you notice that jump too? We’re talking about an increase of 3,000 viewers within a week!  

Oh, my awards? 

Yeah, I am pretty shocked myself! Thank you so much for all of my followers to support me within my first month here!

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One Month Blogiversary; A Monthly Summary of Success

Which sense would you chose to lose during lovemaking? A response.

Truly inspiring response to my article, “The Ultimate Sacrifice for Love; Makes Sense to Deny Participation.” Thank you so much for going out of your way to respond beyond the comment section. Please, if anyone is interested, write a response as a blog post and I will be more than happy to reblog it for my other viewers to see. It’s always intriguing to find out what everyone else feels about my articles. Just “ping” me, and I’ll find out. Thanks again!

Nefarious Intentions

I stumbled upon (not related to StumbleUpon) Prinze Charming’s blog today, and found an interesting article there, The Ultimate Sacrifice for Love; Makes Sense to Deny Participation, wherein the prinze asks, “Which of your five senses would you give up each time you make love to your lover?”

At first I thought that it would be an all-encompassing loss of the sense. If you chose sight, you would never be able to see again, ever. My answer to his question at this point in my understanding was to become a monk, live in a monastery and play video games for the rest of my life.

As I continued to read the article, I believe his intention is that you would only lose the sense while being intimate with your lover.  The thought of a loss of a sense only while being intimate is actually quite exciting… If I had my choice…

View original post 502 more words

Which sense would you chose to lose during lovemaking? A response.